Brands Don’t Understand Canadian SBOs’ Needs

2013-08-22 by EPR Staff

It is a common knowledge that, in order to perform a sale, you have to address a need. And, when you try to sell something to someone, you’d better know that entity: its needs, characteristics, etc. It seems that such elementary elements aren’t known by brands that try to sell to Canadian small business. According to a recent study performed by Cargo, brands actually ignore small businesses needs, even if they in fact try to sell them various products. This nationwide survey among Small Business Owners revealed that almost 48% of the small business owners (SBOs) want to know how... Read More >

Customer Service Technology in Call Centers not a Main Concern for Businesses

2013-08-19 by EPR Staff
Empirix- sponsored LinkedIn survey

A recent survey, sponsored by LinkedIn, and conducted by Empirix showed that most companies do nothing, pray, or “dial for dollars” (call manually) to discover whether their customer service systems are delivering superior service. Those of you who didn't need a survey to state the obvious, will find the following statistics uninteresting. However, for the sake of the argument, these numbers show an alarming trend. It seems like businesses that state to have the customer as their main concern are not really interested in offering superior service via their call centers. The surveys analyzed data from over 1,000 international technical... Read More >

In Apple’s Mind, The Enemy of My Enemy is a Friend

2013-06-13 by EPR Staff
iOS 7 banner.

The World Wide Developers Conference kicked off this week and among the revelations from developers, one of the most curious came from Apple upon the unveiling of its new iOS 7. The upgrade for iOS on Apple’s mobile devices has received mostly impressive reviews and represents the biggest change to its mobile OS since its development. Despite all the positive reviews, there was considerable confusion over one move from Apple. [caption id="attachment_43357" align="aligncenter" width="585"] iOS 7 coming this Fall, likely with a new iPhone in tow.[/caption] When iOS 7 launches, its popular personal assistant SIRI will no longer conduct searches... Read More >

Abe’s Market Survey Finds Women Would Rather Eat Healthy Than Have Love

2013-06-05 by EPR Staff
Courtesy Abe's Market Facebook

A remarkable new survey by Abe’s Market , the leading better-living retailer, released survey results today entitled “ would you rather,” shedding light on women’s priorities when it comes to eating healthy.   [caption id="attachment_43014" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Courtesy Abe's Market Facebook[/caption] The survey, which was conducted between May 14th -16th via Google surveys asked a sample of  1500 women throughout the United States about what priorities were when it came to eating healthy – had some surprising results: ·       61% of women said “they would rather have a healthy body than a healthy relationship” ·       70% of women said... Read More >

Shopping Related Apps Use on the Rise in the US

2013-05-24 by EPR Staff
shopping bags1

People want to simplify their lives and take advantage of what is new in order to gain time and have access to relevant information, or at least that is what recent researches reveal. Mobile commerce – mcommerce – is gaining more and more users as an April survey of US mobile internet users conducted by AYTM Market Research presented by emarketer shows. According to this survey, 9% of the respondents use their mobile phones often to purchase products online, 27% do the same ting sometimes, while 19% rarely use their devices to buy stuff online and 45% said they never... Read More >

SPAIN: Madrid on the Wireless Smart Cities Map

2013-05-22 by EPR Staff
madrid map

GOWEX (GOW-MAB, ALGOW-NYSE Alternext, LGWXY-OTCQX), multinational leader in creating Wireless Smart Cities® and Inteligent WiFi in transportation, announced signing an agreement with the City Council of Madrid to extend GOWEX WiFi network to the main squares and open spaces of Madrid. Madrid becomes one of the best connected cities in the world, after cities like New York, Paris, Dublin or Nice. [caption id="attachment_41885" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Madrid becomes one of the best connected cities in the world.[/caption] In the new WiFi City model, citizens will enjoy Internet access in public squares like Plaza Mayor, on public transportation as EMT, on franchises... Read More >

Is Our Privacy Being Pirated?

2013-05-17 by EPR Staff
Online privacy - Courtesy © Jürgen Fälchle -

“Please read and agree to Terms & Conditions”: everyone’s favorite phrase when downloading or updating an app. Don’t lie to yourself, you've only read about eight combined words in all of those policies you've agreed to. Trust us, you’re not alone. Virtually no one reads those things. A UC Berkeley study found that only 1.4% of people thoroughly read through these agreements. It doesn't get much more minuscule than that. Why is it that we do not do it? Are we too busy? Do we not care? Are they just too long? It might be all of the above. In order to read the privacy policies of websites... Read More >

Average Daily Time Spent Online is on the Rise

2013-05-08 by EPR Staff
television everything-pr

People spend more and more time on the internet, as  research conducted by Gfk in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals. In fact, this medium saw a constant growth in the average daily time spent online, as the study presented by emarketer shows. From 2:34 the average daily time spent on the Internet grew to 2:56 in 2011, reaching an average of 3:07 today. The only medium that benefits of the attention of the US consumer more than the Internet is TV, but it is important to notice that the average daily time spent watching TV shows a decreasing trend –... Read More >

Top 10 Factors that Influence Purchase Decisions

2013-05-07 by EPR Staff
top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision

Ecommerce sites and retailers have now a great tool at their disposal: an infographic by Bigcommerce, showing the top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision. The infographic shows, in the following order, that product quality, free shipping, easy returns, customer reviews, visual search, great navigation, checkout ease, multiple options, special size and new product, are all playing a significant role in influencing purchase decisions online. The infographic provides other interesting data, like the most important store features, with competitive pricing playing a critical role (80%) followed by online purchase (62%) and delivery speed (54%). It also shows how the Web... Read More >

Emails and Social Networking Are US Internet Users’ Top Online Activities from Mobile Devices

2013-04-27 by EPR Staff
Social Media Roles

There is a clear shift from desktops to mobile devices, as new studies show. A study carried out by The Media Behavior Institute and presented by reveals that the mobile phone is getting more and more users, followed by tablets. Desktops’ popularity drops constantly. 43.5% of the respondents mentioned using mobile phones in the most recent six months period. Another study by Experian Marketing Services focused on what type of activities are US internet users engaging from their mobile devices and revealed that users spent the most time checking emails. The study analyzed internet activities on mobile versus desktop. People dedicated... Read More >

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