UNDP Issues Media RFP

One of the important components of the EPASIIAE(Dolphin) Project is to generate knowledge and disseminate for improving the awareness of stakeholders and engage them effectively in the dolphin and associated aquatic natural resources in the Sundarbans and adjacent areas and replication to other areas too. In order to raise public awareness and engage different stakeholders effectively, two video documentaries and one television announcement/advertisement/video message will be produced on the importance of the dolphin species in the river systems, threats to them and probable way to reduce, scope to declare more protected areas to maintain viable population of dolphin and fishes.


UNDP Bangladesh in partnership with Bangladesh Government and with support from GEF is taking up the ‘Expanding the Protected Areas System to Incorporate Important Aquatic Ecosystems (EPASIIAE )’ project to implement some long term solution and removing barriers to strengthen conservation management of the globally significant aquatic biodiversity of the Sundarbans taking into account development imperatives, need for sustaining livelihoods and retrogressive factors including climate change. The immediate objective of the project is to build capacity to effectively manage the existing protected areas established for dolphin conservation and also expand their operational coverage while still meeting the livelihood aspirations of local communities especially the fishers.

Scope of Work:

The consultant firm will be working with Project Manager and under the overall guidance of Project Director and Programme Specialist, Sustainable Environment and Energy, Resilience & Inclusive Growth Cluster, UNDP Bangladesh and will be responsible for:

•       Work with Communication Officer to develop three story lines for the video documentary production.

•       Ensure delivery of all the end products that meet the deadlines as specified below.

•       Ability to travel to various locations in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka especially Sundarbans, Pabna/ Rajshahi. UNDP may provide a conformational letter about the purpose of the video, but the offeror will be responsible to obtain any necessary permits for using drone.

•       Manage all travel arrangements, accommodation and meals for the production crew while in the field.

•       Liaise with PMU on production schedules, filming, filming formats, and location access.

•       Ensure pre-production filming and post productions at the highest quality.

•       Research and locate human interest stories as according to proposed topics. All interviewees will need to be requested for permission and/or agreement/willingness before filming.

•       Coordinate all necessary appointment interviews with key interviewees for interviewing/filming.

•       Undertake all necessary editing and post-production work, keeping in the management team informed for feedback.

•       Ensure highest broadcast quality productions and filming.

•       Ensure delivery of all footage obtained for productions. All rights reserved under the UNDP/Bangladesh Forest Department/Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change.

•       Submit a comprehensive shortlist of the footage filmed including time code translations.

•       Ensure that all requests and instructions received from the PMU/Project Manager pertaining to the type of production that is required and fulfilled.

•       Telecast conservation message duration with 25-30 seconds in super pick hour for 1.5 months in one nature/biodiversity and wildlife conservation focused Bangladeshi well-reputed TV channel and telecast 5 minutes documentary with project achievements at least once in a television channel which does have at least 10 years of telecasting experience on this arena (other than Bangladesh Television, project will request BTV to telecast).

Due Date:

25 August 2019



Username: event.guest

Password : why2change

Relevant agencies include APCO Worldwide and Burson Marsteller.

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