Environmental PR: Tetra Pak Promoting Environmental-Friendly Packaging

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News about B2C campaigns from B2B companies are rare, thus notable. Tetra Pak is a company that usually focuses its PR on B2B, but in recent reports the company has shifted its approach to a more domestic audience.

PRWeek relates a few of the company’s most recent attempts to generate awareness among US consumers, among these a “back-to-school” campaign within a partnership with US nutritionist Robin Miller. Tetra Pak and Robin Miller, in collaboration with AOR GolinHarris, Hershey’s and Organic Valley will try to persuade the public of the benefits of carton packaging. The campaign will also incorporate a message of the benefits of including diary products in school cafeterias, for a healthy diet. The campaign will have a microsite with educational material, and more related materials on Tetra Pak Twitter and Facebook pages. An attempt to reach out to mommy bloggers has been reported too, although PRWeek has not specify in which form (whether sponsored reviews, banners, contests, etc).

This is not a random action from Tetra Pak. The company already has a Tetra Pak Sustainability website in UK that keeps the pulse of the company’s efforts to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in the UK. Sadly, this site hasn’t been updated with news since September 2008, when the company announced that businesses and schools across the UK begun recycling cartons (Each year 200 million milk and juice cartons are used in England’s primary schools, while secondary school pupils and staff get through more than 35 million.).

The Wiltshire Gazette & Herald announced that people in Wiltshire recycled more than a million Tetra Pak drink cartons in the first year of a new scheme. To encourage recycling in the UK, Tetra Pak also launched a video contest “How do you squash yours?” that will reward the winner a place on an international environmental adventure – from a wildlife conservation trip in South Africa to volunteering with turtles in Panama – or an Eco TV, 50 DVDs and a supply of wine or smoothies.

In other reports, residents in Fylde have recycled over 4 tonnes of cartons since the introduction of recycling banks in October 2007.

Although recycling in UK is very successful, the company still does not have proper reprocessing capabilities and the recycled cartoons are shipped to a dedicated reprocessing facility in Sweden.

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