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Branding and Public Relations

2022-01-13 by EPR Staff
Branding Tips

It’s not always easy for smaller businesses to tell the difference between public relations efforts and branding, because both of these tools are used to accomplish a company’s goals. Additionally, both of the tools tend to share a lot of foundational elements, such as research, writing, communication, psychology, and utilizing social and traditional media platforms. However, businesses have to understand the different uses between the two, and the limitations and strengths of each, so that they don’t end up wasting their time and resources pursuing the wrong one. Goal One of the first steps in figuring out the difference between... Read More >

Measuring the Impact of PR

2022-01-13 by EPR Staff
Earned Media Measurement for PR

One of the most common questions that companies have when looking to promote themselves or their solutions is whether PR even works. While it’s not always easy to track the benefits of public relations in comparison to other promotional strategies, such as advertising or marketing, it doesn’t mean businesses should overlook the power of PR. Media Impressions One of the ways that companies can assess the performance of their PR efforts is to keep track of the number of media impressions a company gets over a certain period of time. This goes hand in hand with the number of press... Read More >

Customer segmentation in fashion marketing

2022-01-10 by Ronn Torossian
Fashion Week Public Relations

Customer segmentation aims to divide a large customer base into smaller subgroups that share similar needs and characteristics. Some of the normal criteria for subgroup classification are age, gender, purchasing behavior, financial situation, and occupation. Conventional customer segmentation methods, however, are undergoing change due to an increasing number of customers  experimenting with their style and budget. Given below are some examples of segmentation styles that help companies enhance their assessment of their customers so they can offer products and services designed to appeal to the targeted audience. 1) Demographic segmentation - This is one of the most widely used methods of classification.... Read More >

Essential Things People Should Know About PR

2022-01-04 by EPR Staff
entrepreneur tips and tricks

It seems that the public relations industry doesn’t do a great job at its own PR, because there aren’t a lot of people that can explain what the industry actually does. Most people know what construction workers, healthcare workers, or teachers do, but that’s not the case for public relations professionals. In fact, most people in the industry constantly have to explain to others that their jobs aren’t all about buying ad space, telling journalists what to write about, or even handing out free samples in public.  While PR professionals work on promoting their clients’ brands, it’s different from advertising... Read More >

The Differences Between PR, Strategic Communications, and Marketing

2022-01-03 by EPR Staff
12 promotional strategies to increase your sales

Marketing and public relations are related but separate industries, and both of them are essential to the success of every company. Marketing includes all of the promotional and advertising strategies that a company uses to promote its  products or services. Marketing also includes marketing analytics, market research, and efforts that are used to target specific audience segments to determine the performance of marketing campaigns. On the other hand, public relations is focused on a company’s general brand identity and its reputation in relation to as well as independently from its products or services. All of the communications that develop and... Read More >

Digital PR Myths

2022-01-01 by EPR Staff
direct response marketing 800x480 1

Much like SEO efforts, digital PR takes a long time to get results from for companies, but the results that businesses can get are definitely worth it. Unlike paid ads, there isn’t an immediate show of results after a company launches its digital PR campaign because digital PR is all about building relationships across a variety of channels. There are plenty of things that people believe about digital PR involving the reasons why it doesn’t work for businesses. But those widespread myths are just that. When digital PR is consistent and done right, it’s a gift that keeps on giving,... Read More >

Setting Measurement Goals in PR

2021-12-26 by EPR Staff

Companies that have never set a PR measurement system before might find the tasks intimidating and overwhelming, as many of them don’t know where to begin. However, setting up measurement goals doesn’t have to be the most difficult thing in the world, and in fact, it can make the company feel a lot more secure in its PR efforts and endeavors. This is because those goals can help companies answer some of the bigger questions such as how to improve future PR efforts, and also give companies a competitive advantage. Furthermore, setting measurement goals for PR is another great way... Read More >

The Importance of Reputation in PR

2021-12-16 by EPR Staff
Reputation Laundering

Companies of all shapes and sizes face increasing pressure from stakeholders and consumers to be responsive to everyone’s interests and needs. Additionally, the same companies also face the fact that market changes create the need to provide a bigger return on investment (ROI) to shareholders. Both of those elements end up causing a lot of conflict inside companies regarding the value of their reputation. On one hand, plenty of people are in agreement that building, developing, and maintaining a positive reputation is essential for every business in existence. On the other hand, there are still some people that believe the... Read More >

Internal Communication Essentials

2021-12-15 by EPR Staff
Nonstop Communications

Having strong channels for internal communication inside a company is essential when it comes to improving and even driving motivation with employees.  The reason why a number of companies end up losing out on talent and lacking productivity is simply because of inadequate internal communication strategies. Having strong relationships between teammates is a basic  requirement of effective internal communication, as it encourages collaboration inside a company across multiple levels, and is helpful when trying to achieve business goals. Strong internal communication strategies can promote a positive work culture, increase motivation, and improve organizational output. However, sometimes companies struggle when communicating... Read More >

Communicating Difficult News

2021-12-13 by Ronn Torossian
2 way communication in the workplace

Recently, the CEO of the tech mortgage company, Vishal Garg, invited 900 of the company’s employees onto a Zoom webinar. During the webinar, which only lasted about three minutes, he told all of the people attending that their contracts had been terminated. The employees were watching the webinar of the CEO when he announced on screen that all 900 of them would be losing their jobs, which is about 15% of the total staff at the company. Garg told the attendees that everyone who was invited to the call was part of the unlucky group of people that were being... Read More >

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