How To Build A Data Pipeline

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Big Data is math, not magic. It is science, not sorcery. And, because Big Data is about quantifying, you need to have a protocol in place: ways to measure your results, to catalogue and store your data, and ways to move that data from raw information to actionable intel. We all know what a sales … [Read more...]

How Telecom Companies Benefit From Big Data

Zeta Interactive

When we read about Big Data, it's as if writers act like it is the “method of the future,” as if companies are not already implementing and benefiting from the Big Data revolution. The reality is, Big Data has already been here for some time, and the reasons why other industries are beginning to … [Read more...]

Zeta Global on Big Data

big data

The recent Heartbleed snafu has many running scared. If something this “simple” can get missed, and exploited, just how safe is our information online.  For many, the answer to this vital question is, “I just don’t know.” While it’s true that nothing is absolutely foolproof, and certainly … [Read more...]

Zeta Global Re-Launch & Rollout

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Zeta Global, a global Big Data-driven marketing company, announced the launch and rollout of its new corporate identity and redesigned corporate website. The rebranding of XL Marketing as Zeta Global accentuates the Company's focus on, and commitment to Big Data, Customer Acquisition, and … [Read more...]