Taylor Public Relations Agency: A Cut Above Many

Taylor Public Relations

In what has become a continuing effort to find a large PR firm with a viable website. Taylor Public Relations is an agency that O’Dwyer’s rated 11th in 2007 fees. Taylor PR claims that they are built a little different on their site, and compared to some recent corporate sites, their online presence is at least – refreshing. Tony Signore joined the company in 1989, and is the company’s CEO today. Taylor’s 110 employees helped the company rake in over $20 million in fees in 2007, and they certainly beat most of the competition in putting a face on the Web. Let’s take a look at a great company, with a nice web site.

Video and podcasts on the landing page, supported by their 2007 Platinum PR Award(PDF) for mid sized agency of the Year, and their Holmes 2008 Honors(PDF) go a long way to expressing both their enthusiasm, and in letting visitors see that Taylor is not anchored in the stone age like some competitors.

If you had rthe chance to read any of the last three reports on these PR notables, visiting Taylor’s site would make you feel refreshed too. The design is not perfect or even high tech, but it conveys a youthful and energetic company.

Taylor Public Relations Agency

The Taylor PR site is not absolute cutting edge, or even my taste as far as websites go, but it does have excellent usability, features, content and information. The screen below shows their clients with a nice interface for viewing various projects for Microsoft. Very few of the other sites examined went near this far in illustrating their clients in such a simple and elegant way.

Taylor PR Firm Clients

Honestly, other elements of the site appear less complete in many ways, as Taylor too relies a little too heavily on simple text for some explanations. This is particularly true in illustrating the digital media aspect, perhaps the worst place to just rely on text.

Aside a few of these 2over textualized” aspects though, Taylor has done a very nice job of saying who they are here.

If Taylor has made one big mistake it is in not having a corporate blog. At least there is no evidence of one that I could find. This detracts greatly, and actually almost negates the company’s previous hints at being “with it” s far as online presence is concerned.

Somehow, it seems as if the site was initially an act of love that got put on hold. This may be a misperception on my part, but i cannot figure out why everything else is so indicative of online know how, and a couple of Web “musts” are not resident?

In any event, Taylor has one upped about half of their competitors in that they at least have a clue as to how to show up online. I will see if I can talk to someone at the company so that a more in depth story about them can be done.

For my money, Taylor PR would get the nod over almost any of its competitors so far, if I needed a big time PR firm for a launch or Web promotion.

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