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Q&A with Founder of The Vokol Group, Dana Cobb

2020-11-05 by EPR Staff

Today, a special Q & A on Lifestyle, Entertainment and Consumer PR in Today’s World with Dana Cobb, CEO of The Vokol Group.  Tell us how this specialty came into focus for you and your agency… My background is in arts and entertainment PR and Marketing. I worked on Broadway with Dodger Theatricals for close to a decade, marketing Broadway, off-Broadway and touring shows throughout the early 2000s before moving back to Texas to start a family. In addition to working with arts, events and non-profit clients At The Vokol Group, we are (thankfully) well-diversified in our client base by having a... Read More >

Q&A with Rosemary Ostmann of RoseComm

2020-11-03 by EPR Staff

What are PR firms looking for in today’s entry-level employees? We recently interviewed Rosemary Ostmann, CEO and president of RoseComm, an independent, boutique strategic communications firm.  She was named “PR Professional of the Year” by the New Jersey chapter of the Public Relations Society of America in October 2020. An industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, we caught up with her on what agencies want most in new hires. Tell me about the skills you want a recent grad to have.  Most of the recent graduates we hire have degrees in Communications, Journalism or English. The common thread is... Read More >

Ayelet Noff of SlicedBrand Q & A On PR & The 2020 Elections

2020-10-30 by EPR Staff
Ayelet Noff

Today, we feature a Q & A with Ayelet Noff, the Founder and CEO ofSlicedBrand, a global PR agency headquartered in Berlin. Noff joins us today to discuss “PR strategy tips to navigate smoothly through the 2020 election.” In the last 20 years she has successfully led the PR activities of over a thousand technology companies in various fields, including AI, blockchain, mobile, cybersecurity, fintech, and many more. Noff has worked with a wide range of clients and also early-stage stealth startups. She has been named as one of the five female rock stars leading the crypto scene in 2018, and named... Read More >

Profile Interview with CMW Media CEO Kyle Porter

2020-10-27 by EPR Staff

Today, we feature a Q & A with Kyle Porter who is an ex-entertainment marketer turned communications entrepreneur who was just announced CEO of CMW Media, a PR and marketing firm specializing in emerging markets such as sustainable technologies and cannabis. He is a native Arizonian who got his BA in Marketing from Northern Arizona University. After completing his degree, Porter began his career working with various event and marketing agencies and was able to scale start-up agencies into multi-million dollar organizations. He specializes not only in communications and marketing, but oversees accounting, human resources, and business development. What are some things... Read More >

Vibrant Brands’ Christopher Quereau on the New Frontier of Virtual Fundraising

2020-10-26 by EPR Staff

Today, a Q&A with Christopher Quereau on the New Frontier of Virtual Fundraising. The COVID-19 pandemic has left much economic uncertainty in its wake, with millions unemployed and businesses shuttered. One niche group that you may not have noticed this affects is nonprofits.  Vibrant Brands, a brand and marketing agency located in Albany, N.Y., has a long list of nonprofit clients. Christopher Quereau, founder of Vibrant Brands, has more than two decades of experience that spans work from New York City to the Capital Region and beyond.In this Q&A, he provides insight on how marketing campaigns can take the lead for an... Read More >

Q & A With Evan Nierman Of Red Banyan

2020-10-22 by EPR Staff

Interview today with Evan Nierman, founder and CEO of Red Banyan, a crisis management Public Relations firm. 1.      When did your team begin working returning to the office? a.      Back in March when lockdowns began to take place throughout the country, Red Banyanfollowed suit in an effort to keep our employees and clients safe. We started bringing back members of the team to our Florida office in August, although our offices in Washington D.C., Atlanta and our newest L.A. location continue to operate remotely. Red Banyan has given our team members the choice to work wherever they feel safe and comfortable. As long... Read More >

Southwest Responds After Ejecting Man from Flight

2020-10-18 by Ronn Torossian

Of all the years, 2020 is definitely not the time for an airline to get negative press, and someone apparently trying to get “internet famous” took advantage of that. Reports are coming in from various media outlets that, last week, a “black man wearing a Trump 2020 mask was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight.” That headline has all the right keywords to grab eyeballs and start arguments in the comments sections, so you can bet it got a push from several online outlets. As soon as they see that, people have a visceral reaction, long before reading the next... Read More >

Voxus PR – 5 Questions About 2021 PR Planning

2020-10-18 by EPR Staff

Today, an interview with Justin Hall, Co-Founder, Voxus PR 2020 has been a rough year for most organizations, one that literally no one anticipated would include of all things, a pandemic. As we look toward recovery and opportunity in 2021, the role of communications becomes critical. Planning for PR and communications in this “new normal” is both important and – in a sense – unprecedented.  Undoubtably teams will be asked to do more with less, from streamlining programs to increasing tactical efficacy to showing more creative value. Yet tactics that were once standard – take industry events, for example – are... Read More >

Amy Littleton of KemperLesnik Q & A

2020-10-15 by EPR Staff

Interview today with Amy Littleton of KemperLesnik. Amy is the co-leader of the agency and oversees the Public Relations and Content businesses at KemperLesnik. She is a communications strategist, crisis and reputation counselor and business manager. Amy is the former president of the Public Relations Society of America Chicago, sits on the board of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation and is co-chair of the Marketing and Communications Forum of the Executives’ Club of Chicago. How long has your agency been back in the office? We first reopened KemperLesnik’s doors in mid-June to agency Officers and Directors. During that time, we also installed plexiglass... Read More >

Q & A With Jason Vines: Former Head of PR for Nissan & Ford

2020-10-08 by EPR Staff

We recently conducted an interview with Jason Vines, former head of PR for Nissan North America, Ford Motor Company globally and Chrysler Group; he is now a distinguished author published at Waldorf Publishing. He is a leading  communications and government affairs consultant. Q: What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to other PR professionals?  Jason Vines: FIRST: NEVER LIE. IN THE END, TRUTH IS YOUR ONLY REAL WEAPON. NEVER SPECULATE AS SPECULATION IS A LIVE HAND GRENADE. DEAL ONLY WITH FACTS. FINALLY, PUSH BACK OF JOURNALISTS THAT WANT TO ATTACK YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION, ANONYMOUSLY. DEMAND THAT AS AN AMERICAN PRINCIPLE,... Read More >

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