Sacramento Public Library Seeks Website Redesign

2017-07-23 by EPR Staff
Sacramento Public Library Seeks Website Redesign

The Sacramento Public Library Authority seeks proposals from qualified vendors for a comprehensive website redesign and implementation for the existing public- facing website, Scope of Work: The AUTHORITY has a strong desire to provide library patrons with access to a website that promotes ease of use and has intuitive site architecture and user-centric, mobile-friendly design. A. UX Features and System Functionality Greatly improve discovery and access of Library information, collections, services and content via an effective site architecture and search-engine optimization Design for fast and efficient page load times to accommodate users accessing the site on low bandwidth Create... Read More >

How to Inspire Your Team to Greatness

2017-07-10 by EPR Staff
How to Inspire Your Team to Greatness

As a leader, there’s only so far you can go on your own, without growth. The same must be understood about your team. You may have hired them to do a specific job, but if you want better or more next year than you accomplished this year, all of you must increase your capacity … not just your efficiency. Because of this, the most important skill a good leader develops is the ability to inspire his or her team to grow. The better your team can be, the bigger your capacity for success. As the leader, you are responsible for... Read More >

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Seeks Celebrity Relations/ Media Relations Agency 

2017-07-10 by EPR Staff

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), a non-profit organization, is the  world leader in the fight to eliminate pediatric AIDS. Their mission is to prevent pediatric HIV infection and to eliminate pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs. For over 25 years, EGPAF has held its signature family festival and fundraising event, A Time for Heroes, in Los Angeles, CA. This event brings together children and families to celebrate and support EGPAF's mission to end AIDS in children worldwide. This small, exclusive family fundraiser will feature a variety of sports and games, arts and crafts, food... Read More >

Hurom College Issues Website RFP

2017-07-09 by EPR Staff
Huron College seeks a website design company.

  Huron College seeks a website design company. Huron University College has a vision to equip the next generation of post-secondary students with wisdom, foresight and integrity. We need a visionary digital partner to help us achieve this goal by creating a website and digital marketing strategy that positions us as top-of-mind for students who want to receive elite education in an educational institution that privileges ethical conduct as much as academic excellence. Scope of Work: Website Artistic direction that supports our goal of standing out and effectively sharing our unique value proposition Intuitive site navigation structure and content management... Read More >

Virginia Seeking Latin America Marketing Agency

2017-07-08 by EPR Staff
virgnia marketing agency

The Commonwealth of Virginia has issued an RFP for a Latin America marketing company for Virginia-produced products, and to research and advise regarding the labeling and other regulatory requirements for certain agribusiness products entering Latin America. VDACS will utilize an in-country consultant in Latin America to build trade relationships, determine the challenges the trade face in importing Virginia-produced food and agricultural products, increase awareness and interest in the procurement of Virginia-produced food and agricultural products and identify the best opportunities to promote Virginia-produced food and agricultural products. Latin America is an important growth market for Virginia agricultural and forestry products.... Read More >

What Does Your Vision Communicate About You?

2017-07-07 by EPR Staff
What Does Your Vision Communicate About You?

Public relations should be a key part of any working vision, regardless if you’re a for-profit, not-for-profit or a volunteer organization. Despite what people sometimes assume, PR is not just about messaging. Sure, that plays a major role in the process, but it’s not the only concern. Your vision – and how you live it out – tells people quite a lot about who you are and what you’re really all about. First and foremost, your vision communicates what’s really important to you. When you consider what you will allocate for your marketing and advertising budgets, how much of what... Read More >

State of Alabama Seeking Tourism PR firm

2017-07-06 by EPR Staff
alabama tourism seeks public relations firm

  The Alabama Tourism Department seeks a PR firm to: Build top-of-mind awareness and consideration for Alabama's unique vacation options Drive online traffic to to further influence the target audience's vacation planning "Utilize "Sweet Home Alabama's' magical, charming, authentic and relaxing character to distinguish it as a uniquely rewarding destination with more to savor." Work with ATD staff to facilitate all international marketing endeavors based on the direction of the Director. Media Supported Advertising: Includes hours only (media is placed at net) for the planning, research, negotiation, placement and stewardship of paid and donated media, TV, radio, print, outdoor,... Read More >

What Leaders Can Do in a Corporate Crisis

2017-07-06 by EPR Staff
What Leaders Can Do in the Middle of a Corporate Crisis

Once there is a corporate crisis, there’s also a big threat to the financial fortunes of the company, as well as their relations and reputation with the world at large and the key stakeholders. For large organizations, such a crisis is likely to strike more than once and as often as every five years on average. That means that leaders of any company, especially the large ones, should expect to face a crisis at least once while holding their position, and that includes members of the board of directors. Having a plan to face this possibility is imperative. Osler, Hoskin... Read More >

Vancouver Library Marketing Needed

2017-07-05 by EPR Staff
Vancouver Island Health Authority Seeks Digital Agency

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL), the fifth largest library district in the state of Washington, is requesting proposals for consulting services for two related projects: 1) Modernizing its branding and visual identity; 2) Developing an actionable marketing plan for the district. Scope of Work: Branding With a new strategic plan, and a new mission, vision and values statements, FVRL is ready to open a new chapter in its history. As part of the rebranding process, we are seeking a new logo and branding that energizes and emphasizes our strengths while honoring our past. Our brand should represent the diverse... Read More >

Reworking a Business’ PR Plan

2017-07-02 by EPR Staff
Reworking a Business’ PR Plan

Even when a business has a successful PR plan in place, it’s never a bad thing to review and think of ways to improve or even switch it all around. Sooner or later, people stop hearing and seeing something they’ve encountered many times before. Appearance Sometimes what works on a local or regional level doesn’t have enough pull to work on a larger scale and will need to be reviewed and revamped. A strong brand strategy becomes imperative when confronting a national market. One of the first steps is making certain your copy is not filled with typos, dull text,... Read More >

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