Top Financial PR Firms

2017-06-12 by Richard D. Pace
Top Financial PR Firms

Some strong financial PR firms: ICR – When you Mean Business The agency was founded in 1998 and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Connecticut, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Many of their nearly 200 workers have also worked on Wall Street and bring expertise in capital markets. They specialize in publicly-traded businesses – or those on the track to becoming publicly traded. Their client base spans at least 20 different industries and clients receive help from both communications experts and business experts. Some of the clients they represent or have represented include Dave & Busters, Herbalife,... Read More >

O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

2017-06-07 by Aaron Sarno
O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

So far this year, Fox News has seen a lot of turmoil among its biggest names. Meanwhile, other networks have been able to sit back, point fingers and grin a little bit about the negative headlines generated by the troubles suffered by their competition. Then, somewhat out of nowhere, MSNBC stalwart Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted up a firestorm. Most of the media world was likely unaware that O’Donnell was in contract negotiations with his network, much less that those negotiations were not going very well. Here’s O’Donnell’s tweet: “Contract expires June 4. I'll let you know where you can watch me... Read More >

Jennifer Garner Defends Herself After People Magazine Piece

2017-06-05 by Ronn Torossian
Jennifer Garner defends herself after People Magazine piece

When you’re a celebrity, even if you haven’t been in the spotlight in a while, there will be some people out there who want to know all your business. Sometimes, this is a good thing. In fact, it can be a very good thing. When you have something to promote or a new property is about to launch, you want to get some eyes on you and your brand. Of course, sometimes you just want your life to be a bit more private than that. Especially, the painful parts. This dichotomy can catch up with entertainers, causing some to lose... Read More >

’13 Reasons Why’ Panned by Critics and Social Workers

2017-05-30 by Jason Tannahill
'13 Reasons Why' Panned by Critics and Social Workers

It was meant to get people talking about teen suicide and, at least by that measure, the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why certainly accomplished that. Of course, it also got a lot of people talking about the shot itself, and a lot of that commentary was less than complimentary. One of the biggest reasons audiences and critics have panned 13 Reasons, is because the program actually shows a graphic depiction of a teen suicide. In the scene, an actress playing a 17-year-old girl slashes her wrists in a bathtub. The audience then watches her die, listening to her cry and... Read More >

With Junior Done, What’s Next for NASCAR?

2017-05-25 by Jason Tannahill
With Junior Done, What's Next for NASCAR?

Pro auto racing in the US has some big questions to answer this off-season. What to do about Danica Patrick may be one, but the biggest one of them all will be what to do about Little E. Dale Earnhardt Jr., heir to NASCAR royalty and a standout driver in his own right, built a massive following among fans of the sport. He became the face of a racing team, a huge fan favorite and an ever-present force in the sport’s surging popularity. And now he’s out. Make no mistake; this is a massive loss for NASCAR. Sure, Earnhardt doesn’t... Read More >

Jay Cutler Retires to Join Fox

2017-05-15 by Jason Tannahill
Jay Cutler Retires to Join Fox

Quarterback Jay Cutler’s tumultuous time with the Chicago Bears is at an end. While Cutler showed signs of brilliance from time to time, critics blasted his “inconsistency” and failure to really get and keep the Bears in the playoff hunt year after year. Others come to Cutler’s defense, saying the Bears never really committed to putting all the pieces around the quarterback to give him what he needed for success. Both of those positions have merit, according to which expert you ask, but, as of Cutler’s recent retirement, those are simply academic arguments. The Bears have moved on, and so... Read More >

Girls Who Code Founder Fires at Ivanka Trump

2017-05-15 by Richard D. Pace
Girls Who Code Founder Fires at Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump wants to highlight and celebrate women in business, but at least one prominent businesswoman is saying “count me out.” Reshma Saujani, who founded Girls Who Code, is making no bones about not wanting anything to do with Ivanka, at least as long as she’s working for her father. When Saujani learned Trump cited her in Trump’s new book, “Women Who Work,” the subject of that story was not too happy about it. Trump’s comments were certainly complimentary, saying of Saujani: “She personally witnessed the gender gap in computing classes and set out to do something about it…” That... Read More >

Business Lessons from Young Entrepreneurs

2017-05-02 by Jason Tannahill
Business Lessons from Young Entrepreneurs

You’ve heard it so much, it’s become cliché: it’s never too early or too late. But you’ve also seen the wreckage: people who jumped in too fast or changed too late to keep things going in the right direction. You’ve watched them crash and burn, and you promised – you outright swore – that would not be you. If you’ve made that promise to yourself, you could always use some inspiration. Here are some examples of young CEOs who made it work. Cory Nieves opened Cory’s Cookies at the age of six. Yes, you read that right. Six years old.... Read More >

Top Male Influencer Channels for April 2017

2017-04-19 by Richard D. Pace
Top Male Influencer Channels for April 2017

GroupHigh released their top male influencer channels this month – here are some of the results organized by the total reach of the channels listed: Top Five Channels Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site ( is in the number one spot with a total reach of nearly 3.3 million and a Moz rating of 6.43. Matt’s blog deals with topics such as travel tips and advice, travel gear, female travel, and random thoughts. In the number two spot, Men’s Journal Health Adventure Gear Style ( with a total reach of over 3.1 million and a 6.68 Moz rating. It’s on two ad... Read More >

Unlock These Key Traits in Younger Leaders

2017-04-17 by Jason Tannahill
Unlock these key traits in your younger leaders

Thanks to the expansive Millennial generation, there’s a strong youth movement that will come to define American business in the coming years. There’s a lot that’s been written about Millennials and all the supposed “traits” these people share. Here’s a hint: the thing they share most is “age” … from there, it’s about the person, not the generation. While there are some general management approaches that one might consider when hiring or managing Millennials, this article is not about those basic ideas and management approaches. What we’re looking at here is why Millennials can make outstanding managers, and what you can... Read More >

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