Thomas PR President Recieves PRSourceCode Award

thomas prThomas Public Relations President, Karen Thomas, has just won the prestigious PRSourceCode “Top Tech Communicators” Award for the firms individual contributions to the field of IT Public relations for this year. Founded in 1993, Thomas PR has represented some of the most notable technology companies in the world, including Olympus, Lexar Media, Unibind,, SkipJam, Octiv, McAfee, Corsair, OWC, and other digital imaging leaders.

Karen Thomas has also served on the board of directors of some of the industry’s leading companies including; PMDA and IPC, according to today’s release. She has also been named as one of the people to watch by Newsday, as well as having received a “5 star rating” Positive Image News. We often receive press from Karen’s staff, and we are delighted she has won still another communication award for her company’s efforts at online public relations.

Though the Thomas PR website (It may even be the worst I ever saw) is not all it could be, and I actually avoided reviewing it in our ongoing series on top PR sites to avoid being overly critical, this news should be evidence enough that a website is not all there is to good online communications.

Seeing people striving for their client throughout social networking and in media outreach as well, working hard to discover and adopt new methods, and getting recognition to boot, is just rewarding period. As a small company, we understand the constraints placed upon firms who either lack the resources, or the time to fully undertake every aspect of online branding.

It is the large firms, with the massive resources we so often criticize for their “half efforts” at engaging in the conversation. But, for Thomas PR it is readily apparent that Karen and her team are focused with the resources they have, to do the best possible job for their clients. For Karen, those web designers are not that expensive you know? Congrats on this latest in a long line of acknowledgments.

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