Telstra Rocks from ‘Down Under’ with Olympic Ad

Telstra, Australia’s leading provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband internet, has recently released an ad aimed to inspire users to send a special message to support Australian athletes. The ad features Men at Work’s Colin Hay in a unique interpretation of the classic anthem “Down Under,” accompanied by thousands of Australians: children, athletes, musicians and ordinary citizens. An A Cappella version of the track will debut during the TV broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the Games:

The ad was made by Telstra in collaboration with DDB Group Sydney, to encourage Australians to send a Telstra HeroMessage of support to their favourite athletes and teams.

“The campaign has been designed to ignite patriotism among Australians and encourage them to support our athletes in London by sending a Telstra HeroMessage. A Telstra HeroMessage is a powerful and emotional way to connect with our Olympic athletes and I encourage all Australians to harness the Olympic spirit and spur on our athletes and teams to greatness in London,” said Telstra Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Buckman.

The ad will officially air on TV during the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

The Australian based telecom company works with Edelman on the consumer end of their business, Ogilvy for B2B, and other Australian based PR firms they have worked with include PR Edge, Lighthouse Communications, Mango PR, Javelin Australia and Haystac.

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