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Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s

2019-03-29 by Julio Juarez

Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s The role of a Chief Communications Officer, or CCO, is constantly evolving as the digital and communications landscape is also in flux. Being a CCO now covers many aspects of the organization, from public relations to internal communications to branding. As a result, in many organizations, CCOs have taken on a more prominent leadership role. Because of their knowhow, the CEO and the board usually turn to CCO’s for strategic advice. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient for CCO’s to just be competent at the communications side of things. Here are some of the essential... Read More >

Best Public Relations Practices for Small Businesses

2019-02-27 by Ronn Torossian

Best Public Relations Practices for Small Businesses Even without an enormous budget, small businesses can still make a splash with strategic public relations. PR is necessary for the positive reception of any business, so don’t skip this vital step and be sure to hire a professional if this is unchartered territory for you. Public relations is all about the public, or target consumers’, view of a brand. Having a well thought out PR strategy can spell out success for a brand with a forward thinking vision. We’ve compiled a list of best practices for PR for small businesses. Know Your... Read More >

How to Stay Organized as a CEO

2019-02-21 by Julio Juarez

How to Stay Organized as a CEO There are as many ways to organize as there are different personalities and there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many variables to think about while finding the right organizational system for a CEO. What are you having problems organizing and what has been tried that hasn’t worked? Figuring this out will go a long way to finding the best system. Get Creative Being creative with the organizational system can help tremendously. Think beyond color coding a calendar, though this can be very useful as well. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square... Read More >

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