Ford fires back at Trump

2016-09-22 by EPR Staff

Ford Motor Company has long been a symbol of American ingenuity, excellence, and middle-class values. Now the storied U.S. brand is taking fire from the GOP’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The Donald is none too happy about the company’s plans to move certain manufacturing operations to Mexico and has gone on record saying, if he’s elected, he won’t let Ford take any more jobs away from the United States. How does Ford feel about the tough talk? Ford said the candidate was being unfair, not telling the whole story and misrepresenting plans to actually bring “more jobs” to the United... Read More >

Whats New: Public Relations News Summaries

2016-09-16 by EPR Staff
Lawsuit Against Fox News

Lawsuit Against Fox News According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gretchen Carlson, after winning a 20-million-dollar sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News, has signed with powerful Publicist Cindi Berger. Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit involved the former head of Fox News, Roger Ailes.  Carlson, with Berger’s help, plans to relaunch her career with some television appearances, a book, speaking engagements and philanthropy. Berger’s firm, PMK*BNC, also represents public personalities such as Barbara Walters. Megyn Kelly Also Leaving Fox News? In other related news, Megyn Kelly, whose contract with Fox News will expire at the network soon, has hired a publicist outside the... Read More >

Hillary’s “Nurse” Really a PR Expert from Rubenstein Communications

2016-09-15 by EPR Staff

Someone would have to live under a rock – in fact, several rocks, to be unaware of all the rumors and innuendos floating around about the health of Hillary Clinton. There have been lots of educated guessing about complications to a concussion she received a few years ago, or a neurological condition. The Clinton camp keeps denying or playing down health problems only to confess later to things being worse, but not terrible. The 9/11 memorial this last week started another volley of guesses about her health problems. The responses came fast. First it was explained as a reaction to... Read More >

Chinese Couple Befriended Jeb Bush with $1.3 Million Investment

2016-08-12 by EPR Staff
Chinese Couple Befriended Jeb Bush with $1.3 Million Investment

[caption id="attachment_83352" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image courtesy of People[/caption] Most politicians and businessmen get to where they are and maintain the position through cultivating friendships in high places – often with each other. In politics and business alike, money talks, and many alliances are bought with dollars and cents, as opposed to camaraderie. Perhaps, few know this better than the husband and wife who spent $1.3 million trying to make Jeb Bush President of the United States. Gordon Tang and Huaidan Chen are Chinese expatriates living in Singapore and have created relationships with many American politicians, aside from Jeb Bush. In... Read More >

New Prime Minister Questions Honours List from David Cameron Upon Departure

2016-08-11 by EPR Staff
New Prime Minister Questions Honours List from David Cameron Upon Departure

Just before David Cameron left his post as Prime Minister he created an honours list for those to be considered for peerage, from most accounts the list was long and had a number of names many considered to have “bought” their way onto it. Many of the British people already believe that to be the case, and the current list seems to make an open declaration as to the truth of that matter. Committee on Standards in Public Life Chairman, Lord Bew, said, “The British people themselves think you would only give money to a party unless you expect a peerage... Read More >

Trump Properties Suffering Since POTUS Run

2016-08-10 by EPR Staff
Trump Properties Suffering Since POTUS Run

This could be good or bad news depending on where you stand on the issue of Donald J. Trump, but here’s the reality: since he announced his Presidential run, Trump’s hotels and casinos haven’t been doing so hot. Foot traffic is down in Trump-branded hotels, golf courses, and casinos in the US, falling 14 percent compared to this time last year, according to various media reports. According to these same reports, before Trump announced his POTUS bid, visits to those Trump-branded properties were fairly steady, year to year. Now, some have said this is nothing more than a market correction.... Read More >

Building a PR Bridge

2016-07-26 by EPR Staff
Building a PR Bridge

[caption id="attachment_82942" align="aligncenter" width="827"] Image courtesy of the state of Minnesota[/caption] When you build a bridge in an area considered to be protected by an act of Congress, it takes another act of Congress to begin the process. But sometimes that’s necessary when the existing one is more than 80-years-old and could fail in the not too distant future. If the new bridge isn’t in place, people would have a very difficult time getting from point A to point B for several years. Even though point A may not be growing as they thought it would or have as many... Read More >

Western Nations Struggling to Sell Citizens on Security

2016-07-22 by EPR Staff
Western Nations Struggling to Sell Citizens on Security

After yet another very public attack in France, Western governments are scrambling to convince their citizens they are safe, and everything is under control. Even as combined military forces continue to barrage ISIS in Syria and Iraq, civilians at home have been terrorized by a string of very public mass murders. Government leaders have trotted out the usual placating noises, but that message is beginning to wear thin on folks who are tired of seeing carnage on the evening news and all over their social media feeds. The most recent attack, a driver ramming a stolen panel truck into a... Read More >

Koch Brothers Win Case by Comparing Predicament To Civil Rights Movement

2016-07-13 by EPR Staff
Koch Brothers Win Case by Comparing Predicament To Civil Rights Movement

Billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch recently won the right to keep the public in the dark about their donors, after comparing their own situation to that of civil rights leaders back in the 1950s. In an era where civil rights movements have resurfaced to fight similar issues with social inequality, the comparison proved offensive to some, and genius to others. But it is working. The Background Story The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is a charitable non-profit chaired by billionaire David Koch. On account of its status, the government requires some inside knowledge, such as the list of donors contributing... Read More >

Nicole Perna of BWR has Drama With Chris Brown, DKC PR Lawsuit & More…

2016-07-07 by EPR Staff
Chris Brown's Publicist Quits After Nasty Text Messages

Chris Brown's Publicist Quits After Nasty Text Messages Chris Brown's highly publicized tirade involving his publicist, Nicole Perna of BWR led to her resignation. The bitter exchange started when Perna sent a text message congratulating Brown on the release of his clothing collection. In response, Brown took a swipe saying “I don't want you texting me compliments with no results.” He accused her of failing to secure space in GQ, Vogue, and other publications. She responded by saying no editors want to work with him. According to TMZ, the contentious exchange follows the resignation of Chris' former manager Mike G,... Read More >

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