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Delucchi+ Hires Brambleton Group

2010-01-29 by Archie Obrien
Brambleton Group everything-pr

The Brambleton Group has just hired Delucchi+ as their new agency of record in. Christine L. Delucchi, President of Delucchi+ made the announcement earlier this week about the company's newest client. "We are extremely excited and honored to partner with The Brambleton Group, LLC on this project," stated Christine L. Delucchi. "Our team has developed a robust marketing, messaging and media strategy that we feel will support both the community and builder sales goals." Brambleton Group is a popular retail and housing development located in the Dulles area of southeastern Loudoun County. The area already houses 2,000 residents and provides not... Read More >

Transparency and Veracity Within Your PR Firm

2009-12-17 by Richard D. Pace
transparency in your firm everything-pr

Recently Everything PR reported on the case of a female blogger who pretended to be male in order to avoid  gender discrimination. Like much of the online world, I read the story with stunned amazement. For one thing, I was shocked that such discrimination still takes place. Somehow, I had allowed myself to believe that we had moved beyond all that. Personally, I'm against any kind of discrimination. I firmly believe that the gender of an employee or contractor (or for that matter -- their race, age, religion or ethnic background) makes no difference in the quality of their work. ... Read More >

Asheville Hires Nurun as Agency of Record

2009-11-18 by Richard D. Pace
Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau, center for tourism in Asheville, North Carolina, has just hired Nurun to work as their interactive agency of record. The Atlanta Based PR firm, Nurun will be handling the online display advertising for the company, running the online campaign to boost publicity. The agency will also be dealing with buying online media and coming up with a good promotional strategy which they will later put into action. The Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau firmly believes that it is still in the hands of the tourism industry to bring in visitors. With this in mind,... Read More >

Stacey Lee Agency Hires French/West/Vaughan

2009-11-10 by Richard D. Pace
French West Vaughan

French/West/Vaughan has announced that the company has been selected to work as the agency of record for the Stacey Lee Agency. This is the first time the Stacey Lee Agency has hired an agency of record and they are eager to boost business. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary and intends to increase business leads, boost media coverage, and garner more public interest. "French/West/Vaughan has its finger on the pulse of what's new," said Stacey Lee, CEO of the Stacey Lee Agency. "Their experience, skills and contacts are precisely what we need to increase our visibility and grow our... Read More >

Volkswagen of America Selects Deutsch

2009-10-28 by Richard D. Pace
Volkswagen of America everything-pr

Volkswagen of America has selected Deutsch LA to serve as their agency of record. The marketing communications company will take over as agency of record on Nov. 1st. They will be handling the advertising and national retail for the automobile company. “Volkswagen probably has the best fifty-year portfolio of advertising that exists. And as far as the other agencies in the review, we felt like we were up against Mount Rushmore,” said Eric Hirshberg, Co-CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch LA. “The fact that they chose us to carry on this legacy is simply humbling.” Deutsch LA has worked with a... Read More >

RTC Relationship Marketing Chosen as Agency of Record by Audi

2009-10-02 by Richard D. Pace
RTC Relationship Marketing

RTC Relationship Marketing has been selected as the agency of record for Audi of America. The marketing agency will be responsible for boosting communications with the public and increasing customer loyalty, as well as working to bring in new clients. Audi of America has 270 dealerships within the United States. The company sells a complete line of German-engineered luxury cars. 12 models were launched in 2008 and 2009, making the car company one of the best in the country for new releases. They have chosen their new agency of record for several reasons. “As we looked at the strengths of... Read More >

Does Your PR Firm Need an Online Community Manager?

2009-09-18 by Richard D. Pace
public relations

For the past two or three posts here at Everything PR, I've been discussing the urgent need for PR firms and others who promote products or companies to keep up with the changing role of marketing and advertising in today's world. (Those who don't keep up will be left behind. . .) We've discussed the importance of: Blogging Social media Social media savvy PR If you noticed nothing else in the earlier posts, you've probably noticed that using new media and new technology effectively for PR takes a lot of work. That begs the question: who will do all of... Read More >

Makovsky + Company, Cutting Edge Digital Communication, Almost

2009-08-04 by Richard D. Pace
makovsky PR logo

Today we continue our analysis of top PR companies with an online presence with Makovsky + Company, the 25th most profitable firm in the US according to O’Dwyer’s latest list. The firm, founded in 1979, bills itself as “one of the nation’s leading independent global public relations, investor relations, and branding consultancies. “ As an initial note, we found Makovsky’s site to be one of the very best with regard to aesthetics and the caliber of authoritative information published there. However, an unsuspected issue arose in determining just how engaging and appropriate the site’s content and company transparency is. The... Read More >

Idaho Department of Commerce Will Be Represented by a Local PR Firm

2009-01-29 by Richard D. Pace
Idaho PR

The Idaho PR community is raving about the decision of the Idaho Department of Commerce to withdraw the offer they made to a New York public relations firm to market Idaho to the world. Don Dietrich, director of the Department of Commerce, considers it inappropriate to hire an out-of-state company to do the work. “After thoroughly reviewing the contracting process and its result, I determined that it was inappropriate to hire an out-of-state vendor to help us revitalize and expand Idaho’s economy and produce Idaho jobs,” Dietrich said in a statement. “The intent letter sent to DCI is being withdrawn,... Read More >

Environics Communications: Launches Sustainability and Clean Energy

2009-01-07 by Richard D. Pace
Environics Communications

North American public relations agency Environics Communications has launched a new practice. Sustainability and Clean Energy practice will be led by Frank Walter. The practice will provide public relations counsel to environment aware customers who market alternative sources of clean energy for consumers and industry. Clients list includes CSA International, Electric Drive Transportation Association, Chevrolet Volt electric car, Xerox and many others. The agency has worked intensively with companies and nonprofits on recycling and packaging programs; foresting and wildlife preservation; wind energy, alternative energy sources; sustainable energy planning; and clean technology programs. Last but not least, Environics was the first... Read More >

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