University of Washington Seeks Firm For Marketing Media Buying

2018-03-29 by EPR Staff

University of Washington Seeks Firm For Marketing Media Buying


This request for Proposal, (RFP) is issued by the UW Medicine to full service media buying agency with in-house digital and traditional capabilities.


It is important for UW Medicine to place digital and traditional media in the Seattle area marketplace. A consumer-focused, digital-first media buying and content marketing approach allows UW Medicine to tell its own story, drive awareness and lead generation campaigns, and build the UW Medicine brand with a larger audience. The goals of the media buyer include:

  • To make timely, vetted media recommendations
  • To understand UW Medicine’s strategic initiatives, campaigns and personas
  • To stay abreast of emerging media opportunities, prioritizing measurability and alignment with strategic initiatives
  • To increase awareness of UW Medicine providers and services
  • To offer UW Medicine comprehensive reports, reconciled weekly, that track comprehensive media placement by campaign and all-up media
  • To provide monthly reporting on the following plus any other relevant reporting metric:

o              Email marketing metrics (open rate, click-to-open rate, deliverability rate)

o              Social media metrics (engagement and conversions metrics)

o              Cost-per-click

o              How the metrics align with identified strategic goals

The media buying agency will attend weekly meetings with UW Medicine staff to discuss campaign status, discuss new opportunities, and stay informed on strategic planning and to gain insight on media performance. The UW Medicine team includes project managers, marketing managers, events and sponsorship managers, senior leadership and other vendors. The media buyer will work with all parties in a professional manner, delivering projects in a timely fashion and vetting proposed media so that UW Medicine reviews strategic proposals which clearly explain the benefits of a multi-tiered media buy.

Media buy proposals will include:

  • Demographics
  • Specifications
  • Rationale for the proposal
  • Multi-tiers (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze level buys)
  • Costs
  • Specific deadlines if possible, or general timeframes in lieu of specific deadlines
  • Digital media (Email marketing, including deployment, list management, segmentation, testing (A/B and multivariate testing) and reporting; PPC including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, social media advertising; display advertising; retargeting; new media; AI opportunities; content syndication; etc.)
  • Traditional media as appropriate

The media buying agency will also provide a comprehensive list of all confirmed media, which can be filtered by service line. The media buyer will work with UW Medicine to understand the appropriate internal nomenclature for our strategic planning process. UW Medicine stakeholders will be able to use the list to track their campaign deliverables, as well as report on campaign placements.

Scope of Work:

The agency will provide services and staff for or incidental to the performance of work below:

  • Interface with UW Medicine via our project management tool, Wrike, on project status
  • Interface with UW Medicine via our project management tool, Wrike, as a means to traffic final creative to media
  • Email deployment and comprehensive management of UW Medicine-owned email marketing lists, as well as negotiating contracts for appropriate purchased list email marketing opportunities
  • Work with multiple UW Medicine stakeholders on the media planning for various campaigns
  • Weekly reconciliation of placed media document, so that UW Medicine always knows what has run in any given campaign and what is coming up
  • Make budget recommendations for all placements, digital or traditional
  • Interface with third-parties approaching UW Medicine, to vet opportunities for strategic alignments to business priorities

Due Date:

April 11th, 2018.


Healthcare PR agencies include Zeno Group and Makovsky PR.