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Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

Facebook supposedly surpassed even Google recently in traffic, or so the reports say. Certainly Facebook has a rapidly growing user base, but if the company is making money they sure are hiding it well. What good is traffic if it won’t pay the light bill. Facebook uses 5 times as much bandwidth as Google or YouTube, and no one knows how much they win or lose daily. Can speculation and hype continue to keep an online startup in business?

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Teenage Sexting, the Modern Sexual Harassment Trend on the Rise

Sexting is shockingly common among teens, or so the latest news report. Technology enables (and encourages) a fast exchange of information, but using technology for such activities is a felony. Parents beware. Listed here, a few resources to prevent sexting and to better educate your teens on the dangers of misusing technology.

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CeBIT Weekend Recap and Connecting Worlds

CeBIT 2010 in Hannover wraps up this week after presenting some of the finest technology hardware, applications, software and innovations in the world to a captivated audience of business, political and technology leaders. Some of the finest companies and minds in the IT and technical world were on hand for the world’s most prominent IT event.