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Luxury Brand PR: Chanel N°5, Always a Romantic Story

Chanel N°5 commercial 2009, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet; featuring Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport traveling with the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul; accompanied by Billie Holiday’s »I’m a Fool to Want You«, is the best fashion and beauty commercial of the year.

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Groupon, the Pulse of Digital Collective Bargaining

Groupon garners another $30 million in investment without even begging, and it is no wonder, the company has felt the pulse of digital collective bargaining. It remains to be seen how the big online players like Amazon will react. Groupon’s stock will be better evaluated after this round of funding, news, and the holiday season sink in.

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Horn Group eCommerce Clients Line Up

Horn Group just announced four new clients coming on board the company’s eCommerce contingent in San Francisco. Horn Groups special capability to create cutting edge digital media, and website design aspects, makes perfect sense for eCommerce companies who need a little more edge. Aside this, Horn Group is one of the most engaged digital communicators out there.

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Speyside Corporate Relations Opens South America

Speyside CR, is by extension a tested and refined corporate communications giant. Co-founders Alistair McLeish and Ian Herbison announced the opening of the company’s offices in San Paulo, Brazil. In a conversation with Herbison, Everything PR News gleaned a window into the vision of two of the most successful corporate communicators in the world. These former top executives for MmD (Eastern Europe’s most powerful PR entity) are now engaging South America with the same patented approach to corporate business and collaboration.

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Public Relations Resources Worth Paying For

The following is an attempt to create a professional resource; a list of sites that are not only popular but also provide quality information and resources for PR professionals, journalists, business owners, and so on.

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How Social Networks Helped Black Friday

Social networking and social media have a dramatic effect on marketing days like Black Friday. The digital version of “word of mouth” can be a key branding tool and a viral marketing component. Holiday shopping has already been impacting this year as mobile engagement and other digital networking aspects come to be accepted.


A Thanksgiving Look

There’s no more appropriate time to look at relationship marketing than during the holiday season — a time when many Americans are once more reconnecting with friends and family. So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas not too far way, let’s take another look at relationship marketing.

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Technology Information for Saving Marketers

Some of the best and most successful marketing firms in the world fail miserably in communicating with technical or scientific entities. This is not because marketers do not know their job, but because they have perhaps forgotten some key principles of good communications. Technical people deal in an empirical world where normative and philosophical language has not place.