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PR Plan Content Essentials

2021-04-26 by Jade Minh

The world of public relations is constantly shifting and evolving,  what used to be templated press releases distributed to every email address relating to a news outlet, has turned into a variety of strategies and efforts. Nowadays, public relations is more closely related to marketing than ever, as the two work better together than alone. They are able to amplify brand messages and make each strategy more effective when they’re used alongside each other, instead of on their own. A great PR campaign is going to have press releases, articles, and press mentions, which all serve different purposes. All three... Read More >

Consumer Insights: Why Are They Important in Marketing

2021-04-25 by Ronn Torossian
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Today, customers across retail spaces expect high-quality goods and services to be matched with high-quality experiences. However a major challenge remains: how can companies and their target audiences understand each other enough to develop healthy relationships. The answer is by using consumer insights. Gathering and employing consumer insights is key to understanding a firm’s customers and to helping match high-quality goods with quality experiences. What Are Consumer Insights? Consumer insights, also known as customer insights, are the ideas gathered after reviewing and interpreting consumer behaviors, data, and feedback. Marketers can use these ideas and concepts to improve customer support and... Read More >

PR Tips For New Businesses

2021-04-19 by Ronn Torossian

Any brand new company that’s serious about getting the attention of potential customers and other industry professionals will find PR extremely useful. However, not many business owners make public relations a priority - some due to the small budgets, and due to not realizing how important it really is. Fortunately, there are a small number of PR strategies that are extremely useful for new businesses that don’t ask for a big Public Relations budget. Attention-grabbing Stories Plenty of new businesses tend to feel a lot of pressure to come up with newsworthy announcements that warrant a press release for media outlets. However,... Read More >

How can PR be used to help restaurants?

2021-03-30 by Jim Crickell
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What are the stats around restaurant industry success standards? The restaurant industry is among the most cutthroat. Look into the industry statistics, and one will find that 60% of restaurants don’t make it past the first year of operating. Even more hauntingly, 80% are out of business within 5 years of opening doors. What makes or breaks the difference between success and failure? It comes down to many things, such as quality of ingredients, location, and costs. But there is one tool that a restaurant business can use to survive—public relations. How can an effective PR strategy help save a... Read More >

How has PR changed in 2020

2021-02-20 by Jim Crickell
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In 2020, trends included AI, live streaming, unique/niche targeting, and even big data integrations. They haven't faded, but the focus on use has drastically changed. Brands have started using the online world more and more. For example, using influencers, social media, targeted content, and even self-publishing platforms. Top players or influences within the brand have started using live streaming as the main source of getting in front of the audience. Big data and AI have been the go-to for brands promoting over social media, targeted content, or even predict consumer future needs to properly reach the targeted audiences/consumers. PR relations... Read More >

Learning From Robinhood Public Relations

2021-02-17 by JamesD

The investment platform, Robinhood, had spent years perfecting its brand, by promising to make it easier for the public to invest and trade stocks. However, suddenly, with a very controversial move, one where the platform decided to stop trading certain shares, it effectively managed to take down all of those years of customer and brand loyalty. And to get back in its customers’ good graces, Robinhood now has to continue navigating through open communication and a lot of transparency. When it comes to financial services and products, these companies are largely built on objectivity and consumer trust. And when a... Read More >

Communication That Bridges the Culture Gap

2021-02-11 by JamesD

Representation is a timely issue that all teams should consider, especially where their communication is concerned. Diverse voices not only allow for more connective communication. They promote ideas that are important to a growing number of consumers in a massive and active audience. But are messages about "inclusion" or "representation" enough? No, say the majority of people most closely connected to these concerns. Words matter, but general, nonspecific, and neutral terminology helps no one. To achieve active and healthy cross-cultural communication, the messages must be targeted, authentic, and specific. Making this happen is about more than simply trying to identify... Read More >

Is Public Relations Worthwhile?

2021-02-09 by Jade Minh

Probably the biggest challenge PR professionals face is proving to their bosses or clients that they’re making progress and that they’re being successful. The reason? Proof. Unlike marketers, who may employ coupons or BOGO deals to drive trackable sales to the store or website, proving inroads on ROI is more difficult, even if the result was getting positive coverage on the 6pm news. AVE AVE, or average value equivalent, has been one way PR folks have tried to validate their success. This basically translates to the equivalent of what a PR promotion that was covered by the media would have... Read More >

Bread & Butter: Winning in Food, Drink & Travel

2021-02-01 by Jade Minh

Bread & Butter, a hands-on digital media and public relations agency, specializes in the food, drink, and travel industries. Founded in 2007 by Meredith Vachon and Rachel Mays Ayotte, the agency sought to fill a gap in PR that was: the absence of new, authentic, and innovative approaches to marketing and communication. Partnering with innovative businesses that inspire the agency to think big while playing small, the agency practices what they preach, ensuring the spirit of hospitality is an ingredient of whatever the agency bakes. The agency incorporates perspectives from waiters, chefs, bartenders, and front desk attendants to better understand... Read More >

RxAir Successfully Pivoting Brand Messaging During Global Pandemic

2021-01-25 by Jim Crickell
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There are a number of things that may cause a company to completely pivot its marketing strategy in order to ensure continued sales and brand growth in times of crisis, and the COVID pandemic is no exception. Over the past year, we have seen companies around the world engage their fight or flight techniques, whether that be cutting their losses and quitting while ahead, or completely adapting their brand messaging and tactics to accompany the shifted consumer landscape. One company, RxAir, has taken the right approach in showing that the intelligent research-backed technology in its air purifiers can benefit everyone,... Read More >

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