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TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints

2020-06-08 by EPR Staff

TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints There are a lot of things missing from grocery and big box store shelves, but nothing has become more emblematic of the COVID-19 crisis than shelves without toilet paper. Panic buying caused sales of toilet paper to more than double what they were in March 2019. And, if anything, demand has only increased each day the supply is limited. Because of this, and largely through no fault of their own, paper products manufacturers have become the target of massive criticism and consumer anger requiring clear and consistent counter-messaging. Social media pages for Charmin, Angel... Read More >

How Much Do YouTubers Make

2020-05-01 by EPR Staff

How Much Do YouTubers Make Among all the different ways in which a person is able to become financially independent through working online, one of the most popular right now is being a YouTuber. Ask anyone under the age of 20 about what they want to be in the future, and the most likely answer to that question is going to be ‘YouTuber.’ Unlike other professions, becoming a YouTuber isn’t as difficult as many believe it to be, as long as whoever is uploading the videos also has an understanding of the YouTube algorithm and the rules about posting. Additionally,... Read More >

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

2020-04-24 by EPR Staff

Should You Buy Instagram Followers? These days, it seems like everyone has bought some Instagram followers, to the point where researchers have looked into the numbers of big stars and realized that they too, have fake followers. The logic behind buying Instagram followers is simple - the more people follow an account, the more that account is going to be popular, not just with people, but with the Instagram algorithm. This, in turn, will recommend that original account to even more people, thus gaining even more followers on the platform. The websites that offer this type of services are practically... Read More >

Spotting Fake Social Media Influencers

2020-03-02 by Ronn Torossian

Spotting Fake Social Media InfluencersPhoto from The growth of the influencer marketing industry is no accident: the power of word-of-mouth recommendations is a timeless tool and, when used well, influencer marketing can return excellent results for brands. At the same time, however, the success of online marketing has given rise to the dark underbelly of the influencer industry. These days, it is all too easy to buy followers, likes and comments, and the number of “fake influencers” looking to get a piece of the influencer marketing pie is on the rise. While the influencer marketing industry has been valued... Read More >

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

2020-01-07 by EPR Staff

As of 2018, there was a whopping 23 million YouTube channels on the popular video platform, and that number is sure to have jumped even higher since. In such a densely packed marketplace, however, it can be easy for brands to give up on their YouTube growth strategy before they even begin. This means that countless brands are missing crucial opportunities to reach new and engaged audiences outside of their target marketplace. As the second most-visited site online, YouTube is a digital marketing must for brands looking to maximise their growth. For companies unsure of where to start, here are... Read More >

What are The Types of Digital Marketing?

2019-12-03 by EPR Staff

What are The Types of Digital Marketing? The main types include content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. Email marketing and pay-per-click advertising are also on the list. What are the 3 types of digital media? Audio. This can be in the MP4 format which is of low quality or can be on FLAC format that is of higher quality. Video. Recorded video can be transmitted to customers’  phones in digital format. Even large files can be compressed and distributed. Digital photos. Stored photos can be shared in digital format. However, it might... Read More >

General Management in Today’s Tech Oriented Business Model

2019-10-29 by EPR Staff

The role of the executive has changed drastically over the last decade. The social media platforms have produced a more transparent and interactive executive role. The influencers of social media, are many times the CEO’s and General Managers of large, growing companies, with tech orientated roots. For many, who rise to the heights of influence over millions of followers, it is wise to remember that social media is a tool to influencers. A way to interact and spin a brand, product, or service, through immersion within a culture, built to spin, produce, and brand something of value. General management in... Read More >

Stop! Thief!

2019-10-18 by EPR Staff

Stop! Thief! That may have been the cry until earlier this month when the latest appeals court decision that web scraping doesn’t break anti-trust laws. LinkedIn lost its two-year legal battle with a private company that it had blocked from its site for allegedly stealing publicly available data from its website. How Does It Affect My Organization? The most susceptible organizations appear to be those with memberships and sites that allow access to proprietary information. Web scrapers can sign up, pay a fee, if necessary, and harvest any information available. In addition, any sites that request personal information, from Facebook... Read More >

Challenges Facing Modern PR Pros

2019-09-17 by EPR Staff

The Challenges Facing Modern PR Pros Public relations is all at once a timeless and a dated industry. Why do we say this? Well for starters, there will always be a need for public relations. The image/message that a business sends to consumers is vital, and having a public relations firm or consultant on retainer can help navigate the tricky world of communications. But public relations is also an industry that must continue to evolve with consumer trends as well as trends within each individual industry. In that sense, PR (as with the marketing and communications fields) is dated and... Read More >

Share Baby Hashtag Calls for the Promotion of Paternity Leave

2019-08-26 by Ronn Torossian

A global network focused on women in the creative industries, SheSays, has now launched a campaign calling on firms to shift their parental leave and pay benefits for working dads. While the British government introduced a shared parental leave and pay policy in 2015, SheSays says most businesses are focusing on advocating the benefits of parental leave only to mothers, meaning that uptake by fathers has been minimal. This is remarkably out of step with the policy itself: the changes mean both parents are able to share up to 50 weeks leave and 37 weeks of pay between them. Running... Read More >

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