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How great PR firms Help Build your Brand

2015-04-03 by Ronn Torossian
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An outstanding PR firm will not only help you build your brand – a great PR firm will work in concert with your marketing strategy to help build your company’s reputation. Brand public relations by building a cohesive brand identity: Big and Small Data A PR firm’s use of both big and small amounts of data is imperative for launching your brand to media influencers. Knowing your largest and growing target customers – combined with the right data and company background – gives a great PR firm the advantage of building content and creating advertising platforms to be utilized cohesively... Read More >

4 Tips for Improving Your Email Campaigns

2015-02-05 by Richard D. Pace
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Your email campaign can be one of your most successful tools for outreach to properly built and maintained. Here are four tips for improving your email campaign so that you can achieve the reach your business deserves. Know Your Audience If you do not know the average age, income, marital status and buying habits of your target customer, then you need to perform that research immediately. From this information, you can discern the platforms where your audience accesses your advertisements and information. You will be able to determine where and when they make purchases. All of this information can be... Read More >

Top 10 Factors that Influence Purchase Decisions

2013-05-07 by Almaz
top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision

Ecommerce sites and retailers have now a great tool at their disposal: an infographic by Bigcommerce, showing the top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision. The infographic shows, in the following order, that product quality, free shipping, easy returns, customer reviews, visual search, great navigation, checkout ease, multiple options, special size and new product, are all playing a significant role in influencing purchase decisions online. The infographic provides other interesting data, like the most important store features, with competitive pricing playing a critical role (80%) followed by online purchase (62%) and delivery speed (54%). It also shows how the Web... Read More >

MutualMind Takes Aim on Social Media Prowess for Business

2013-05-01 by Aaron Sarno

MutualMind, Inc., a Dallas social media listening and analytics developer, has just released their MutualMind Command Center (MCC) advancement for real-time social media monitoring service. [caption id="attachment_42259" align="aligncenter" width="585"] MutualMind helps you listen to discussions on the social web[/caption] With assets for social listening and analysis such as multi-lingual sentiment analysis, pre- and post-collection filtering, and with auto-updates & real-time response, this news innovation in social networking performance drastically speeds and simplified workflow. According to the news release from the company, MCC is a unique and scalable platform whose architecture is optimized for rapid deployment, and at a lot less costs than... Read More >

7 Tools to Write the Perfect Press Release

2013-03-14 by Archie Obrien

Are you writing your own press releases? Do you believe in DIY? Then, when you start your journey, add all these secret weapons in your arsenal: a good headline analyzer, a professional keyword analysis tool, a good social-media-release-building application, and a few other tricks of the trade, to ensure great exposure for your news. If you write press releases in a delusional belief that the links you embed in their content bring you SEO advantages, stop right here. This is not for you. If you, however, are a small business, and need to save a buck or two on copyrighting... Read More >

PR Resources: In-Target Audience Optimization for Video

2013-02-11 by Aaron Sarno

The video advertising platform launched In-Target Audience Optimization, a technology that helps advertisers deliver ads more efficiently to their demographic audiences measured by acknowledged services such as Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and comScore validated Campaign Essentials. Only 55% of online ads targeting consumers aged 25-49 years reach the right audience according to a recent Nielsen benchmarking study, the rest of them becoming budget waste. "The past 12 months have seen a rapid shift towards TV-like audience guarantees in digital video, aided by tools like Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings that provide independent verification of impressions by age and sex," says... Read More >

100 Content Marketing Tools for PRs: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation

2013-01-30 by Almaz
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Smart marketing professionals recognize traditional marketing lost its effectiveness a long time ago. Consumers no longer interact with media and entertainment, in the same way, they used to. Traditional radio broadcasts and cable ads no longer boast the same following they did ten or even five years ago. After bombarding customers with ads on their phones, TVs, billboards, and buses, customers become desensitized, rendering traditional marketing virtually useless. Content marketing revolutionizes advertising by forcing companies to own their content. Companies must create content to engage customers, rather than run traditional ads between feature presentations. Content marketing solves this issue by... Read More >

WPM Launches New Version of Social Media Intelligence Software

2013-01-08 by Almaz
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WPM announced a new version of its social media intelligence software which offers better insights into what consumers share in their communities and into what the competition does. The company considers that social/new media business intelligence’s (SMBI) most important function is to monitor and measure online communities for what competitors do and how consumers respond to their actions. “It really is a new approach, and we’re extremely excited,” said Dave Jeffries, Senior Managing Partner of WPM. “While there are some very solid social monitoring tools currently available, to this point we believe that they’ve had two major detractors: one is... Read More >

Lochte More Social than Phelps, Attensity Study Shows

2012-07-30 by Almaz

[caption id="attachment_36928" align="alignleft" width="240"] Summer Olympics buzz: who wins social media attention? (Photo: Attensity Analyze)[/caption] Social analytic and engagement platform Attensity released the results of a global analytics audit on public reactions in social media for the 2012 Summer Olympics. The company identified and analyzed over 197,000 comments about the Olympics posted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, news sites, forums, videos and other social sources. In a date range spanning from June 23 to July 23, Attensity Analyze found that over 98% of social media users felt positively about the games. Among the top athletes mentioned by the users, Ryan Lochte... Read More >

GfK Launches New Tool for Advanced Ad Analyses

2012-07-02 by Aaron Sarno

GfK suggests that relying on ad impressions alone gives an incomplete understanding of online campaign performance. Impressions, click-through rates or even branding metrics do not indicate whether the advertisement was on the visible screen of the user, nor for how long. GfK is launching a new instrument, DeliveryControl.dx, to enhance ad performance analyses. DeliveryControl.dx tracks browser activity, the position of the advertisement on the website, the user's screen resolution, and any scrolling by the user. Advertisers can thus gage whether advertisements were fully displayed (100%) or if at least 90%, 75%, 50% or 1% were visible on the user's screen,... Read More >

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