Like the CIA, TweetLevel Gives You Twitter Intelligence

With TweetLevel, Edelman PR tried to deliver unprecedented Twitter intelligence, and it lived up to that promise so far. But now, TweetLevel has been upgraded to deliver even more, enabling users to identify influencers; giving real-time insight into current conversations; analyzing short links; and much more.

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TweetLevel: advertised as a GPS for navigating influence

Launched four years ago, TweetLevel was created by @jonnybentwood and @alexparish at Edelman, to give PR and marketing professionals a tool to measure influence on Twitter. The new TweetLevel offers much more, classifies Tweeters according to their influence type; but also offering important Twitter intelligence data.

Using TweetLevel you can now see, without ever needing to log in, or grant TweetLevel access to your Twitter account:

  • who are the top influencers retweeting your tweets;
  • what day of the week and what time of the day users engage on Twitter
  • a clear overview of the most recent tweets of a given user
  • a clear overview of the context – through word cloud, which show the most important keywords tweeted by a specific user
  • activity in number of tweets per day
  • tweet count in times of day
  • influence, popularity, engagement and trust scores

The idea behind TweetLevel is that influence without context is irrelevant, and the features make this particular Twitter analytics tool more useful for PR professionals than the ever-popular Klout. You can use TweetLevel to analyze virtually any Twitter profile, but also to analyze links and #hashtags.

For links, you can see clearly how many times they were tweeted, retweeted and also how many impressions they generated. You can also see who were the top users by share of voice, and identify the retweeters. You can then export the data, to save the report.

TweetLevel links.

And that’s not all. In fact, TweetLevel is one of the most in-depth tools of its kind, offering you all the key facts showing engagement, demand and reach metrics at a glance. You can see which are the most influential people tweeting about a certain topic; you can analyze how much are people tweeting about a certain topic compared to others; you filter results only on the language you want, a specific phrase, hashtag or link; and the list goes on. It’s really scary how much you can find out about your fellow tweeps with TweetLevel. Can you imagine this tool in a year from now on? How much more refined can it get?

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