Q & A With Michelle Lyng of Novitas Communications

Q: How Does Joining a Global Network Benefit an Agency? As boutique agencies continue to chip away market share from behemoth agencies, it is inevitable there will be growing pains. Too often – still – small and mid-sized agencies are told they cannot compete for top tier accounts – even when that statement is wholly […]

5 Companies Doing Robotics PR Right Now

For many, even public relations professionals, the subtleties between tech PR and robotics PR are difficult to discern. With the robotics industry constantly growing, it’s more important than ever to understand how to provide the most tailored services to these clients.  Though many robotics companies have their own PR departments, there are a few notable […]

PR Legend Harold Burson Passed Away

The public relations mastermind that co-founded Burson-Marsteller, and then managed to build the firm into one of the leading forces in the PR industry, died on January 10, at a rehabilitation center in Memphis. Harold Burson was 98 years old. According to Catherine Sullivan, a spokeswoman for Burson Cohn & Wolfe, the cause of death […]

The Role Of StoryTelling in PR

For many, communicating to connect with an audience is the ultimate goal of public relations. That’s why digital storytelling is a communications trend with no end in sight, with skilled story writers a vital part of any modern marketing team. Take, for example, a shopper looking for a new pair of shoes. On one rack, […]

From A PR Crisis To A New Conversation


In the last few years, Facebook has been facing plenty of scandals. That, along with plenty of calls from regulators to break up this tech giant has led Facebook into a PR crisis. First, it was the scandal where Facebook had been giving its user’s information to a private consumer data company. Which meant that personal […]

David Steinberg and Zeta Global Move to Park Ave

David Steinberg and Zeta Global

New York remains the center of American and world technology. This is just as much true today as it ever has been in the past. One company knows this is the place to be if you’re going to make a splash. Under these circumstances, it’s no wonder that one highly valuable tech company continues to […]

“…Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage.”

Frank Sinatra crooned those words back in 1965 to get across the point of the song’s punch line: “You can’t have one without the other.” So, it is with managing today’s workforce. The horse and carriage may be long gone but trust and positiveness are paramount in order to be a successful leader today. You […]

Important Leadership and Management Skills for Success


All project leaders and office managers need to positively interact with team members. As much as communication is a big part of the interaction, employees also need to be motivated, respond to feedback, and solve problems in the workplace. Here are the skills that make a strong leader: Communication  Clear and succinct communication makes it […]

Confidence is Key When it Comes to Female Leaders


The digital realm surely has great potential to be more egalitarian, more inclusive and less prejudiced than the traditional one. Users often don’t know who is sitting behind the screen, who is handling the request they have sent in, and who is writing the words they are reading. Even so, the digital world remains dominated […]


This Japanese word is often mistaken as meaning “goodbye,” but it means much more than that. It implies a forever farewell. Letting a Well-Liked Employee Go One of the most difficult tasks of a leader is terminating an employee. It’s even more difficult when the employee is well-liked by their peers. Unless the cause for […]