Scotty Lago Makes Us Ponder, What’s Wrong With the Young Athletes of Today?

2010-02-20 by EPR Staff
Scotty Lago everything-pr

Athletes used to have higher ethics in the past - scandals were rare, by no means comparable with those emerging from the rock'n'roll world of sex and drugs. Yes, we heard the names of the greats a few times, in highlights that didn't exactly honor them, but somehow they managed to keep their careers intact. A better crisis management strategy I guess. The world still remembers Jim Palmer as Jim Palmer, and Bjorn Borg's "transgressions" with a minor are all forgotten. Does anyone still remember what David Cone did in 1989? Or how Cristiano Ronaldo had fun in October 2005?... Read More >

A Government for Moms and Corporations

2010-02-19 by EPR Staff
MWW identified 5 Digital mom archetypes

Just when you thought you had heard it all, there is more. Not long ago all the buzz was about the FTC, Mommy Bloggers, and disclosure. The fear, or lack of it, revolved around misinformation basically. That buzz faded as happens so many times. Some lawyers were consulted, disclosures drafted, and basically the money keeps flowing for advertisement to and from the world's most prolific consumer group - the American Mom. Not long ago we got into an ideological uproar with some high profile Moms who blog. As sometimes happens, there was a good deal of misunderstanding, especially about our... Read More >

Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

2010-02-13 by EPR Staff
Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

My first Olympic memories came from our first color television set. The year was 1968, a season of many Baby Boomer's lives I am sure most will recall. There were lots of firsts for Olympic competition that year for a generation of people, snapshots of greatness witnessed for this first time in living color for one. That year, the X Winter Olympiad belonged to France, and to a little city in the French Alps called Grenoble. Oh, and it belonged to maybe the greatest alpine Olympian ever too, one Jean-Claude Killy. Telling you what it was like to be transported... Read More >

Ad Agencies in Belgium in Virtual Strike

2010-02-11 by EPR Staff
PR News - Public Relations News Blog

In news from Europe today, we learn that ad agencies from Belgium are all closing their corporate websites for a whole week, to express their discontent against the way clients conduct pitches in their country. The virtual strike is an initiative of ACC (Association of Communication Companies), it starts on their own site and continues on 23 other websites. On each participant site the landing page was replaced by a "website closed" message, consisting of one paragraph each of an open letter to clients. The letter explains the reasons behind the strike: Dear visitor, As you can see, we have... Read More >

Beware of Valentine’s Day Spam

2010-02-09 by EPR Staff
Happy Valentines Day everything-pr

It's that time of the year again, when love becomes a commodity, pretty much like Christmas. And both wear red, mind you. And both are about spending money. At least this is the impression I get from the emails I receive every day from Amazon, eBay, and other online shopping portals I dared to visit once to buy a random treat or two. I even got mail from a dating company that wanted to introduce me to a hot Russian lady, despite the fact that I am a woman, and happily married on top of that. But spam knows no... Read More >

Rough Year Predicted for Radio and Print

2010-02-09 by EPR Staff
Radio everything-pr

Sounds like all those predictions about print media dying off are starting to come true. A recent survey of over 1000 marketers, conducted by Econsultancy and ExactTarget shows that marketers are moving over to digital advertising where the marketing dollar goes a lot further. In fact, it’s predicted that 28% of marketers will be switching from print or radio to digital. That’s good news for online media, bad news for offline resources. “The research shows a healthy outlook for the digital marketing industry with the majority of responding companies increasing their budgets for most digital channels,” said Linus Gregoriadis, research... Read More >

Use Your Social Pull to Help A PR Pro Out

2010-02-05 by EPR Staff
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The economy may not seem as shaky as it did a year ago, but we haven't made it as far as we would have liked, either. During our time of economic recovery, the job market seems to be doing all sorts of crazy things, with certain career paths being considered now for a variety of reasons. The profession of public relations is an area particularly close to the cause ere at EverythingPR, and the upcoming "Help a PR Pro Out" day is surely worth a mention. A play on HARO (Help a Reporter Out), HAPPO is geared towards another profession... Read More >

Mending Hearts of Social Media Overload this Valentine’s Day

2010-02-05 by EPR Staff
Happy Valentines Day everything-pr

With the past few months having been riddled with stories of infidelity, maybe we could learn a lesson or two from the likes of Tiger Woods and John Edwards this Valentine's Day. Cherish your loved ones, and maybe even find a way to make up on this romantic holiday. Taking the time to step away from the stress of daily living may be all it takes for the two of you to rekindle your love for each other. Whether you're the one that messed up, or you're the one in a forgiving spirit, add some true meaning to Valentine's Day... Read More >

Super Bowl Ads Sell Out, at What Cost?

2010-02-02 by EPR Staff
superbowl advertisement ronn torossian

Turns out, the Super Bowl might be okay after all. I'm not talking about the game. That will be entertaining, I'm sure. But the commercials are often the longer-lasting points of discussion when it comes to the biggest game night of the year, with all of America tuning in for the season-ending championship. With the current economy, the decreasing viewership of major broadcast television and the shifting of ad dollars into the social media marketplace, there was a good amount of concern over CBS's ability to maintain the advertising tradition. Today, however, CBS has announced that it did sell all... Read More >

The Inconvenient Truth about Bloggers and PR

2010-01-28 by EPR Staff
Guest Blogging Tips Everything-pr

I'm a blogger (obviously). And my articles are somewhat journalistic in nature, meaning I typically cover the news regarding the social media and online marketing space. As such, I get a great deal of press releases. Every day. They flood my inbox, they're sometimes tedious to read through, and they're often impersonal email blasts that were sent to me because I managed to get on someone's email list. And I don't mind one bit (as long as it remains professional). I know I'm a rare breed, but I feel it's part of my job to make news relevant when I... Read More >