Facebook Tops Record-low Score in Customer Satisfaction

2012-07-17 by EPR Staff
Facebook News

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Facebook is the lowest-scoring e-business company, suffering the largest decline in customer satisfaction from all social media entities. ACSI released a study that shows that Facebook plunged 8% to 61 on a 100-point scale, setting a new record-low score for the Social Media category. According to the report, Facebook is among the five lowest-scoring companies of more than 230 measured by the ACSI. Compared to Facebook, main rival Google+ scored an impressive 78%, mainly because of the absence of ads, and a better mobile product. In relation to Facebook, main users' complaints... Read More >

Australian Twitter Users Look for ‘Insider Information’ and Are NOT Influenced by Deals

2012-07-04 by EPR Staff
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Social media platforms are used for different purposes by people in different regions, and a new report shows that Australians use Twitter to receive ‘insider information’ from friends, brands and celebrities and are not really influenced by deals and promotions. ExactTarget’s report called ‘Digital Down Under’ reveals that people using the micro-blogging social network are more likely to be ‘influencers’. They use that ‘insider information’ they find on other social media platforms or on their blogs. Also, the report shows that it is less likely for Twitter users to be engaged by deals than the users of other social media... Read More >

10 Ways to Build Your Brand on Twitter

2012-06-18 by EPR Staff

Using Twitter is about more than posting updates—it’s about enhancing your company’s image online, about build your brand. By leveraging the power of this popular social network, you can showcase your business to an ever-expanding audience. Here are 10 ways to build your brand on Twitter! Brand Your Profile Your username, your profile image, your description and your background are all aspects that come into play with your Twitter brand. You want to pick a username that either matches your brand name or is very relevant to it, and you want to do it before someone else can. In industries... Read More >

Asus Posts “Sexist” Transformer AiO Tweet

2012-06-05 by EPR Staff
Sexist Asus tweet on Twitter

Asus has received a tremendous amount of criticism over a recent tweet the company posted on Twitter this week. Just about everyone from teenage boys to powerful politicians have posted tweets they wish they could take back, but when a large corporation does it, the PR ramifications can be costly. The tweet was rather straightforward. It included a picture of a young woman showing off the Asus Transformer AiO computer. That in itself is nothing new, but this picture showed the woman from behind with text that read, "The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO". Not... Read More >

Pepsi Signs 52 Weeks Deal with Twitter

2012-05-30 by EPR Staff

Pepsi signed the most extensive partnership a company ever made with Twitter. The global partnership will unfold over a 52 weeks period and will be coordinated with "Live for Now", the current Pepsi campaign organizing pop concerts across the USA. "This is the biggest initiative a marketer has done with Twitter to date," said Adam Bain, Twitter's president-global revenue. "It ranks as one of the smartest campaigns we've seen on the platform too. ... This yearlong program takes full advantage of Twitter." Starting at the end of June, pop concerts will be held in small venues in the US and... Read More >

Basic Strategies Bring Spectacular Number of Twitter Followers for Runner’s World

2012-05-29 by EPR Staff
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Sometimes simple and basic strategies are all you need as Runner’s World’s recent extraordinary Twitter success has proven. Without buying any ads, they managed to increase their follower base by 100,000 followers over 100 days. Runner’s World has now over 300,000 followers on the micro-blogging social network. But you may wonder how they managed to reach such a success. The response is keeping it very simple. Three strategies that, after you’ll read about them, you’ll say are so common, show how if used wisely and in a constant communication, they can bring the much sought after social media success. First... Read More >

Twitter Sues Companies That Encourage Spam

2012-04-06 by EPR Staff
twitter logo icon everything-pr

Famous microblogging social network Twitter is suing five companies that encourage spam in the network.  The lawsuit is aimed at three companies - TweetAttacks, TweetAdder and TweetBuddy – and two individuals: James Lucero ( and Garland Harris ( for violating Twitter’s usage terms by selling software that encourages firms to spam the service. Twitter declares that “taking legal action sends a clear message to all would-be spammers that there are serious and costly consequences to violating our Rules with their annoying and potentially malicious activity”. Regardless of this lawsuit’s success, such an initiative is definitely worth mentioning. Probably each Twitter... Read More >

10 Tips for Getting Power Retweets on Twitter

2012-03-20 by EPR Staff
Retweet on Twitter

One of the main reasons companies use Twitter is for sharing their content. The hope is, when they tweet a company blog post, lots of other people will retweet it, and then their followers will retweet it again, so on and so on until millions of people have read it. It doesn't take long to find out that the viral power of Twitter is more theory than reality, that getting influential people to notice your content and share it is far easier said than done. Just the same, Twitter can be a powerful medium for content sharing -- but not... Read More >

Twitter Acquired Posterous, What Happens Next?

2012-03-20 by EPR Staff
Posterous Spaces down.

[caption id="attachment_33676" align="alignleft" width="300"] Posterous Spaces was unavailable this morning.[/caption] For those of you who missed the news last Monday, when the deal was officially announced, Twitter, the microblogging platform, has acquired Posterous, a blogging platform known for its slick and trendy media-sharing interface. The terms (and value) of the deal were not disclosed, but Posterous has published an Acquisition FAQ to answer users' questions. From here with learn that the deal will not affect the way users use their Spaces just yet. They will be timely warned before any changes or disruptions to the service and will receive specific... Read More >

Twitter #Hashtags that Backfired

2012-03-16 by EPR Staff
Twitter mascot

[caption id="attachment_33628" align="alignleft" width="240"] Twitter mascot by Rosaura Ochoa (via Flickr)[/caption] A good reputation takes hard work, patience, and persistence while a bad reputation can be formed overnight with social media like twitter. Brands really need to focus on connecting with consumers in a genuine way because, if they don’t, they will throw the brands under the bus. Here are 6 high profile tweets that backfired. Kenneth Cole: Keeping up with current events could have an effect on your business. Fashion designer Kenneth Cole found this out after a tweet that said “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is... Read More >

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