Top Email Marketing Strategies for Companies

There are many different marketing channels that companies can use to grow such as SEO, PPC, social media platforms, and more. However, the most successful business owners know that one of the most profitable channels available to them is email marketing. Email marketing is when companies use email as a marketing channel that allows them to send promotional and marketing messages to both potential and current customers. The strategy that a company uses to promote itself via email can be as simple as sending a weekly newsletter with the latest featured products to the subscribers, or it can be as complicated as sending out multiple automated emails that are triggered by the potential customers themselves and their actions, such as when they abandon the cart if they haven’t engaged with the emails for a while, and more. Whatever the case might be, the ultimate goal of email marketing strategies is to increase the customer engagement and drive conversions for a business.

Welcoming customers

The best way for companies to start out their email marketing campaigns and leave a positive first impression on their subscribers is to create a welcome email. With the help of a welcome email, companies get a chance to share their story, provide customers with discounts that can drive more sales, and highlight the best products that are currently available. Aside from all that, sending new subscribers a welcome email generates a lot of engagement for many companies. In fact, on average, welcome emails have a nearly 70% open rate, as well as over 50% click-through rate, which means welcome emails are an essential element of an overall email marketing campaign for any business. One of the reasons for this is that sending out a welcome email immediately implies to the subscriber that they’ll be receiving more than a single email from that business. Welcome emails give companies a chance to welcome their email subscribers and invite them to connect with the business on other platforms as well, and through welcome emails, companies can learn more information about their potential customers.

Call to action

Every marketing message a company sends to its target audience has to contain a call to action that’s going to lead the audience to take the action of the company wants them to take. The action that the company wants them to take might be getting the customers to watch a promotional video, or read a specific blog post, or even make a purchase, but at the end of the day, using a call to action means that the customers will know exactly what the business is looking for them to do. Generally, the call to action is a hyperlink or a button that helps the customer achieve a company’s desired goal, and having even a single call to action inside of every email increases clicks by over 300%, and sales by over 1000% for businesses. It’s important for the call to action to be clear and compelling, conversational, and address the audience in the first person.

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