Tiziani Whitmyre Public Relations: PR Agency for T.R. Miller

Tiziani Whitmyre

T.R. Miller Tiziani Whitmyre Firmis releasing a new brand, Life is good(R), and to help them promote this optimistic new concept, they have chosen to bring Tiziani Whitmyre on board as their PR firm.

Life is good will be introduced by Jake, the symbol of optimism in a world that is looking pretty negative at the moment. T.R. Miller has developed the positive thinking brand and it includes clothing, as well as accessories. These items can be used by companies in their marketing campaigns to boost good feelings, something that is sorely lacking in many advertising and PR campaigns these days.

We’re looking forward to working with Tiziani Whitmyre to introduce the Life is good brand – and Jake – to companies and other organizations to help with their efforts to infuse a positive message of optimism throughout their marketing, sales, and human relations programs,” says Miller.

Tiziani Whitmyre Public Relations

The public relations campaign is going to focus on promoting positivity to companies and will incorporate a combination of traditional offline marketing techniques with Web 2.0 strategies, social marketing and search engine optimization. With this radical approach, Tiziani Whitmyre expects a good response from potential clients.

The idea behind the campaign is to find the businesses that would benefit from the Life is good concept and then interact with them directly via the internet. Using the latest in online marketing strategies, the company hopes to be able to connect with clients on a more personal level.

We could all use a good vibe these days and these two companies are working hard to provide the world with just that.

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