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The Best Should Be The Best – Scrutinizing Greatness

2009-01-25 by Richard D. Pace

The other day we spotlighted a communications firm, the Horn Group, identifying them as on the cutting edge of digital image. Today, I was searching for someone else to exemplify “new age” PR or communication, and have been dumbfounded. Searching odwyerpr’s list of the most successful PR companies, I am actually amazed how few even convey evidence of being in the information age. None of the top 5 grossing agencies has what one would call “a complete online presence”. Spending 2 hours just surfing the various sites, it quickly became evident that we would have to single out each of... Read More >

Social Media Spells Opportunity?

2009-01-17 by Richard D. Pace
social media

For the small business owner, the use of social media could mean more customers, sales boosts and increased brand reputation. But to achieve these goals it is not enough just to join a social network and go with the flow. Social networks rely on the power of their users, who group together in sharing similar interests (in the form of links, images, videos or sound). Sometimes, to belong to a group it is necessarily to adopt its prejudices and biased opinions. In real life, groups are led by leaders whose charisma and personality are strong enough to serve as an... Read More >

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