Photos and Videos Dominate the Current Online Environment

2012-09-14 by EPR Staff
peweinternet everything-pr

Nearly half of Internet users now post original images to the Web, and photos and videos become some sort of a “social currency” online, as a new report the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows. “The Internet has always been a platform for creators and curators,” said Pew Internet’s Joanna Brenner, co-author of the report. “Now, as social media services continue to grow and expand, the tools are more visual and social, and that seems to be attracting special audiences of early adopters.” 46% of internet users post online photos and videos that they own, while 41% curate on... Read More >

Food Content is Heavily Searched and Shared Online

2012-09-11 by EPR Staff
Food Processing Company

Brands in the food and beverage field should really be present online, on social media sites, if they aren’t already, as such content is intensively searched and shared on the web. A study by MSLGroup and The Hartman shows that the leading source that influences US Internet users to purchase a new brand of food or beverage is the online recommendation from a friend, mentioned by 36% of the respondents. 30% would buy the same new brand if another friend than the close one would recommend it online, and other people would try the new product if connections from their... Read More >

Good Reviews, Best Way to Build Consumer Trust

2012-07-31 by EPR Staff
Consumer Products Declining

Brands look for online engagement and, in the end, for customers that will acquire their products. But in order to interact with people, brands must prove to be trustworthy, as a new study shows. conducted a survey from March to June on US adults whose results revealed the key “trust” elements. 41% of the responded said they trust a brand that allows them to see reviews on social networks. Having positive reviews to show is of course helpful at this point. 36% stated that seeing a photo with people using the product boosts trusts, while 33% mentioned the importance... Read More >

What Is the Future of Mobile Marketing?

2012-07-20 by EPR Staff
Digital ads

Global Information Inc. have released four reports that examine the future of mobile advertising. The reports review mobile bar code marketing, messaging, in-app and mobile internet strategies, worldwide and U.S. internet ad spend, and mobile contextual advertising. Mobile Bar Code Marketing The study suggests that with increasing smartphone adoption, mobile barcodes are becoming a useful advertising tool, but neither marketers nor consumers are harnessing the full potential of QR codes. Mind Commerce Publishing predicts mobile bar code redemption value will exceed $50 billion globally by 2017. Mobile Advertising The report assesses how the business models in the mobile advertising industry... Read More >

Almost All US Netizens Mistrust Online Information

2012-07-19 by EPR Staff

Americans lack trust in information on the Internet as a new study shows. 98% of over 1,900 American adults who participated in the study conducted by Harris Interactive in late June said they have reasons to distrust information on the web, and 93% said their satisfaction with online information could be improved. But wait, it gets better: some Americans (2% of the adults, more men then women) would give up their spouse if that would lead to always finding the information they were looking for online. How could this lack of trust be overcome? Well, nearly 3 in 5 people... Read More >

Email Marketing Is Strong in Brazil

2012-07-16 by EPR Staff
The Digital Carnival

ExactTarget (NYSE:ET) found that nearly two thirds of online Brazilian consumers have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message. The information is extremely useful for companies targeting this market, and Latin America in general, as customer behaviors in the area are usually similar. The information is available in ExactTarget's latest Subscribers Fans and Followers research series report, The Digital Carnival, which surveyed more than 1,400 Brazilian consumers. The study found that: 91 percent of online Brazilian consumers subscribe to at least one email marketing program 68 percent have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message 53... Read More >

SAM Offers Enhanced Analytics Capabilities for Social Media Advertising

2012-07-04 by EPR Staff

Symphony Advanced Media (SAM), has incorporated the impact of traditional advertising such as print, television, radio and outdoor on social media activity surrounding a brand for enhanced media performance analysis. Integrating wide-ranging, multi-platform media data with social ‘Big Data’ from various sources, SAM provides advertisers enhanced predictive analytics concerning how traditional advertising influences social media buzz to drive sales. SAM President and CEO Manish Bhatia explained the benefits of the company’s approach: “Our clients are using an expanding range of traditional and digital media outlets as part of their advertising strategy. While advertisers usually have a very high degree of... Read More >

Facebook Is a Must for Marketers, but Not Necessarily through Ads

2012-06-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

All marketers agree that you need to be present on popular social network Facebook, but not necessarily to promote yourself using their ad system, as a new Ad Age study conducted in conjunction with Citigroup indicates. 658 subscribers responded to Ad Age's survey, all positioning themselves as decision-makers in social marketing strategy. In fact, there respondents were 34% marketers, 34% agency execs, 13% media execs, and the rest consisted of other professionals in the marketing field. Other important facts revealed by this survey are that there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to how to calculate ROI... Read More >

How Socially Devoted Is Your Facebook Presence? Socialbakers Reveals New Standards in Social Customer Service

2012-06-20 by EPR Staff

[caption id="attachment_35454" align="alignleft" width="250"] Socialbakers' new study busts social devotion myths.[/caption] Socialbakers have recently released a new study of social media customer service practices. The study highlights a major opportunity for companies to improve client satisfaction through better social media outreach. According to the study, socially devoted companies can serve as role models, demonstrating how businesses worldwide can drive customer engagement by adopting more reactive and open social media strategies. Socialbakers developed the Socially Devoted standard as a benchmark companies can use to see where they rank in terms of social media performance as compared to competitors and to gauge... Read More >

Survey Explains Ineffective Nonprofit PR

2012-06-20 by EPR Staff
PR money talks.

A recent survey of over 1,500 nonprofit leaders reveals that their organizations failed to engage donors and grantees. Respondents included organization members from program staff to board members, with the majority in marketing or fundraising roles; organizations of various sizes, causes and locations were represented. Nancy Schwartz, president of Nancy Schwartz & Company and blogger at Getting Attention explains that using descriptive and lengthy “messages generate a ‘so what, who cares’ rather than an ‘aha.’” Schwartz adds: “The way nonprofits talk about their work, results and ultimate impact is a core competency critical to every organization’s success. The bad news... Read More >

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