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The Demise of SXSW has Been Greatly Exaggerated

2019-02-02 by Ronn Torossian
The Demise of SXSW has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Over the past several years, it’s become chic in the industry to dump on SXSW. The renowned Austin business festival is all out of steam, bereft of ideas, and all-around stale… or so the critics would have us believe. And, in point of fact, some big tech companies and other brands have – very publicly – opted to skip out on the event in recent years. But is this the beginning of the end for SXSW, or is this just a shift in focus? And, if it’s the latter, how can brands use smart PR to maximize their results at... Read More >

EfficiencyOne Issues Creative RFP

2019-01-31 by EPR Staff
EfficiencyOne Issues Creative RFP

EfficiencyOne Issues Creative RFP EfficiencyOne is seeking a Creative Services Agency to support our marketing and communications goals. These goals support Efficiency Nova Scotia’s mandate to provide energy efficiency services for residents and businesses within Nova Scotia, and our purpose to help people build a better world through efficiency. Background: Creative Services is an existing service, for which the current contract is set to expire in 2019. In accordance with EfficiencyOne’s procurement practices and procedures we are issuing this RFP to seek competitive proposals for the provision of these services over the next few years. It is anticipated that the... Read More >

Economy is Strong, but Department Stores Are Still Seeking Solutions

2019-01-17 by EPR Staff
Economy is Strong, but Department Stores Are Still Seeking Solutions

Effective communication has always played a vital role in profitability, no matter what your business offers. That challenge, here, is that communication – both the methods and the expectations, change over time, so what may have worked in the past may not work so well in the future. That means the ways in which we communicate, as well as what we say and who we say it to, should be consistently reviewed for accuracy and effectiveness. Unfortunately, for many established businesses, those ideas were not properly ingrained in their processes, and that lack created a cascading effect both on investor... Read More >

#FijiWaterGirl takes center stage at the golden globes

2019-01-15 by EPR Staff
#FijiWaterGirl takes center stage at the golden globes

The golden globes had an unlikely star this year - Kelleth Cuthbert, a model at the event’s red carpet holding a tray of Fiji Water bottles. Given her prime position on the red carpet, Cuthbert spent the evening ‘photobombing’ various celebrities as she posed behind them with her tray Dubbed ‘Fiji Water Girl’ by the internet, Cuthbert was later found to be an LA-based Canadian model with a degree in social work. Cuthbert quickly became an internet sensation with #FijiWaterGirl going viral on social media. Cuthbert’s epic photobombs resulted in praise on social media for her ability to insert herself... Read More >

Major Challenges of PR Professionals

2019-01-07 by EPR Staff

Tight deadlines, quick turnaround times and demanding clients are just some of the things PR professionals have to cope with on a daily basis. Yet public relations is an industry that is known for being on top of its game - we’re great at keeping up to date with our developments in our client’s industry and new technology that helps us do our job better. Being a PR professional means facing struggles that require innovative thinking and creative approaches. Working day-in-day-out to supply relevant and effective content for clients and consumers, PR professionals have to deal with daily struggles. Here... Read More >

A Guide to Customer Acquisition

2019-01-06 by EPR Staff

For many businesses, sales can be an unpredictable beast to conquer; oftentimes, attracting new customers feels more like a game of chance than one of public relations strategy. Even so, if you want to consistently grow as a business, you need to start thinking about customer acquisition as a process, rather than an outcome. You need to consider how to systematically acquire new customers, assess the cost of getting them through the door, and how much money you can reasonably expect each one to spend. Customer acquisition is the finding and convincing of prospective shoppers to buy from your business... Read More >

Discover Puerto Rico Issues Public Relations RFP

2018-12-30 by EPR Staff

Discover Puerto Rico Issues Public Relations RFP Purpose: The Puerto Rico Destination Marketing Organization, Discover Puerto Rico (“DPR”) seeks a world-class Public Relations firm to continue elevating and protecting the DPR destination brand and keep Puerto Rico top-of-mind for travelers thru a robust, innovative, cutting edge and outstanding PR strategy. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify a Public Relations partner. As Discover Puerto Rico builds brand awareness, equity and credibility, it needs a partner who will actively share the “good news” stories of why Puerto Rico should be the destination of choice for leisure and... Read More >

PR Agencies Can Help Products Hit Shelves

2018-12-26 by EPR Staff

Consumer Tech PR agencies are usually on top of their game when it comes to creating and generating content that results in increased visibility and brand awareness for their clients, working with both traditional and digital media channels to get the best possible outcome for their clients' products. However, these agencies can do a lot more than this. A smart company will use their PR and marketing efforts in a variety of ways, such as developing industry relationships with purchasing managers, retailers, and e-commerce businesses. As a consumer tech company, building these relationships is vital, especially since purchasing managers are... Read More >

Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Issues RFP For Communication/Public Relations

2018-12-25 by EPR Staff

Purpose: The Utah State Board of Education (USBE), a non-partisan, elected, 15-member board, is completing a strategic plan for the future of public education in Utah and seeks to generate measurable awareness of the plan and its implications among identified governing partners and audiences in the state. USBE also seeks to highlight school success stories and best practices that reinforce key aspects of the strategic plan. The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) requests proposals from interested public relations firms to provide communication and public relations services that: ·         Promote USBE’s strategic plan ·         Position USBE as the leading governmental source of... Read More >

Marketing Promotional Events

2018-12-18 by EPR Staff

There are a lot of things to consider when marketing an upcoming event. It can be a stressful process - you’re worried about the turnout and how you can make the most out of the event. We’ve created a simple guide so you’re not overwhelmed. Take these guidelines into consideration in creating your event marketing plan to successfully reach your target audience and maximize attendance and attendee satisfaction:   Set a goal and a budget What do you want to achieve out of the event? The answer to this question should be the basis of your marketing plan. Your goals... Read More >

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