Asking for Positive Reviews

2021-05-13 by JamesD

In today’s world of digital dominance, reviews can make or break a business. According to the digital media firm, Cox Media Group, 67.7% of consumer purchasing decisions are swayed by what’s revealed on brand review pages. Not only do negative reviews mean a potential loss of business and profitability, but they also result in lower search engine rankings. Need More Proof? 93% of consumers told a study by Podium that they found online reviews for local businesses as helpful as those on Amazon. Another 84% told Thanx, a CRM and digital engagement platform, that they trust online reviews as much... Read More >

Who Needs the BBB?

2020-06-17 by Julio Juarez

Who Needs the BBB? Most people associate BBB with the Better Business Bureau, but BBB can also stand for business blogging benefits and may not be top of mind for some marketers.  Why?  Done well, blogging can deliver and increase traffic to a brand’s website. It can also help to convert that traffic into leads, demonstrate expertise, drive long-term results, and enhance customer relationships. Like social media, emails, and direct mail, it’s another important marketing channel that supports the growth of a brand and shouldn’t be dismissed or overlooked.  Increasing Traffic  Every blog that’s written affords the brand another opportunity... Read More >