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Coke and Crimea: All Marketing Is Local

2016-02-10 by EPR Staff
Coca Cola Branding

This past December, Coca-Cola posted a holiday update to its followers on Vkontakte, a social media network popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. The post included a cheerful message overlaid on a map of Russia presented in Coke’s iconic red and white. This is a branding strategy Coca-Cola has used for years: the company is known for its marketing campaigns that emphasize locally popular figures and events popular to local markets. These targeted messages are always offered in Coke’s instantly-recognizable style, affirming their vision of unifying consumers across the globe. The map was intended to give a boost to Coke’s... Read More >

Stephen Fry and Twitter Arguments

2016-02-10 by EPR Staff
Stephen Fry

Despite recognition and wide reach, comedian and actor Stephen Fry complained at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival that social media is “dispiriting, upsetting and annoying." His reason is that arguments for major issues like gender and politics often end up in bitter exchanges, and the points of the argument get lost in the bickering. Instead, he calls for a return to an antiquated symposium-style debate around a table. This would be a much more convincing argument if Fry didn’t reap so much publicity from his Twitter account. To date, he has over 2 million followers on his Twitter account and... Read More >

The Best New Social Networks for Marketers

2016-02-08 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Social Media

Okay, everyone knows Facebook and Twitter are must-have social platforms. But they have limits, and you don’t want to be captive to the whims of their programmers. You only have so many hours in the day, so what other social platforms deserve your attention? And are there any that are just about to blow up that could place you on the cutting edge? This article breaks down some of the best social sites for marketers and reveals some of the up and coming platforms you need to watch. Periscope – for real-time engagement, there may be nothing better than periscope.... Read More >

How to Get Big PR Reach on a Small Budget

2016-01-18 by EPR Staff
Small Budget

Great public relations expertise can turn even the smallest upstart into a media sensation. So big and small businesses alike hire PR experts to guide them through the market. With the demand for PR expertise climbing, prices can climb too. Still, hope remains for entrepreneurs and small businesses needing PR help getting ahead of the game. Check our tips below for how to get big PR help on a tiny budget. Hire a Boutique Firm The only real difference between boutique firms and big PR agencies is size. You can find the same high-quality work from either if you do... Read More >

Top 10 Resources and Tools for a PR Guru in the Modern Market

2016-01-07 by EPR Staff
PR Tools

In the 1500s, poet John Donne taught us that “no man is an island”. In today’s increasingly connected and global market, this rings truer than ever. For this reason, many companies rely on PR firms to build a better brand image and boost visibility. But, PR firms need tools and resources to lean on, too. Check out our list of 10 tools and resources to make any public relations specialist a true guru in today’s competitive market: Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) In most fields, people continually stress the need for networking and building relationships. However, in an era... Read More >

Communications PR for Major Entities May Need to Adjust to President-Elect Trump’s Tweeting

2016-01-04 by EPR Staff
Communications PR for Major Entities May Need to Adjust to President-Elect Trump’s Tweeting

President-elect Donald Trump has made over 34,000 tweets from his @realdonaldtrump account. The 140 characters of this social media platform seem to suit his direct style very well, but many large corporations receiving government assistance, or with government contracts, should be looking at ways to change their own style in relation to the incoming President. Case in point is the recent issue with Boeing. The aeronautics dynamo got a hard smack upside the head recently. During the Obama administration, they were the golden company. President Obama even commented once that he should get a hefty commission for all the sales... Read More >

British Columbia Issues Social Media RFP

2015-12-31 by EPR Staff
Government Finance Officers Association of British Columbia

The Government Finance Officers Association of British Columbia (the “GFOABC”) has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a social/digital firm to redo the organization’s existing website - website - with a comprehensive online presence.  The goal is to provide a seamless and high quality user experience, consistent branding, effective and easy to use content management and integrated online engagement with the membership and the public. The overall goal of the Project is to create a website for GFOABC that will serve all users – those who want to get information about organization and services, sign up for events,... Read More >

New Social Media Roles Render Advertising and Public Relations Education Incomplete

2015-12-28 by EPR Staff
Social Media Roles

In light of the increasing new role of social media in building brand images, traditional education for advertising and journalism students may no longer suffice. New market challenges continually prove too difficult, based on the limitations of classroom learning. Can educators teach students how to bring different disciplines into a strong, unified base? Will students prove capable of successful public representation? Baylor Study Reveals General Inadequacies in Education To answer this question, let’s take a look at the article titled “Gaps in Advertising and Public Relations Education: Perspectives of Agency Leaders,” published in the Journal of Advertising Education. In this... Read More >

The Best B2B Influencers

2015-12-21 by EPR Staff

In the B2B market, there are many influencers, but key ones are those whose followers listen to and use the information given by that influencer. Many people and companies can have a huge following, but that does not always translate into someone who actually makes a difference in the choices of their followers. So choosing the right influencers – in B2B or any other market determines whether or not a campaign ends with the maximum success. Onalytica created a document recently with information specifically about B2B influencers in the U.S. and the U.K. You can find that information here. According... Read More >

California Water Seeks a Social Media Company

2015-12-11 by EPR Staff
Mesa Water District

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) – has issued an RFP and is seeking a social media firm. Mesa Water®, a special district, was formed on January 1, 1960 as a result of the merger of four water agencies. Mesa Water’s primary purpose is to manage and deliver water and water-related services to customers within its service area.   Mesa Water® distributes a combination of local groundwater and recycled water to approximately 23,500 retail accounts (population of over 108,000) in an 18-square-mile area, which includes the city of Costa Mesa, parts of Newport Beach, and other areas. Mesa Water® predominately uses local... Read More >

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