Top Financial PR Firms

Top Financial PR Firms

Some strong financial PR firms:

ICR – When you Mean Business

The agency was founded in 1998 and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Connecticut, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Many of their nearly 200 workers have also worked on Wall Street and bring expertise in capital markets. They specialize in publicly-traded businesses – or those on the track to becoming publicly traded. Their client base spans at least 20 different industries and clients receive help from both communications experts and business experts. Some of the clients they represent or have represented include Dave & Busters, Herbalife, HubSpot, Lululemon Athletica, and Planet Fitness, Inc. Net annual fees last reported at nearly $39M.

Prosek Partners – “Unboxed”

Proesek Partners was founded in 1995 and currently employs about 125 people on Madison Avenue in New York City as well as in London. They specialize in financial communications and B2B as well as other PR-related services. The partners include Jennifer Prosek, Mark Kollar, Mickey Mandelbaum, Andy Merrill, and Russell Sherman. Proclaiming themselves an “Army of Entrepreneurs™.” Allowing their employees to participate and feel ownership because of the office creative and entrepreneurial culture. Some of the clients they represent include Bloomberg, Dunn & Bradstreet, Goldman Sachs, and Travelers. Their net annual fees last measured are over $20M.

Vested – New Kid on the Financial Block

Founded in 2015, with its headquarters in New York City, it is a rising star in financial PR. Eric Hazard is the new CEO at the firm that specializes in PR, communications, and integrated marketing. Their expertise is in merging fintech and deep financial efforts to produce optimum results. They also received a SABRE recently recognizing them as New Agency of the Year. They represent clients such as Betterment, Elevate, Institutional Investor Journals, Polaris, and Tradebird. Their 2016 annual net fees almost hit $3.6M.

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