Who Said The Beatles’ PR Was Dead?

The Beatles PR everything-pr

Beatles’ PR campaign storms the media and the web. There’s nowhere to hide, and the strategies go from refined to… slippery. We have all the tricks in the book: the release of an extraordinary product (The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox game), a reissue of all Beatles’ albums in a new, improved quality, and the “information leak” that makes even more headlines.

Who needed a Beatles game? No one really, but the idea seemed to be the best to “revive” the enthusiasm for the rock band that 40 years ago revolutionized the music industry. It took Allan Rouse and his team of engineers four years to perfect “The Beatles: Rock Band.” The critics apparently enjoyed the game, but is this enough to capture the younger generation? Will the PR storm started by the surviving members of the group Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr suffice to revive spirit of a band that for many is just a legend?

The game is not the only Beatles attempt to regain some of its past glory – their entire back catalog gets reissued. All Beatles’ 14 albums are issued individually, at $18.99 each list price, or in a boxed set at $259.98. Someone obviously leaked the new versions of the tracks already – according to reports pirated versions are already available online.

Yoko Ono everything-pr

To top the cake, YOKO Ono leaked to Sky News UK that the entire Beatles catalogue will be available on Apple’s iTunes music store tomorrow. This “mistake” was rapidly corrected by Sky’s editors who deleted the page in question. Too late though: the media doesn’t sleep and the news that the whole of the Beatles back catalogue will be made available to buy on iTunes rapidly made headlines in UK, where copying music from a CD to an MP3 is illegal.

All the buzz is meant to sell, sell, sell – and in UK “The Beatles: Rock Band” will apparently be more expensive than in the US, with about £60. Not fair, indeed, but a smart marketing move, since Beatles’ most faithful fans are obviously UK residents.


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