Trapit Goes Mobile

TrapitAfter recently launching in public beta, the website has received over 2 million unique visitors and is proving to be quite the popular tool for finding the most relevant content in the topics you want to keep up with.

Comparing themselves with the likes of Pandora (but for content, not music), Trapit was created to address the problem of “too much data, not enough time” and is a way to deal with information overload.  Born out of a $200 million artificial intelligence project completed by DARPA AND SRI, the ability of a “cognitive prosthetic” allows the site to learn your individual tastes and claims to get to know you better over time, keeping up with you as your interests evolve.

After closing on a $6.2 million Series A round of venture funding led by Horizon Ventures of Hong Kong, one of the most anticipated announcements is that they will expand to new platforms.

“The investment will enable us to continue to grow our development team and expand into new mobile platforms. There is an enormous opportunity in front of us as the continued growth of content on the web outstrips traditional search and demands new technologies that enable discovery and personalization,” stated Gary Griffiths, CEO and co-founder at Trapit.

Beyond expanding to new platforms, Trapit also plans to use the funding to grow their development teams in both Palo Alto and Portland and add resources to core research and development areas.  Evolving constantly, the site has since added numerous features including a daily email digest, an activity feed, and support for sharing content on Google+ with one click.

Delivering over 100,000 unique sources of content and nearly 4 million articles to users each day, they help you be the first in your network to know and share the hottest topics on the web.  We highly suggest you check out Trapit at

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