PR News From Edelman PR, Ruder Finn & Walker Sands

2018-09-21 by EPR Staff
PR News From Edelman PR, Ruder Finn & Walker Sands

Edelman Hires Kate Krane as Brand Practice Lead for Pacific NW Leading PR company is introducing a new member to its leadership team this week. Kate Krane is now the "Brand Practice Lead" for the company's Pacific Northwest branch. According to the general manager of Edelman Pacific Northwest, Will Ludlam, Kate brings exceptional leadership potential and business acumen to the team.  As the way that companies connect with customers continues to evolve, Edelman believes that Kat's background in transformative retail and technology experiences will help her to reach their audience in new and exciting ways. Kate comes to Edelman from... Read More >

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Issues RFP For Advertising/PR/Marketing

2018-09-21 by EPR Staff
The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Issues RFP For Advertising/PR/Marketing

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is seeking a creative and strategic partner to help advance its global mission.  This partner will provide high-level support for a refresh/redesign of with special attention to developing strong user paths and creating data visualizations to relay key information from OGP’s new State of Open Government report (2019 release).  Additionally, we may need support in retooling/refining our databases and creating a mobile or offline application. Background: OGP brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive and accountable.  To date, 79 OGP participating countries and... Read More >

PR News on Sunshine Sachs, DKC PR Veteran And More..

2018-09-14 by EPR Staff
PR News on Sunshine Sachs, DKC PR Veteran And More..

Dr Luke v Kesha: “Smear campaign” documents to be considered at million-dollar defamation lawsuit   Dr Luke has landed a blow on Kesha’s legal and PR team, after New York Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter allowed for the legal army behind Lukas ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald to present allegedly damning documents that may point to the singer undertaking a deliberate smear campaign against the producer.  The documents in question include recently unsealed emails between Kesha’s managers Jack Rovner and Ken Levitan which claim they should “battle this guy in the press” and “take down his business”. The famed singer’s PR firm, New... Read More >

Kardashians Public Relations Wins & Losses

2018-09-05 by EPR Staff
The Kardashians Public Relations Wins & Losses

Love them or love to hate them, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Kardashians. As the stars of the long-running reality TV show Keeping Up the Kardashians, the women of this family have carved a billion dollar empire out of their own personalities. So how do they do it? Three Times the Kardashians Won at PR… Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the family, arguably pulled off the most anticipated pregnancy announcement in the history of the internet, waiting until the birth of her daughter earlier this year before confirming rumours that she’d been expecting all along. In Kylie’s... Read More >

Qorvis Communications – Says Nothing To The Web

2018-06-06 by EPR Staff
qorvis pr communications staff

Continuing down the list of the most influential PR firms in the world, we find Qorvis Communications, ranked 6th in terms of fees in 2007. Qurvis is an interesting company on many levels. Over $30 million in fees for a company with only 86 employees in fascinating in itself, but being an entity without an imminently apparent leader is as well. As far as corporate websites go, the Qorvis on is a shambles compared to some of those of competitors. The site lacks nothing in beautiful imagery, but aside a wonderful portfolio interactive, nothing that implies digital world engagement exists.... Read More >

Michael Sitrick: Why Join The Board Of A Penny-Stock Company?

2018-06-05 by EPR Staff
Michael Sitrick everything-pr

Oxis Biotech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxis International Inc., is a company listed on the penny-stock market (SYMBOL) - it is currently trading at a $12 million market valuation and has minimal assets or revenues. It also has significant and rising short-term debt that could easily lead to massive dilution. So, it makes no sense to all of us at Everything-PR why Michael Sitrick of Sitrick & Company one of the world's leading crisis PR consultants joined the advisory board of this company. Surely, joining this tiny company won’t make his many big-time clients clamor to him for financial... Read More >

HARO’s Peter Shankman Classy Departure from Vocus

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
Peter Shankman

"I can’t say enough good things about Vocus," writes Shankman in a classy departure note, that went public on his blog on Thursday. For those familiar with Vocus and its employees, Shankman's departure comes too soon after Frank Strong's exit, which went unannounced by official channels. Peter Shankman Leaving Vocus According to the note, Peter Shankman leaves Vocus to focus on new endeavors, including consulting for Fortune 50 companies, evangelist activities for established consumer brands, and even consulting for startups, and continuing with occasional consulting for Vocus. Although he didn't reveal specifics, he did mention some ideas for potential new... Read More >

Zimmerman Ad Agency – a Look Inside the Agency

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
Zimmerman Agency PR

Today we explore the emerging Tallahassee Florida Public Relations market through the lens of one Florida's leading PR Firm: The Zimmerman Agency. “Creating big ideas fueled by disruption” is The Zimmerman Agency’s proprietary planning strategy. Established in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987 by co-founder, President and Chief Disruption Officer, Curtis Zimmerman, the agency has become one of the most respected integrated marketing firms in the United States. The Zimmerman Agency operates on a client-specific platform of strategy, advertising, and public relations via digital, social, and data analytics. Client Work and Efforts Representing brand icons like Club Med, Hard Rock Hotel, Party... Read More >

APCO PR: Cold Steel Tool of Big Business

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR

Yesterday I had the pleasant opportunity to take a look at Waggener Edstrom, the second most profitable PR agency in the world. In keeping with my promise, and out of honest curiosity, I am traveling down this list of world shaping PR in an effort to essentially evaluate their online image. Today journey takes me to the website of APCO Worldwide, the third largest firm in the world with something over $97 million in 2007 fees and over 500 employees worldwide. APCO Worldwide was founded in 1984 by its current President and CEO Margery Kraus. Since then Mrs. Kraus has... Read More >

Marina Maher Communications Celebrates 25 Years in Business and a New Website

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Marina Maher Communications everything-pr

Marina Maher Communications To celebrate 25 years in business, Marina Maher Communications (MMC) re-launched today its website with a new design, more fit to represent the company in a highly competitive online world. This is another online representation that conveys a lot about a company: the site has a crisp, elegant design, with flash elements that showcase four client case studies on the index page. The dominant color, also the color of the brand, illustrates a feminine approach to business – as a matter of fact there’s no man in the MMC team, even the dog mascot is a female.... Read More >

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