Lessons from Facebook on how not to conduct PR

There are many things companies should do during a crisis, but then there are also things you shouldn’t do. This time around, Facebook ticked a few of the boxes in that list.  The New York Times’ investigative report brought to light Facebook’s mishandling of the 2016 Russian influence campaign. The story, accurately titled ‘Delay, Deny […]

4 Business Management Tips to Help You Grow


Building a company is difficult, creating a successful company is even harder. Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship, countless ambitious people launch their own ventures every day, using the advent of the internet to help them on their journey. While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving success in today’s complex business world, there are steps that […]

Why are there More Women than Men in PR?

Why are there more women than men in PR?

 It’s not news that women dominate in terms of sheer numbers when it comes to PR. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women hold around 59 percent of PR management roles and 63 percent of PR specialist positions. Despite this, females are underrepresented in leadership roles in PR. This begs a question—why is it […]

Five Misconceptions About Public Relations

Five Misconceptions About Public Relations

Public Relations is by no means an exact science. It is impossible to know what the outcome of a PR campaign will be and how people will respond to a campaign. However, there are ways you can be prepared for what to expect and by setting client expectations, it can save both you and your […]

8 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

9 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

Being a Chief Marketing Officer is one thing but being a successful Chief Marketing Officer is another thing. Successful and effective CMOs are impressive people who know how to lead their team in the right direction. Are you on the path to becoming CMO in your company? Or do you want to improve yourself as […]

Parq Vancouver’s Lackluster PR Crisis Response

Parq Vancouver’s Lackluster PR Crisis Response

Canadian Rapper Drake made allegations the entertainment and hotel complex Parq Vancouver, claiming he was racially profiled and barred from gambling from the venue. Parq Vancouver’s response to these events has been touted as a case of inadequate PR mechanisms to handle the crisis. Here’s the rundown of the situation. Early morning on November 3, […]

The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

If you face a sudden media crisis, being prepared can be the difference between a make or break situation. As a medical association or non-profit, you may not have the budget to support a large-scale management plan and have ongoing support during a crisis, but that’s just a good reason to have an issues management […]

Marketing Healthcare Services to Baby Boomers

Marketing Healthcare Services to Baby Boomers

Healthcare and insurance companies wanting to engage Baby Boomers need to let go of traditional ways communicating to this generation. We need to recognize that our traditional perception of their priorities does not align with what they actually want – boomers want to stay active while also dealing with the challenges that come with getting […]

What makes a good marketing manager?

What makes a good marketing manager

Being a marketing manager is a challenging role with a lot of responsibility. A large part of the company’s success or failure is linked with the performance of the marketing team. A successful marketing team is tantamount to a successful business, and a successful marketing manager is essential for a marketing team to excel. There […]

4 Things to Ask Influencer Marketing Agencies

4 Things to Ask your Influencer Marketing Agency You want to create some media buzz for your company and build brand exposure so you decide to engage in influencer marketing. You decide to engage an influencer marketing agency because they have the experience and network to run results-driven campaigns that you hope can have a […]