Effective Social Media and Email PR Strategies

2021-11-12 by EPR Staff
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PR professionals and marketers have to work hard to remain on top of things because both industries have fierce competition with small margins of error. To stay on top of everything, PR professionals have to find ways for a business to get an edge over market competitors, which is why they end up trying different strategies that can potentially bring their clients success.  Digital Marketing  When it comes to digital marketing, which has become a big part of digital PR in recent years, there are plenty of useful strategies that businesses can employ. Some of the most important ones include... Read More >

Achieving Success Through Digital PR

2021-11-11 by EPR Staff
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If companies don’t invest in digital PR campaigns, it is often the case that all of the time and effort that’s spent on improving SEO scores is not going to bring any positive results. Achieving success through digital PR starts at setting goals, and all of the strategies for each digital PR campaign should work hand in hand to deliver the company the desired results.   Setting clear goals when creating a digital PR strategy is essential to achieving success, and if a company isn’t able to achieve certain goals, but doesn’t always mean the goals should be changed. Plenty of... Read More >

Improving PR Through SEO

2021-11-10 by EPR Staff
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] When companies look to increase their digital presence they tend to utilize digital PR and marketing strategies. For those strategies, businesses work with influencers, journalists, media outlets, and bloggers to send out their press releases and get high-quality backlinks, improve their SEO, and generate social media mentions.  With the help of digital PR specifically, companies can get more publicity online, generate positive customer reviews, communicate with journalists and customers effectively, and perhaps most importantly, get high-quality backlinks that generate more website traffic and ultimately, sales.  Digital PR strategies help businesses reach  target audiences by having the company featured on... Read More >

Digital PR Tips for Success

2021-11-09 by EPR Staff

Using traditional PR strategies and combining them with contemporary resources that are based on data to boost PR campaigns and generate more exposure for a business constitutes the core of digital PR. However, before creating any sort of campaign, companies should have a clear understanding of what goals they want to achieve with the campaign itself.  There are plenty of beneficial digital PR strategies that companies can utilize to achieve success. However, establishing the intended goals and outcomes of a campaign should always be the first step. That’s because every PR strategy and tactic that’s going to be employed is... Read More >

Retailers preparing for the holiday season of 2021

2021-11-05 by EPR Staff
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Last year digital engagement reached an all-time high, thereby impacting in-store shopping. Supply chain challenges may not always be within retailers’ control, but they can influence how customers engage and shop. Consumer shopping behavior continues to evolve in light of the pandemic. The pandemic is still very much present and will continue to shape the year ahead. According to the National Retail Federation, around 20%- 40% of the total annual sale for retailers takes place between November and December. Given below are a few ways in which retail businesses are preparing for the holiday season. 1) Online shopping option -... Read More >

Zero-waste trials in stores

2021-10-28 by EPR Staff
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Zero waste is the way to get to a plastic-free future. A typical zero-waste store sells plastic-free items which help people reduce their waste generation. As a marketing strategy, promoting products and services in an eco-friendly manner not only shows commitment to the consumer, but it also shows a commitment to the greater good. A brand that encourages a zero waste lifestyle has a positive image. The imminent ban on plastic straws has seen fast-food chains introducing paper straws. The youth today are more connected, informed, and demanding about sustainable living than ever before. Hence, it is only right for... Read More >

Marketing Tips for Restaurants

2021-10-20 by EPR Staff
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These days, there are so many restaurants all over the world, that the competition is quite fierce, and the most successful locations are the ones that can give it their all. That’s why restaurants have to employ strong marketing strategies and tactics, that will improve their business, get the attention of consumers, and help them grow. Photography Plenty of people these days are already on Instagram, and anyone that’s ever been on the platform has familiarized themself with the abundance of food photos. Categorized using a variety of food-related hashtags, one of the best ways that restaurants can promote themselves... Read More >

PR Efforts in the Food Industry

2021-10-12 by EPR Staff

Since every single company has its own story to share with the public, each business should have its own PR campaign so that story can reach the right people. When it comes to the food industry in particular, and more specifically, restaurants, there is a set of strategies that can be very beneficial when looking to reach more people. Influencer Campaigns The current social media age is the prime time for influencer marketing campaigns because influencers are the people who can help businesses effectively create more brand awareness digitally. Restaurants have plenty of options for influencer campaigns. From food bloggers... Read More >

Puns as a device in advertising

2021-10-11 by EPR Staff

Puns can be useful as a marketing strategy. Despite having a questionable reputation, punning is considered to be among the highest displays of wit. Wordplay can be a powerful strategy for audience engagement. It can be catchy and fun, and can help a brand to stand out from the crowd. However, one has to be careful while using puns, as excessive usage can make a brand seem outdated. Humor, in the midst of pandemic and financial meltdown, can lead to positive feelings and hence more customer engagement.  There are several famous punchlines based on puns. Some examples are, ‘Nothing runs... Read More >

Concerns over Implications of Rising Oil and Gas Prices

2021-10-09 by EPR Staff
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Oil prices have been on a steady climb for some time now, and they rose again on Tuesday in response to new measures by the United States. These measures aimed to cut down its oil supply as a result of significant losses recorded in the markets globally due to the devastating and far-reaching consequences of China’s Evergrande crisis. The property group is heavily indebted and has had a tremendously negative effect on the economy of China and global markets as well. The price of Brent crude, a widely adopted benchmark for oil prices, increased by 0.7% to $74.44 per barrel... Read More >

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