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Crisis PR: Swami Nithyananda – India’s Leading Spiritual Guru May Be Promoting Sexual Healing

2010-03-03 by Richard D. Pace

A huge story from India today reveals an alleged sex scandal involving Swami Nithyananda, one of India's most popular spiritual gurus. A sex video, supposedly depicting Swami Nithyananda with as yet unidentified Tamil actress, was aired by several India TV outlets. This holy man has a worldwide following extending all over India, to Malaysia and even the United States. Everything PR News found the original Sun TV broadcast(below). Apparently Swami Nithyananda is promoting "sexual healing" now? Update: I could not help but add a video of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" the atmosphere of this article was so thick with irony.... Read More >

Wachovia Crisis PR: Login Issues Bring Negative Press for the Bank

2010-03-02 by Almaz
Wachovia Public Relations

In January, Bank of America's corporate website, and the bank's image as a whole, suffered because of some technical difficulties and poor crisis response from the Bank's customer support team. Twitter appeared to be the Bank's only medium of communication, to the dissatisfaction of the customers who are less web savvy and prefer other means of information (like news, email announcements, etc). Today, similar reports could affect Wachovia. A few minutes ago login issues and website outage have been reported by a few credible sources like the Huffington Post and The Business Insider. Apparently, some customers have problems login into their... Read More >

Sync Yourself to Control Your Brand’s Reputation

2010-02-24 by Almaz
sync yourself to control brands rep everything-pr

Branding in this day and age means a lot more than having an advertisement on television or in a magazine. Even when it comes to managing your own brand, the presence of social media has changed the way in which we present ourselves, our messages, and the way in which the world interacts with us. With all of the information transpiring around us, it's easier than ever to keep up with the quickening pace of correspondence and media-sharing. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to maintain our brand's reputation. Knowing what's going on with your own brand isn't everything,... Read More >

Facebook PR: Adultery Becoming a Real Issue on Facebook

2010-02-09 by Aaron Sarno
facebook public relations

More divorces these days are being blamed on Facebook. It seems that connecting, or reconnecting, with friends can lave a pretty ugly snowball effect. According to a UK divorce website, 1 in every 5 divorce suits filed mention Facebook. Whether it's a wall post that you thought was private or a session you forgot to log out of, Facebook activity can get married people caught up. It used to be other tell-tale signs that got married people in trouble, such as perfume on the clothes or a phone number left in a pocket. Then it was email and text messages.... Read More >

Rob Walton: Will Be Buried in Walmart Casket When He Dies

2009-10-29 by Richard D. Pace
Rob Walton Walmart

This is not a Halloween joke, as you expected. Walmart and Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc have partnered to supply Walmart customers with a rather macabre range of products: coffins, urns and memorial jewelry. These will be sold at starting this October. Caskets are only shipped in the US, and they are not available to all areas. But as spokesman Ravi Jariwala says, this is a "limited beta test to understand customer response." Since the most probable customers for such items will be dead or close to it , I assume the test will go well and soon the... Read More >

PR Made Caylee Sunshine Dolls Popular

2009-01-28 by Richard D. Pace

This is not a case for the “goofy awards” – we “offer” those to correct some small mistakes or blunders that, if corrected, can only benefit the reputation of the “awarded.” This is a more likely a case for “PR horror stories” than anything else. The Orlando Sentinel and a few other high profile news sites report that Showbiz Promotions, based in Jacksonville, had planned to sell its Caylee Sunshine doll for $29.99. This doll was apparently meant to represent "a tribute" to Caylee Marie Anthony a little girl who disappeared on July 15, 2008. Her remains were found five... Read More >

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