Is Your Company Brand Safe On Twitter?

2009-11-13 by EPR Staff

Someone may be squatting on your company's name on Twitter (or for that matter, any other social media site). In many countries, squatting refers to property rights. A squatter is someone who doesn't have a legal right to use property (such as a home or an apartment), but proceeds to live there anyway. In this high tech age, squatting is no longer limited to physical property. Electronic squatters (also known as cyber squatters) are those who use a company's name or slogan without permission. They have been around since domain names first started being registered. In many cases, domain name... Read More >

Twitter Lists — Great Tool or Another Way to Waste Time?

2009-10-31 by EPR Staff
twitter lists

Twitter's latest new feature, Twitter Lists, rolled out to most users this past week. When I first noticed the new Twitter List on my Twitter home page, I was concerned. I was afraid that the usefulness of one of my favorite places to connect with colleagues was about to be diluted by some overly complex feature that would distract from the simplicity of the Twitter concept. Wasted time is the biggest enemy to a marketing professional's productivity. Another time waster is the last thing that I need from my social media tools. As it turns out, there was no need for me to... Read More >

Paid Tweets — a Scary Marketing Tactic or a Brilliant PR Tool?

2009-10-30 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

With Halloween literally right around the corner, let's look at some potentially scary marketing trends. Specifically, let's examine the new trend of paid tweets. Twitter has been around for several years now, and some have questioned Twitter's value as a business tool. Many see it as little more than a glorified chat room or yet another online distraction. Others see Twitter as a valuable online resource for developing genuine business relationships and sharing valuable or interesting information with like-minded individuals. (I happen to fall into this category.) A few see Twitter as an unexploited advertising platform - a sort of... Read More >

How Tweetable Are Your Online Titles?

2009-10-08 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

If you aren't leveraging Twitter to spread your online message, then your PR campaign may already be in trouble. Consider the following: The other day I ran across an excellent article on a business blog that I read sometimes. I thought that the material was interesting and helpful, so I decided to share the information with some of my friends and colleagues via Twitter. That's where I ran into trouble. There were two problems: First, I attempted to cut and paste the URL into my tweet, but I couldn't do it because the rather descriptive title of the article exceeded... Read More >

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