Tiziani Whitmyre to Run Howard Leight PR Campaign

 Tiziani Whitmyre

Tiziani Whitmyre has begun working with Howard Leight/Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC as their PR agency. The public relations firm will be promoting workplace hearting protection equipment, as well as the extensive Hearing Conservation Programs that Howard Leight offers on this PR campaign.

Tiziani Whitmyre, based out of Boston, is a public relations firm that works primarily with B2B companies in manufacturing or technology. Their main focus is on increasing return on investments (ROI), increasing sales leads and working to build brand recognition. They will be doing the same for Howard Leight. The company´s promotional strategy includes a number of traditional marketing methods, along with more modern types including search engine optimization, social media, SEO press releases, and Web 2.0 strategies.

Howard Leight has over 30 years experience in the hearing loss prevention industry and they will be leveraging this to market their latest product. With Tiziani Whitmyre working with them, the company hopes to boost sales drastically in coming months.

Howard Leight has recently released their latest hearing protection product, QuietDose. This device measures the amount of sound actually reaching a worker´s in-ear exposure to workplace noise levels. QuietDose will help company´s work within the hearing safety laws and will protect workers from ongoing hearing loss caused by their job. It is an area that Howard Leight has covered effectively for years. With the help of Tiziani Whitmyre, they intend to bring this latest technology into the public eye and make it available to employers everywhere.

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