Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Fashion Contest on Twitter and Instagram

2012-12-20 by EPR Staff
Dunkin' Donuts Hot Logo.

America's classic all-day food stop for coffee and baked treats Dunkin' Donuts, has launched its "HoliDDay" Fashions Twitter & Instagram contest. To participate, contestants send photos of themselves in their favorite holiday attire for the chance to win a $100 Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Through Friday, December 21, fans can submit photos to @DunkinDonuts on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #HoliDDayContest. Five winners will receive the prize. Additional terms and conditions related to Dunkin' Donuts' HoliDDay Fashions Twitter & Instagram contest are available online. Dunkin' Donuts also commissioned a survey of over 1,000 Americans to examine how people stay... Read More >

Social Networking in Low and Middle-Income Nations on the Rise

2012-12-13 by EPR Staff
peweinternet everything-pr

As people in various countries get Internet access, they are very likely to access social networks, a recent Pew Research Center report reveals. These sites are in fact popular across the globe, as people in rich countries and in those with low and middle-income use them. 52% of the people in Britain interviewed for this report said that they use social networking sites, and 50% of those in Russia and the US do the same thing. 49% of the people in Spain and the Czech Republic log on such sites, and 40% of those in Poland and Brazil do the... Read More >

Key Holiday Trends Impacting Retailers and Shoppers

2012-12-13 by EPR Staff
Harris Poll Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Harris Interactive)

Surveying 2,249 adults online between November 27 and 29, 2012, the recent Harris Poll (by Harris Interactive) charted key trends for retailers and shoppers alike this holiday season. Three important areas included Showrooming, Gift Cards and Department Stores and Deals. Showrooming "Showrooming" occurs when shoppers try out a product in store, but then later purchase it online.  More than four in ten (43%) U.S. adults have showroomed. The researchers recognized Best Buy (24%) and Walmart (22%) as the "top victims of showrooming," followed by Target (9%) and, more distantly, by Home Depot (4%), Lowe's (3%) and Barnes & Noble (3%).... Read More >

Social Media Gets More Visitors for Longer Periods of Time

2012-12-04 by EPR Staff
nielsen logo

Social media and social networking are a rather constant part of our lives. Businesses and marketers cannot ignore social media as a way to get in touch with customers. Social media networks are useful not only for disseminating messages, but also for engaging clients and providing customer care. The Nielsen’s Social Media Report shows that social media comes of age. The report’s findings are useful to marketers as they point out the growing number of people browsing the Internet, their habits and the importance of mobile nowadays, as well as sales generated by social networks. First and foremost, social media networks are... Read More >

CEOs Lost Their Trust in Marketers

2012-11-14 by EPR Staff

There seems to be an ongoing battle between marketers and CEOs. Marketers always try to show that their jobs add value to businesses. But somewhere along the line things have changed, and marketers seem to be unable to convince CEOs of their activities’ benefits for organizations. Meanwhile CEOs say they have lost their trust in marketers, as a new study shows. This very disturbing conclusion for marketers was found by The Fournaise Marketing Group in their 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program. Over 1,200 large corporation and SMB CEOs and decision-makers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia were interviewed for... Read More >

Businesses Still Using Traffic as Main Indicator of Performance in Google Analytics

2012-10-20 by EPR Staff
Google logo

Google Analytics is a service that’s been available for many years now. You'd think that businesses went from traffic to other indicators in analyzing their online presence. You'd generally be wrong, as 73% of businesses are still using traffic in their reports, according to a new study. The DBD Media survey of 50 e-commerce sites showed some other interesting facts. For instance, 67% of websites haven’t integrated social media tracking. This is not very good as it shows companies are not monitoring which piece of their content is shared and where. Let's not forget that social media monitoring could also prevent... Read More >

Beevolve Study Sheds Light on Twitter Usage across the World

2012-10-12 by EPR Staff
beevolve everything-pr

There are millions and millions of accounts on Twitter. Is anyone wondering what would an average user of this microblogging social network “look” like? What are their preferences? How many followers does they have and how many people do they follow? Well, a new comprehensive study from Beevolve of Twitter users worldwide has just been released and it offers quite interesting insights. The social media monitoring and measurement platform for marketers studied 36 million Twitter user profiles. The findings help marketers and businesses have a better perspective on Twitter users behavior and characteristics. So, let's see what the study reveals.... Read More >

Agencies Outsource Digital Content

2012-10-09 by EPR Staff
Holding Company Public Relations

It is quite a common practice for agencies in many countries to win projects and then outsource some aspects of those campaigns to freelancers or other agencies, even if they remain the only service provider the client interacts with. That is why some freelancers and smaller agencies cannot really list all of the clients they have worked for as it counts as ‘off the record’ services. This trend continues nowadays, and a new study shows that technical work is the most outsource component. The Digital Outsourcing Survey Report 2012, made by Econsultancy in partnership with United Studios, surveyed 132 senior... Read More >

Younger Shoppers Take the Lead in Mobile Shopping

2012-09-28 by EPR Staff

Multichannel retail is on the rise, and mobile shopping is trending among younger people as a new survey of U.S. and U.K. consumers conducted by digital marketing group Econsultancy shows. These results only come to underline a buying channel that has been promoted for years and some current studies as well. The percentage of mobile shoppers has grown reaching 28% of U.S. and 25% of U.K. respondents, compared to 12% and respectively 13% in 2011. 44% of the UK consumers and 42% if those in the US aged between 18 and 34 years old have made a purchase using a... Read More >

Affluent People Prefer Traditional Media

2012-09-20 by EPR Staff

The new Ipsos MediaCT’s 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, subtitled “The State of the Affluent Consumer,” looked at households with an annual income of USD100,000 or more and their habits and provided some interesting conclusions. Roughly put, the main finding is that these people, the affluents as they are called and the ultra-affluents (those who earn USD250,000 or more per year), prefer printed publications to digital ones. Speaking in percentages, 82% of those with a $100,000 or higher annual household income are reading more print publications, with women in these households being heavy print consumers. Other facts resulting from this survey... Read More >

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