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SeaWorld Fighting Back

2016-10-04 by EPR Staff
SeaWorld Can’t Seem to Recover

Ever since the CNN documentary “BlackFish” was broadcast, the SeaWorld theme parks across the country have faced a growing wave of backlash, criticism, and falling numbers at the turnstiles. It’s worse in Florida than in California, but the company can’t whitewash the damage done by BlackFish. They must hit it head on … and that’s what CEO Joel Manby is trying desperately to do. Manby inherited a mess. Year after year, the situation got progressively worse for the entertainment brand. Plummeting attendance, increasing criticism … a PR nightmare. And that PR crisis was not going to abate as long as people kept sharing video of Tilikum killing... Read More >

Paterno name faces different reactions at Penn State

2016-09-14 by EPR Staff
Paterno name faces different reactions at Penn State

The name Joe Paterno has stirred emotions at Penn State for generations. Until a few years ago all those emotions were good – pride, strength, old school football. Then came a series of horrific allegations of child rape that landed a longtime defensive assistant in prison and forever tarnished JoePa, who died shortly after the news hit. Some time has passed, and longtime Nittany Lions fans want to celebrate the good that was Joe Paterno’s legacy with the 50th-anniversary celebration of his first game as head coach at Penn State. But has enough time passed? There will never be enough... Read More >

Mylan’s CEO – Is She Just Another Greedy Bresch?

2016-09-13 by EPR Staff
Mylan’s CEO – Is She Just Another Greedy Bresch

Over the last four years or so, the price of Mylan’s Epipen has skyrocketed by 461 percent — the retail price is now $600 and wholesale is $300 —  which most feel is outrageous considering it costs about $10 or less to make one. A generic dose of epinephrine (the medicine inside the Epipen) costs about $1, so additional material costs for each would include the plastic tube with a retractable syringe. Yes, that’s what they feel justifies charging $600. Most people didn’t really know how much it cost since they are used to getting it through a co-payment on... Read More >

Target Tries Another Angle to Get Back in Favor

2016-09-09 by EPR Staff
Target Tries Another Angle to Get Back in Favor With the Public

It’s a smart move to invest in your customers’ well-being. And that’s what Target is doing by providing grants in 13 states so doctors can write prescriptions for their patients to use to get free or low-cost fresh fruits and veggies. Target’s communications rep, Angie Thompson, wrote in an email statement, “Our investment this year is to help organizations give children and families more choices that allow them to increase their physical activity and eat healthy every day.” Target is funding various organizations such as Wholesome Wave, which works to increase availability to healthier foods and build an equitable food... Read More >

Crisis PR: Ed Henry Returns to Fox after Affair

2016-09-08 by EPR Staff
Henry returns to Fox after affair

There was a time not that long ago when an extra-marital affair would mean the end of a public media career. These days, time seems to heal all brands. Just weeks after ousting CEO Roger Ailes over sexual harassment claims, Fox News has reinstated former White House correspondent Ed Henry. Henry has been off the air for four months after it was revealed he had an illicit affair with a Las Vegas hostess. At least in this case, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. And, though he’s back on the TV, Henry won’t be the “face” of a particular... Read More >

Samsung recall puts brand on verge of PR crisis

2016-09-08 by EPR Staff
Samsung recall puts brand on verge of PR crisis

Boom goes the battery. That’s the issue facing Samsung as they recall their popular Note 7 flagship mobile device. Reports vary, but customers are saying everything from the battery catches fire for no apparent reason to them actually “exploding” during or after charging. Samsung wasn’t about to split hairs on the issue. When flames are involved, the rest is semantics, so they immediately announced they would offer a full “swap out” option for any customers who already purchased the Galaxy Note 7. This is a bold but necessary move for the Korean mobile company. They don’t know which of the... Read More >

Delta Airline Apologies Not Accepted

2016-09-07 by EPR Staff
Delta Airline Apologies Not Accepted

Delta Airlines jets are taking off again after computer outages left customers stranded. However, after Delta apologized to the public, apologies were not accepted due to their untruthful reason given to explain their computers shutting down. Delta airlines blamed the problem on a power failure. Experts say the exact problem was unknown, but the computer shutdown should not have happened. Many in the public affected by the shutdown refuse to accept the apology because they know the excuse was a lie according to the Wall street Journal. All the major airlines have an interconnected system and they interfere with each... Read More >

In the News with Shift Comm, Finn and Lane, Edelman, and Sard Verbinnen

2016-08-31 by EPR Staff
Eddie Bauer brings in Sard Verbinnen to help with cyber attack

Retail giant Simon signs Shift Communications for two years As of July, Shift Communications’ San Francisco office will be representing Simon’s west coast premium outlet properties, including those in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon. Their outlet locations are in Seattle, San Francisco, Woodburn, Petaluma Village, Pismo Beach, Vacaville, Waikele, Napa, North Bend, Gilroy, Folsom, Desert Hills, Camarillo, Carlsbad, Las Americas, and Las Vegas (North and South). Shift will be promoting various seasonal campaigns for Simon and will provide media relations, crisis communications, event planning, and other PR services as required. This includes supporting Simon’s current sponsorship with Nick Jonas... Read More >

Access Health Issues RFP For Crisis and Corporate PR Support

2016-08-30 by EPR Staff
Access Health Issues RFP For Crisis and Corporate PR Support

Access Health – AHCT – The Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange is seeking a Public Relations Agency with experience in crisis communications.  The specific assignment is to support the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange D/B/A Access Health CT (“AHCT”). Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in March of 2010 and Governor Malloy’s signing of Public Act 11-53 in July of 2011, Connecticut has built a state-based marketplace for health care coverage. The primary mission of AHCT is to increase the number of insured residents in Connecticut, promote positive health outcomes, lower costs and eliminate health disparities. AHCT strategy over... Read More >

Olympic PR Troubles: How Rio and NBC Could Benefit from a More Focused PR Campaign

2016-08-26 by Ronn Torossian
Olympic PR Troubles How Rio and NBC Could Benefit from a More Focused PR Campaign

Now the 2016 Summer Olympics are officially over, let’s take a look at some of the memorable moments, both the blunders and the glories. Swimming Michael Phelps finished his fourth Olympics with a glorious comeback, earning a lifetime record for number of Olympic gold medals at 23 and a total of 28 medals overall. Those numbers are astonishing. He’s come a long way since his first Olympics in 2004. He’s 31 years old, so most likely he won’t be back to compete in 2020. He may be an analyst or sportscaster at future games, following a fine tradition of great... Read More >

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