Reputation & PR Of Police Officers

What should police officers do to improve their reputations nationwide? There are many advocacy organizations  – like the National Police Association who work to bring national and local attention to the anti-police efforts challenging effective law enforcement at every turn, and to build … [Read more...]

“What Helps People Helps Business”

That quote by the late and legendary Leo Burnett, founder of the global ad agency bearing his name, says it all for marketers planning their post-pandemic strategy. Many people who turned to digital media to search and shop during the pandemic expect to continue doing so when it’s over. But what … [Read more...]

SEO And PR Intersection

One of the most important advantages that a business can have when it comes to public relations is SEO. Because the goal of PR is to provide relevant and valuable information to the people that are looking for that information. Meanwhile, SEO aims to direct all of that information so that it gets in … [Read more...]

Southwest Responds After Ejecting Man from Flight

Of all the years, 2020 is definitely not the time for an airline to get negative press, and someone apparently trying to get “internet famous” took advantage of that. Reports are coming in from various media outlets that, last week, a “black man wearing a Trump 2020 mask was kicked off a Southwest … [Read more...]

5 Food & Beverage Brands Steadily Losing Ground

Consumer tastes change over time. Sometimes literally. Food and Beverage PR has to shift along with it, or brands that were once all the rage will fade away. Campbell’s Soup Sometimes, an influx of options can create a massive sea change in the marketplace. Such is the case for soup brands. … [Read more...]

Hiring a PR Firm

selling your pr firm

In the world we’re living in today, marketing and public relationships have a big overlap and intertwine with each other, and, in order to take advantage of one of them, a brand has to take advantage of the other one as well. However, between writing out blogs or ad copy and media management or … [Read more...]

Public Relations in Marketing

marketing strategy

Plenty of new and upcoming businesses often overlook the importance of public relations when it comes to their marketing strategies, especially when they are leaving the period of the launch and are gearing up for major profits. However, public relations should always be an important part of any … [Read more...]