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Amazon Reveals Plan to Hire 55,000 Workers Globally

2021-09-26 by EPR Staff

Retail and tech giant Amazon has revealed its plan to recruit 55,000 workers to join its technology and corporate divisions across the world in a few months. Andy Jassy, Amazon's Chief Executive, announced the new recruitment drive during  an interview with Reuters. The drive is the retail organization's first move to hire so many workers under Andy Jassy. Amazon had already grown its staff in 2020, when its workforce exceeded 1.3 million. The company now needs even more workers to support its recent expansion drive. This new recruitment push is the way forward for the company. The new workers will... Read More >

Amazon, McDonald’s, and other Big Companies Get Creative in Luring New Workers

2021-09-16 by EPR Staff

The Labor shortage is biting hard on the American economy and companies regardless of their sizes are feeling it. Big companies like McDonald’s, JBS, Amazon, as well as major hotels and restaurants are feeling the heat of the crisis brought about by the widespread shortage of labor since the pandemic began. Workers lacked the incentive to work during the pandemic because of the various unemployment benefits paid to workers during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is slowly going away and states are halting the payment of benefits, workers are as reluctant as ever to return to work. Immigration restrictions... Read More >

Tells Staff to continue Working from Home until January

2021-09-15 by EPR Staff

Google’s sizable workforce has been working from home for more than a year now. The search giant told its employees to work from home when the pandemic hit. Now, nearly two years since it first told workers to begin working from home, Google has pushed back office resumption for its staff by three months, to January. Its employees were supposed to return to the office but that plan has been scrapped for the coming months partly because of the contagious delta strain of the coronavirus that’s been spreading across the US recently.  Due to this new strain, there has been... Read More >

Thailand to Start Collecting Tax from Foreign Tech Firms

2021-09-14 by EPR Staff

In an unprecedented move, Thailand has announced its plan to start charging and collecting value-added tax (VAT) from technology corporations operating in the country. The plan is to generate about 5 billion baht-- the equivalent of $154.7 million-- from the tax every year. The announcement was made by a senior official of the government.               The new tax rule will affect foreign corporations that operate electronically in Thailand. These companies now have to register with the government to pay VAT payments. Ekniti Nitithanpraphas, a senior official at Thailand’s finance ministry, made the announcement  to reporters. Ekniti also said 69... Read More >

Labor Crisis Hits Hotel Industry Hard

2021-09-14 by EPR Staff
Lato Boutique Hotel

In July, some hotel owners and managers declared their view that the labor crisis that had been plaguing their industry would end once the federal government stopped paying unemployment checks to people. The federal government had declared its intention to cease boosting unemployment benefits by September at that point. Now in September, the labor shortage in the restaurant and hotel industry has only intensified. Customer demand in the industry is rising post-pandemic but the companies cannot meet up with this demand due to the difficulty they currently face in hiring workers. Long-term Labor Crisis Looms The issue isn’t projected to... Read More >

The City of Chicago sues Food Delivery Platforms Grubhub and DoorDash

2021-09-08 by EPR Staff
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Grubhub and DoorDash are food delivery platforms under the scrutiny of investigators in Chicago for a year over several violations. Now that the investigation has been concluded, the delivery platforms have been slammed with lawsuits following findings that reveal they employed strategies that went against existing laws. The lawsuit by the city of Chicago is an unprecedented assault on the operation of food delivery operators. It was announced on Friday, along with some allegations of unhealthy tactics employed by the organizations concerning multiple violations of laws governing businesses and consumer rights in the region. Chicago officials criticize the companies for... Read More >

Auto Makers to be Hit Hard by Declining Chip Production

2021-09-04 by EPR Staff
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In Southeast Asia where semiconductors are assembled, the resurgence of the Covid-19 virus has led to shutdowns of assembly plants as the vaccination rate is still low.  The supply of these chips has been affected by the pandemic and the industry as a whole is feeling the effects of the pandemic. Because of this, there is a widespread shortage of semiconductors that are vital to the production of automobiles. This shortage of chips isn’t expected to stabilize anytime before mid-next year, and full recovery is projected to occur in the second half of the year. The outlook is certainly grim... Read More >

Glebe Farm Foods hires PR agency Capture Communications

2021-08-22 by EPR Staff

Glebe Farm Foods, the firm that won a trademark dispute with Oatly, a Swedish oat milk brand, has hired Capture Communications for PR support. Capture communications have been working for Glebe Farm Foods since April when it won a pitch against some other PR agencies. The PR firm and Glebe Farm Foods have been working together on a retainer basis. Capture Communications says it wasn’t permitted to announce the partnership because of the court battle, despite having to defend the reputation of Glebe Farm Foods during the High Court battle. The legal tussle between the firms began when Oatly alleged... Read More >

Exxon commences Marketing of its Shale Gas Properties in the U.S.

2021-08-19 by EPR Staff
Exxon Mobile

Exxon Mobil corp, the apex oil producer in the U.S. has kicked off marketing efforts to sell its U.S. shale gas properties, in a move to reignite its push to raise funds and let go of undesired assets. The company looks to raise billions of dollars, and reduce its debt burden from 2020. Exxon Mobil set a target of $15 billion to be raised from sales by December 2021. The oil company set this target for itself three years ago. The company also recently promised to improve its sales that have been lagging recently; its sales improvement drive is vital... Read More >

Surfside, a Cannabis Space Marketing Technology Raises $4 Million Seed

2021-08-18 by EPR Staff
The Canadian Space Agency

Surfside is a marketing technology for the cannabis niche. It is a marketing and data platform that was created for the cannabis industry. The company has announced the conclusion of a $4 million seed deal round. The deal was led by Casa Verde. Karan Wadhera, the managing partner of the company will now also serve as one of the company’s board members. Surfside Surfside is a new startup that is controlled by its two founders, who share between them lots of experience in the data and marketing space. Surfside’s founders Michael Blanche and Jon Lowen both worked with SITO Mobile.... Read More >

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