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How to Increase the Visibility of your Brands – Different Types of Media

2021-08-11 by JamesD
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It is crucial for a brand to increase their visibility to their target audience. Better visibility can generate better leads or create more sales. A company may use different marketing campaigns or media available to promote their services and products.  Traditional Media Campaign The use of traditional media to help improve a brand’s visibility is called a traditional media campaign. This campaign relies on traditional media outlets such as television, brochures, flyers, newspapers, magazines, radio, and even direct-mail advertising. The purpose of the campaign can be to promote the brand itself or to promote a product or service that the... Read More >

Achieving more Market Share for your Company with PR

2021-07-30 by JamesD
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The main goal of every business is to have a bigger market share to increase sales and profitability.  Achieving this is never easy, especially with the high level of competition amongst companies who use the best marketing strategies.  However as a business, including PR in the marketing strategies will boost a company's market share in a big way. Through PR, a company will build and maintain a brand image for the public in order to thrive and beat its competitors. But how can a company achieve more market share with PR? read on to understand more on this. Make Good... Read More >

What are the Different Types or Forms of Media?

2021-07-28 by JamesD
Is Social Media Always Necessary for PR

Different types of media have been used by brands or companies to communicate with their target audience. The importance of media cannot be understated - because it allows people to receive relevant information. Media has been used as a source of information, entertainment, and as a way to learn new things. Over time, the forms of media that are primarily in use have changed. Media can be classified into three types - print, broadcast, and internet. While print media is the oldest form of media, in current times, internet media is the most relevant. Print Media A long time ago,... Read More >

Current Effective PR Trends

2021-07-26 by Ronn Torossian
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In the current ever-changing news cycle, companies have to keep up with trends and create content that will help them connect with their target audience. Right now, that type of content should emphasize humanity and lean into core company values. The pandemic managed to shift the day-to-day lives of millions around the world, which ended up changing consumer buying habits as well. To keep up with those changing trends, companies have to incorporate specific features in their promotional efforts. Realistic content From all the different innovations that became popular from the start of the pandemic, one of the most meaningful... Read More >

What Are the Functions of Public Relations?

2021-07-22 by JamesD
Congrats on the Promotion!

The public image of the business is an important asset in any business. With a positive public image, a big part of marketing the business is already done. On the other hand, any event that may ruin the company’s reputation in the eyes of the public puts the company in great jeopardy, no matter how good their products or services are. This is why no business is immune to having a functioning public relations department.  Through great PR, the business creates and sustains long-lasting and symbiotic relationships with the public even in a crisis. Read on for more information on... Read More >

What Comes First?

2021-07-22 by JamesD
Careers Public Relations

Careers Public Relations 1 Is a number of businesses that provide services or products to others, however, even when they have a great product, they still have to connect with a customer base to be able to make sales. There have been plenty of debates on whether business owners should be focusing on marketing or public relations first, and in many cases, it’s the latter that should be more important at first. Difference Marketing and public relations are 2 very different industries. Marketing is all about promotion and it's usually the next step after public relations tactics, so businesses can... Read More >

Converting PR Efforts into Sales

2021-07-13 by JamesD
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Whenever a media outlet starts covering a  company, plenty of businesses start to believe that that’s all they need to get more sales. That’s actually not how things work. Although media coverage does mean that more prospects will be directly looking for the company, it still takes a couple more steps on the company’s part to turn that media exposure into sales. Adding to  any new website media coverage that a  business has previously received is one of the best ways to utilize press coverage. This is especially true for B2B companies. Over time, interactions with leads can slow down... Read More >

Who Needs PR?

2021-07-07 by Jim Crickell
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While plenty of business owners seek  to get as much PR coverage as possible, not everyone needs it as much as they might think. Some industries don’t need to have much PR and might  achieve even more public exposure by investing in their advertising. On the other hand, some industries do best in front of the media. Whether it’s because they’re experts in a particularly complex field, or because they have insider knowledge about certain subjects that  affect  people’s lives. These types of businesses should have an easier time connecting with the public. Then, there are businesses that strive for media... Read More >

Things to Consider When Taking a Stand on Issues

2021-07-06 by JamesD
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Although a shift in consumer buying habits has been slowly happening for years, the pandemic managed to speed up that change and now customers prefer shopping from brands that have similar values to their own. This is especially important for the younger generations of consumers. Not only that, but many consumers have also completely stopped interacting and engaging with companies that have previously made a statement or taken an action that these consumers don't agree with. This is such a dramatic change for Americans, as well as global consumers, that nothing like it has happened before. It wasn't just the... Read More >

Why PR relationship management software is necessary

2021-06-25 by JamesD

Management software is an essential digital tool for anyone working in PR. Technology has changed how we interact with our clients, the general consumer market, and colleagues on a day-to-day basis.  Public relations database software helps communications and marketing professionals connect with journalists, media outlets, bloggers, influencers and other media content creators. These tools generally provide a database of relevant resources for a given company’s industry. Technology is changing how to communicate effectively. It is no longer an effective use of time to keep contacts in a simple spreadsheet. With management software, reaching out to media contacts, scheduling events, meetings,... Read More >

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