Top Pot & Cannabis PR Firms

2017-08-08 by John Goode

Legalized marijuana is a growing industry, but even in places where it’s legal, they still are not treated equally under the law. One way that proves this point is that such companies are not allowed to declare the usual deductions such as rent or advertising. That means that when it comes to public relations, these companies need to become innovative in how they proceed.

Gallup polls have indicated that about 60% of Americans are now on board with legalizing marijuana for medical usage, and industry experts believe that by 2026 the industry will be valued at about $50 billion. So smart PR agencies are working to make that happen. We found several such agencies that are frequently leading the field.


5WPR has worked with several companies with all or part of their focus on legal and medical marijuana. Such clients include Weedmaps, which 5WPR helped launch and maintains as a client, and Baker (see below). IDenta Touch & Know is another company working with 5WPR, this time the company is one that makes products to help law enforcement detect illegal drug usage. Baker works with 5WPR and is the platform for the top marijuana dispensaries in North America looking to improve and increase their sales of product. Some of the dispensaries working with Baker include Buds & Roses, Cinder, Ajoya, Lightshade, and Chalice Farms. Currently, they work in 12 US states and two regions in Canada. They also proudly proclaim that just 10 weeks working with them will pay for that cost.

N6A (New York)

Matt Rizzetta is the founder and president of N6A, said that when they began working with cannabis clients, everyone was marketing based on sensationalism. With their first such client, it was as much about educating the public about products and its relationship to healthy alternatives as well as its strong connection to other emerging markets like cyber security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Some of their clients in this industry or closely-related ones include Tradiv, Surna, and VapeXhale.

Righteous Relations (San Diego)

Founded by Roni Stetter, Righteous Relations has become known for their PR work with the west coast side of the cannabis industry. Stetter spoke about commitment to the “cause,” when she said: “You will undoubtedly face opposition and dissent when you start posting about cannabis online, but you have to be ready to face that and counter it with truth, rather than hide away.  You’ll never reach influencer status if you’ve only got one toe dipped in the pool.”

Righteous Relations is a boutique agency that specializes in cannabis marketing. Stettler began her PR work in 2010 with legalizing the drug while still in her sophomore year in college at San Diego State. The PR company was only founded in October 2016, but she’s thrilled to do the creative and innovative work about something she feels passionate. She’s young, and her firm is new, but she’s definitely an up and comer on the rise and making an impact.

The field has grown so much that major business media sights including CNBC and Business Insider have reporters dedicated to the cannabis beat, clients, and thought leaders.

These three are great go-to PR firms for the Cannabis, pot & marijuana industry.

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