Top Tech Public Relations Firms: 5WPR On East Coast & Brew PR on West Coast

2015-09-20 by Jason Tannahill

Top Technology PR Firms

Everything PR reviews many campaigns – and as tech, big data, and digital PR grows with social media usage and more and more people accessing the internet through mobile devices, the Public Relations world is changing. 

Generally known for client success in other groups, 5WPR is a Public Relations Agency that has quietly become a tech power-house and without doubt is a technology PR firm which we highly recommend. They work in B2C, B2B and more – and proof of their success comes in five of the companies they have nurtured and grown with.

5W PR serves as Agency of Record for the following companies:

Zeta Interactive - 5WPR

Zeta Global

Zeta Global is a Big Data analytics and marketing firm. Some of their clients include Century 21, Con Edison, National Geographic, ADT, Daily News, Quaker, and Wynn – as well as many others. This company, owned by David Steinberg and John Sculley (of Apple & Pepsi fame) is backed by Blackstone, and valued at well over $1 Billion Dollars.

jetsmarter everything-pr


Known as the “uber of private jets”, they have been funded by Jay-Z and members of the Saudi Royal family. Using this app can make it possible to travel on private and chartered flights at costs which aren’t much more than traveling first class. 5WPR has done remarkable work for JetSmarter, winning countless awards, lining up celebrity endorsements across the board, creating a remarkable digital media program and more.

avant everything-pr


This is a company that has dominated the online lending arena.They are raising the industry standard focusing on big data analysis for their company and client resource management – and helping many consumers daily. Avant is another 5WPR client valued at a billion dollars, and described as a unicorn.

ultra mobile everything-pr

Ultra Mobile

INC’s number one fastest growing private company of the year. Ultra Mobile offers inexpensive plans for international phone calling. The company has caught up with the demand and is moving forward to be certain they can remain ahead of future growth.

videoblocks everything-pr


This company is the first of its kind. It is a subscription service allowing clients to download stock video footage for backgrounds or other type of projects requiring moving footage. You can well imagine the amount of data space needed to make large amounts of footage available quickly.

This is among the many reasons we recommend 5WPR for any companies who are seeking a New York East Coast PR agency, or anyone in need of a technology PR firm.

Brew Tech Public Relations

Brooke Hammerling and Brew Media Relations are very strong Tech PR Firm on the West Coast.

Brew Tech Public Relations

Brooke Hammerling is the founder of Brew Media Relations, and has built a solid reputation for getting startup tech companies into the big leagues. Hammerling has a contact list that would make any techie drool.

The firm and her success are an interesting story, one of those work hard and smart AND she comes up with imaginative publicity tricks to move clients to the top of the list when investors are looking for new opportunities in the tech world.

One story is all about offering free grilled cheese sandwiches. Yep that’s right. Publicity on what turned into a multi-million dollar deal for one of her start-up clients was centered around offering free grilled cheese sandwiches. She rented a burger place across the street from the South by Southwest convention (SXSW).

They served sandwiches for several days to tech bloggers and people from companies presenting their new apps. Brew represented GroupMe app. She set up the GroupMe Grill and gave away free sandwiches – encrusted with the GroupMe logo to anyone who stopped by and downloaded the free app.

GroupMe won the breakout award from the convention and five months later, Skype acquired the app for $85 million. We’re pretty sure the free grilled cheese sandwiches didn’t even make a dent in that profit margin.

Brew’s list of contacts is beyond impressive, and yet those connections happened organically. Right place, right time, right determined attitude. She is friends with lead tech writer for the NY Times Bits Blog, Nick Bilton, celebrity chef Mario Batali, and Kara Shwizer, West Coast tech journalist. She’s also long-term friends with Mark Andreessen, Larry Ellison, Mark Pincus, Mark Benioff, and an ex-girlfriend of the bassist for REM, Mike Mills.

When your social life has included that many tech high-flyers, it’s impressive. Current clients represented by Brew include About.Me, NetSuite, Oracle, Beam,, and Samsung.

Need a Tech PR firm?

Hire 5WPR on the East Coast – or Brew on the West Coast. You wont go wrong.

Jason Tannahill - Everything Public Relations News