Are We Stuck with Facebook Forever?

2010-01-27 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

Has Facebook won your heart? I mean, could you actually live without it? I don't mean to say that there aren't other great social networking options out there. But if you had to stop using Facebook, which of these alternative social networking sites would you use? While the changes made to Facebook's privacy standards are vast and highly debatable, users are sticking around. Why? It may be because they feel they have to. Having become one of the most widely used social networks in the U.S., Facebook reaches across every state and many demographic fields. With social networking users abandoning... Read More >

Where do You Search for a Public Relations Firm?

2010-01-27 by EPR Staff
Public Relations

Where do you search for a PR company when you want to employ one? On, Bing or any other search engine, or do you go straight to reputable sources that list the best of the best in a directory of sorts? Do you, perhaps, rely on Twitter and word of mouth recommendations? Listing all possible resources for PR is a monumental task - in the following I will mention just a few, the crème de la crème - excluding search engines and Twitter. When it comes to a directory of companies it all boils down to what you want... Read More >

Mixing Social Media with Financial Education

2010-01-26 by EPR Staff
Social Media Communications

Social media being used for educational purposes. It's not a new concept, but it is continuously being used for new applications. among the most recent is the use of social media for educating consumers about money management. it's not just individual financial planners that have turned to social media for this reason, but the companies themselves. Amidst legal issues and user privacy concern lies a hope that the financial industry as a whole can regain the trust of the American consumer base, turning to social media for marketing and brand-building goals. Doing so could be a tight-rope walk, but TIAA-CREF... Read More >

Bill Gates Gets Twitter’s Red Carpet Treatment

2010-01-20 by EPR Staff

Bill Gates is on Twitter. Yes, the real Bill Gates. Not too long after President Obama gave in and started tweeting, the man behind Microsoft is also right behind Obama in finally taking part in this microblogging phenomenon. We're not too sure what Gates will be tweeting about, but we're pretty positive it will be politically correct. We're also not too sure if people will care about Gates joining Twitter, but they sure rolled out the red carpet for the billionaire philanthropist to join their site. Bill Gates joins twitter @BillGates! Gates has a verified account, which means that Twitter... Read More >

What Is the State of Media Today?

2010-01-19 by EPR Staff
multimedia press release

The state of media today is a matter of opinion for some, though a recent report from Vocus shows a picture of ongoing decline. Particularly in the traditional media sector, the state of media is looking rather grim. The continued loss of jobs in television, radio and print media paints a dire picture of the evolution still required from the aging industries. Yet the online media sector is often looked at with gleaming hope, pushing the digital wave as a rescue mission for the established ways of media consumption. The argument around traditional versus new media has been going on... Read More >

Has the Minority Report Era Finally Arrived?

2010-01-18 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Social Media

Is the era of Minority Report upon us? Social gaming and virtual goods have initiated a marketing revolution, enabling us to create digital versions of ourselves. We spend money on these digital avatars, exchanging gifts on Facebook and snatching up property for our Mafia Wars. The new platforms have presented new ways of monetizing the digital realm, and that means a new opportunity for advertising. Ads have been uniquely integrated into many of these social, casual gaming and virtual goods environments, in part because they extend an option for the direct monetization of consumers, while also establishing a new world... Read More >

Will TV Die in the Future?

2010-01-06 by EPR Staff
Apple TV

Current trends for broadcast television aren't looking too good for 2010. With new technology always on the horizon, and improved methods for quicker implementation, the possibility of broadcasters to finally make a shift into the digital era may actually become a reality in the coming year. A recent article on msnbc highlights the glory days of broadcast television, harking on the magic the small screen once held over an entire nation. Broadcast television was our social networking, aggregating viewers around the television at appointed times each evening. The office copy room became the watering hole for discussing all the things... Read More >

Music PR: U2’s Bono and Self Aggrandizement

2010-01-05 by EPR Staff
U2 Bono

Bono's reality may be skewed according to an article he wrote for the New York Times. U2's lead singer's article compared the illegal downloading of music to the perils of online child pornography in what amounted to a rant over file sharing and his evidently inestimable worth. Comparing illegal downloads to child porn being the moral equivalent of comparing killing a germ as opposed to slaughtering the immortal soul. Bono could use a good PR company, the one he has does not have good leashes evidently. Most reporters are relatively scathing in their reporting of Bono's "bone headed" assertions, but... Read More >

Santa Claus Has the Best PR Agent of All

2009-12-23 by EPR Staff
Santa Claus PR everything-pr

Santa Claus must have the best PR agent of anyone. Look at it this way, the jolly gentleman has been gracing holiday seasons for over 1600 years. What other celebrity can boast that kind of staying power? Certainly none of  our modern television or movie stars have enjoyed that sort of fame. Did you know that our modern Santa Claus is probably based on a real, historic person? Most accounts identify St. Nicholas, a beloved third century bishop who lived in what is now Turkey, as the true basis for the Santa Claus legend. As the story goes, rather than... Read More >

Ideal Beauty as a Social Statement

2009-12-21 by EPR Staff
Ideal Beauty everything-pr

A recent study shows that ideal beauty can be a matter of millimeters when it comes to facial symmetry and features. While the importance of facial symmetry has been known for some time, a team at the University of California, San Diego, claims that they've discovered the ideal alignment for female facial features. What the world considers attractive has in fact been boiled down to scientific measurements. Now what are you supposed to do with that data? Run to the mirror and see how well your face aligns? No one's face is perfectly symmetric. Unfortunate, I know. So what's a... Read More >

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