Tips on Creating Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

Companies looking to get the attention of their target audience require a lot of patience while choosing the right strategy for their approach. Many marketers understand that it’s a difficult task to be able to effectively cut through all the market noise and engage the audience through the right channels, at the right time, and with the right message to make a sale.

One great way to get the attention of the target audience is through SMS marketing campaigns. According to research, the average response time for text messages is less than 2 minutes, and it’s a channel that customers also prefer to use. SMS campaigns are also a lot more engaging compared to email campaigns, which is why companies looking to create successful SMS campaigns should be careful when choosing the right strategy.

Welcoming Messages

The first step in creating successful SMS campaigns is to send out a welcome message to the people who have subscribed.  Although this is similar to email campaigns, emails are a better choice for more in-depth content when compared to text messages. Text messages should be easy to consume, short, and shouldn’t require a big time commitment from the consumers.  A great way for companies to get a large number of SMS subscribers is simply to promise to send subscribers exclusive offers via text.  Moreover, an initial  welcome  message will make the audience feel special.Then they can become loyal customers by receiving some great deals.

VIP Text Campaigns

Companies can also use their SMS campaigns to promote their VIP programs. Since most customers want to feel special and seen by brands, inviting them to join an exclusive program is a great way to show that the business cares about its customers. This also generates more brand ambassadors. The VIP program promotion text should include a clear call to action (CTA), as well as a short list of all the perks that VIP members get from the company.  Finally, the language should be straightforward, with a note of urgency.

Seasonal Text Campaigns

There are different holidays during every season that companies can take advantage of when creating promotional campaigns. Those seasonal holidays can also be referenced in text message campaigns that offer consumers exclusive deals that center around the specific holidays. This is one of the most effective ways of  getting consumers to make a purchase.

Time Sensitive and Product Launch Campaigns

Another great addition to a company’s promotional toolbox is using text messages to introduce new products or services, or to use texts to give subscribers some time-sensitive offers that will keep them engaged. For example, a select group of customers can receive early access to the new product that’s being launched, which also provides the company with additional market feedback regarding the new item. The time-sensitive campaigns can also be paired with product launches by offering that early access for a limited time period, which can inspire consumers to make a purchase and stay subscribed to get any other future deals.

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