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The Publicity Agency: Drew Peterson’s PR Set To Overturn Law Next

The details are not so important for PR professionals or the Goofy Awards, as the implication. The question is; “Should any credible PR agency even undertake such a campaign?” I suppose if Johnny Cochran can make a big name defending O.J., and the money is right, then some agencies would jump at the chance. However, I know that turning down such a fiasco would render as much good publicity as the bad this one will sling.

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AdvanceMe Spelled in Gold at MarCom Awards

AdvanceMe has been presented a Gold award for the execution of a radio media tour that featured Glenn Goldman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Access Network.

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Weber Shandwick: Say What You Mean Damnit!

This PR blunder comes from a PR agency in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. According to the Yorkshire Post, Weber Shandwick, a local PR firm, was hired by a paint manufacturer Tor Coatings to be their...