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Nielsen Launches New Measurement Tool for Digital Advertising

2012-03-19 by EPR Staff
nielsen logo

Digital channels have been drawing more advertising dollars for years now and their market share keeps increasing. Yet measuring the results of digital advertising campaigns is still a tricky matter. Nielsen has just revealed a new measurement tool today that strives to bring the accuracy of TV advertisement monitoring to the campaigns ran on digital channels. Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Rating, the result of a development partnership with WPP’s Group M, is an extension of their existing Online Campaign Ratings solutions. The new tool enables digital advertisers to track the reach, frequency, and GRP metrics for their campaign. This means they... Read More >

Snoop Dogg Public Relations Campaign

2012-03-17 by EPR Staff
MarketPage screenshot featuring Snoop Dogg.

MarketPage is a beta startup that aims to allow anyone to have a shop on their Facebook Page and invite others to sell there. To gain popularity, the company, backed up by Tinypay, Inc, has tapped Snoop Dogg to advertise their product. The company website already features a picture of the celebrity up above the fold. [caption id="attachment_33652" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Hip-hop and rap superstar Snoop Dogg is the first to use MarketPage.[/caption] Snoop Dogg announced his partnership with MarketPage while performing at a surprise performance at SXSW. The star is the first to open a "Snooper market" selling all kinds... Read More >

Lunar Eclipse PR Strategy

2011-06-15 by EPR Staff
lunar eclipse

The total lunar eclipse of today is a PR opportunity for many companies, especially for those who understand how these rare events can become web trends. The lunar eclipse of June 15, 2011, has been a Google trend for three days in a row now, and many companies took advantage of the opportunity to drive traffic, and boost brand awareness. For example, Product Reviews promotes the DXG-018 3D camera with a witty title: Snap Total Lunar Eclipse with the DXG-018 3D camera, describing the product with even wittier terms: child friendly, affordable, and just released on the market (yesterday), for... Read More >

Facebook’s PR Smear Campaign Against Google Making Waves

2011-05-15 by EPR Staff
Google Vs. Facebook

All is fair in love and war, they say, to justify winning through any means. Facebook has been playing the game for a while, and not always with the best intentions. At war with Google, the company reportedly hired Burson-Marstellar to plant stories criticizing Google's privacy practices. In other words, Facebook paid a PR company to smear its main competitor's use of personal information on Social Circles, Google's own social network. When the news of Facebook's little Machiavellian endeavor surfaced, the world (including the media that published the articles against Google) protested vehemently against such practices, using some of the... Read More >

Rave PR to Conduct New Consumer PR Campaign for Zanussi

2011-03-29 by EPR Staff
Rave Communications

Zanussi has appointed UK Birmingham-based Rave to handle a consumer public relations campaign for its spring cooking promotion, titled All You Need to Cook Italian. The campaign takes six weeks and will be fronted by TV chef Gino D’Acampo, who is famous for winning ITV's 2009 series of I'm a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here. “We’re delighted to have picked up this brief from Zanussi. It’s an indication of the great results we achieved on last year’s cooking promotion and we hope the relationship will continue to grow,” said Chris Date, Rave's director, in a press statement. In addition... Read More >

Canada Launches PR Campaign to Push Economic Action Plan

2011-02-24 by EPR Staff

A number of Canadian MPs, ministers, and senators are traveling across the country today, promoting the government's Economic Action Plan, designed to prevent Canada from suffering the worst ravages of the recession. The Canadian media has already described this as the biggest single-day public relations offensive yet for a government - there are 80 press events scheduled around the country. David Akin, of Toronto Sun, has organized these by region and has converted all times to Ottawa time, in a list you can on this PR campaign. An interesting move organized by officials in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government, yet... Read More >

Network Solutions’ Web Marketing 2.0 Success Story

2011-02-10 by EPR Staff
Network Solutions everything-pr

During the Super Bowl, Network Solutions tried a different approach to raise awareness and gain new customers. Instead of spending millions on a 30-second TV ad to be run during one of the most prominent events of the year, they tried a social media campaign.  They launched what they referred to as a  “mockumentary-style Internet video campaign” called Go Granny, a video parody spread on the Internet, backed by a Twitter account, Facebook promotion and the support of social media stars like Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki or Jason Falls. The idea of the video was simple: Go Granny, played by... Read More >

JAKIM Launches Anti Valentine’s Day PR Campaign

2011-02-10 by EPR Staff

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia - JAKIM) is launching an anti-Valentine’s Day PR campaign this Friday. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness among Muslims that Valentine's Day celebrations are not part of Islamic religious practices. The campaign will be launched during the Kenyataan Media JAKIM Berkenaan Bicarawara & Pelancaran Kempen Awas! Jerat Valentine's Day symposium in Putrajaya Friday evening, at 8 pm. JAKIM invited a large audience to join the discourse, including students and members of the community. During the symposium, JAKIM will be distributing anti-Valentine's Day fliers and stickers that can... Read More >

Walmart’s Extensive Media and PR Campaign to Back NYC Store

2011-01-11 by EPR Staff
Walmart Marketing

Walmart has just launched a massive media and PR campaign in New York City involving print, online, on the air and direct mailing as communications channels to counter attack a City Council’s hearing analyzing the impact of a new store opened by the company in NYC. The campaign which also includes ads aired 14 radio stations comes just days before the hearing that will question the company’s plans. Walmart’s campaign message states that “special interest” groups for pressuring the City Council to derail its efforts to open the store in NYC. “Turn down new jobs and stop people from paying... Read More >

Nash County Residents Hire PR Help to Deal with Chicken Plant Location

2011-01-05 by EPR Staff
nash county

In an effort to convince a company not to locate a chicken processing plant in the southern end of the county,  Nash County residents have hired a Raleigh-based public relations firm to develop a campaign to help them achieve their goal. The firm, Campaign Connections, has handled political and corporate campaigns throughout the state before and has been hired with the financial assistance of the city of Wilson. The residents have formed the the Nash County Landowners Association, with Con Ward as chairman, to convince county officials and Sanderson Farms to alter their plans of building a proposed chicken processing... Read More >

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