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What Marketing To Do Before Launching

2020-12-16 by Ronn Torossian

When businesses are looking to develop a brand new product, they need to plan a few things before that new product becomes available to the public. And while a coming soon page is a valuable tool in promoting that new product or business venture, as it can function as a sneak peek to the public, as well as a page for the product or business itself, there are several other uses for that type of page. When most business owners are looking to launch their brand new business, they are usually looking to start small and only announce a coming... Read More >

Starting A Business During The Pandemic

2020-11-29 by Ronn Torossian
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The pandemic that started at the beginning of 2020 and didn’t end in sight has seen many people losing their jobs and many businesses suffering or closing down. This has led to people either taking a break from their startups and waiting for the pandemic to come to an end or starting fresh and looking at their work or businesses in different ways to keep going. However, one industry branch that hasn’t stopped working, and has even seen an upswing throughout all the chaos, has been the tech industry. Many people have even decided to start their own tech business... Read More >

5 Reasons Why Branding is Essential to Your PR Strategy

2020-11-17 by EPR Staff

You may already know that PR is important for marketing your business. However, did you know that branding is integral to PR? Many entrepreneurs just focus on marketing and PR but they fail to acknowledge branding which is quite important. The following are top 5 reasons why you should use branding in all your PR endeavors: 1. Consistent Messaging Clarity in business communication is important for every company that wants to create a unique identity in the market. Branding can help with that. This is because branding is what that lays the groundwork for clear messaging, brand identity, brand voice,... Read More >

What Kind Of Clients Wouldn’t Companies Represent?

2020-10-31 by EPR Staff

What kind of client wouldn’t you work with is a question we asked some experts.  Here is what they said: Richard Edelman CEO of the world’s largest PR firm has said that “PR is not like the law – Not everyone deserves representation,” and has also said that "We do not accept clients that seek to deny climate change." Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5wpr said “We follow the no asshole rule more than anything else when it comes to what clients we won’t want to work with.” Jeremy Harrison, Founder of Hustle Life said, “In all my years handling a client,... Read More >

Southwest Responds After Ejecting Man from Flight

2020-10-18 by Ronn Torossian

Of all the years, 2020 is definitely not the time for an airline to get negative press, and someone apparently trying to get “internet famous” took advantage of that. Reports are coming in from various media outlets that, last week, a “black man wearing a Trump 2020 mask was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight.” That headline has all the right keywords to grab eyeballs and start arguments in the comments sections, so you can bet it got a push from several online outlets. As soon as they see that, people have a visceral reaction, long before reading the next... Read More >

5 Food & Beverage Brands Steadily Losing Ground

2020-10-12 by Ronn Torossian

Consumer tastes change over time. Sometimes literally. Food and Beverage PR has to shift along with it, or brands that were once all the rage will fade away. Campbell’s Soup Sometimes, an influx of options can create a massive sea change in the marketplace. Such is the case for soup brands. Canned soup has been a staple in American households for a century, and at that time, Campbell’s has been the brand to carry the market. But today’s younger consumers are more likely to wear a graphic of a can, courtesy of Andy Warhol, on a t-shirt than they are... Read More >

The Basics of Programmatic Advertising

2020-10-05 by Ronn Torossian

Being able to buy and sell digital ad space in real-time by using automated bidding and placement platforms is called programmatic advertising. Most digital marketers already understand how important programmatic advertising is for a business. Not all understand how to use it correctly. This type of advertising allows businesses to create very targeted ad campaigns and make great use of their marketing budgets to reach as many people as possible that are going to be interested in that product or service. While the specifics of the platforms can vary, the fundamentals of programmatic advertising are always the same. First, the... Read More >

Customer Loyalty by Generations

2020-09-14 by Ronn Torossian

“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated” is the first half of a quote by Ziad Abdelnour, Lebanese-born American financier. For many brands, customer loyalty can make a tremendous difference is how and whether that person’s friends and family follow the lead. But a survey in late 2019 by global marketing agency Merkle reveals how emotions and different generations play important roles. What’s Similar Although there are differences in how each generation responds to loyalty programs, a bond that binds them all is emotion. Brands that succeed in fulfilling consumer needs and emotions will foster loyal customers... Read More >

Falwell Resigns, Creating a PR Opportunity for Liberty

2020-08-30 by Ronn Torossian

It’s been a tense last couple of weeks for one of the nation’s largest evangelical colleges, Liberty University. The president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., initially resigned, then, according to him, ‘never really resigned.’ Then, later in the week, he resigned (again), this time personally and, apparently, officially. The resignation comes as the embattled former university head faces major scrutiny from his evangelical, conservative base, as well as university trustees, because of reports of his involvement in a years-long affair his wife had. The fall from grace has been both fast and steep, as Falwell had been, until very recently, one of... Read More >

Apps Are the Future of Marketing

2020-08-16 by Ronn Torossian

New research indicates that the vast majority of the time people spend on their smartphone is used connected to the internet. It’s estimated that US adults on average spend 4 hours on mobile internet and, of that time, 88% is on apps. Furthermore, the latter percentage continues to grow with each passing year. In 2020 alone, about 83% of the time that people spend using tablets is going to be on apps, which is a significant increase compared to just a few years ago. However, this is still less when compared to 90% of the time that people spend on... Read More >

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