Urban Legends Busted: Sophia Stewart

Sophia Stewart

As Sophia Stewart, also known as Zenia Kavala, was one of the most popular trends in Google today, some sites rushed into publishing “news” about the author who claimed unsuccessfully to be “the mother of The Matrix.”

For example, Greg Thomas, Editor of lipstickalley.com copied an older article, originally posted by Salt Lake Community College’s Globe slccglobelink.com stating that; “Monday, October 4th 2004 ended a six-year dispute involving Sophia Stewart, the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers. Stewart’s allegations, involving copyright infringement and racketeering, were received and acknowledged by the Central District of California, Judge Margaret Morrow residing.” Thomas’ editorial titled “Black Author wins The Matrix Copyright Infringement Case” carefully left out the initial date, informing the readers that Stewart’s trial ended today. This led to other sites, like Thaindian, copying and publishing misinforming materials online, a traffic-grabbing frenzy that leads to propagating rumors and lies.

The truth about “The Billion-Dollar Myth” emerged at the end of July 2005, when the Los Angeles Times published an extensive coverage of the story, reporting that the Afro-American author Sophia Stewart didn’t attend her June 13 2005 hearing at the U.S. federal court building in downtown Los Angeles, and that Judge Margaret Morrow dismissed Stewart’s case for lack of evidence.

Stewart claimed that her 1983 science fiction work titled “The Third Eye” (copyrighted the following year, but remained unpublished) was submitted in 1986 to the Wachowski Brothers in response to an advertisement posted in a national magazine by them, soliciting science fiction manuscripts to make into comic books. Prior to The Matrix, the Wachowski brothers’ professional resume was limited to the screenplay for the lackluster 1995 Sylvester Stallone action film “Assassins,” a directing debut with a low-budget noir crime flick “Bound” in 1996. Given this “lack of experience” many believed Stewart’s fraud accusations, and her claims still ring true for many black authors today.

Rumors, however cannot change the facts: Sophia Stewart, the self-alleged mother of The Matrix, lost the trial in 2005. The case was never reopened, and although the author has enough supporters to state the contrary, there is no evidence that The Matrix was inspired by The Third Eye.


  1. Mojo Symia says

    This whole issue is a real slippery slope, and I believe I have a unique perspective on it. I am an American of African descent. I am also a writer(sci-fi novelist and screenwriter), a journalist once employed by FOX. Clearly it’s a blockbuster story if Ms. Stewart’s claims are true. For years writers like the late Octavia Butler and Tananarive Due have gone unnoticed. It would be monumental for this accusation to be reality, in particular for the masses of writers yet to be heard. I do however sense a under current of hostility, even in our discussion. The truth, whatever it maybe is of the utmost importance. Let’s all really try to get at that.

  2. DJSMALLZ says

    Again, I’m not here to turn atheists into believers.

    What people in the “blogosphere” should be doing is humbling themselves to some new information instead of wasting energy picking-pepper-out-of-bird-shit just to say you did something.

    Similar to the case of rampant mortgage fraud also being “hid” by the mainstream media, According to the FBI more than 50% of MORTGAGE FRAUD is CAUSED BY THE LENDER, NOT THE BORROWER.

    Likewise the fraud in Hollywood is born by the film industry itself, not the actors and actresses.

    Any and all confusion in Sophia Stewarts case is born by the Defendants (WB, Fox, Cameron, Wachowski, silver) AS WELL AS her crooked ass attorney’s (Lubell, Webb, Brown, Stoller) who where supposed to do their jobs as lawyers & officers of the court, not “saboteurs” working as “the loyal opposition” behind their clients back.

    Where are the wachowski’s? They supposedly wrote it? Aren’t’ they offended by being called liars? How come the wachowski’s never, EVER, speak publicly about they’re blockbuster films?

    Where’s Cameron?

    Where’s Silver?

    Where’s Govenor Arnold?

    How come they don’t come out and answer a few questions?

    Sophia’s been talking and talking without any reply.


    Who owns news media again?


    There is much confusion and fraud surrounding this issue due to the major fraud perpetrated by Sophia’s Corrupt Attorney’s.

    Remember, they (a) HAD IT, (b) HID IT, AND (c) DIDN’T SUBMIT IT.

    Since when did lawyers cease the desire to make money?

    The Burden of proof has always been on Fox, Warner Brothers, The Wachowski’s, James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd.

    If Sophia Stewart wasn’t telling the truth, there would have been no reason for (A) Warner Brothers, The Wachowski’s, James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd and (B)Micheal T. Soller, Jonathan Lubell, Dean Webb, and Gary Brown to perpetrate any fraud whatsoever.

    If you own something, you don’t need a “fake deed” to claim ownership simply because you have the “real deed”. Simple math. Basic addition and Subtraction. People commit fraud and perjury to HIDE obvious truth, not to compliment truth.

    Remember a guy named Bernie Madoff?

    Red or blue pill?

    • Mihaela Lica says

      OK, Mr. Small, I already warned you that without a valid proof I will stop this discussion. You are now just ranting, and this does not help anybody. Comments are closed.

  3. Mihaela Lica says

    It hasn’t been in the news, because Ms. Stewart did not make her “proof” available to the media. The media cannot go on publishing rumors. This is what this article was about: some online publications republished articles from 2004 to get traffic. Those articles falsely stated that Ms. Stewart won. As far as her 2009 victory is concerned, there’s no evidence to support that either. All documents point to the contrary. You are close to her as I noticed in one of your previous comments – you were in the email CC. So why don’t you tell her to make her proof that she won public? In the meanwhile, we are contacting the District of Utah for a statement. I hope you will not come back to say that a judge lies, will you?

  4. DJSMALLZ says

    The question all doubters need to ask is: WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN IN THE NEWS?

    Does the news project the truth about anything?

    Does the news project the truth about out financial situation?

    News isn’t reported in this country, its created.

    Somebody get the mainstream media to contact MS. Stewart, look at all her evidence (the lawyers purposfully didn’t submit to the California court) and let the public know who the real writer of the matrix & terminator is!!!!!

    Where’s Tavis Smiley?

    Where’s the so-called Black media?

    Where’s the “change”?

  5. Mihaela Lica says

    So Mr. Small, first she won both cases, but then she didn’t win because… uhm… the case is still open?

    So it’s not your job to make people believe? Then why bother speaking anyway? Why do you get involved in a conversation you don’t want to carry? To trigger polemics I presume. And what’s the win? As long as you don’t bring the proof, no one, literally NO ONE will believe you.

  6. DJSMALLZ says

    I’m not here to turn athiests into believers, that’s not my job.

    The Utah case IS NOT DISMISSED. The Judge has not yet ruled.

    All of Sophia’s Evidence “stands” as of August 11th 2009.

    And not to mention, according to an October 14, 2009 letter – New York District Attorney Thomas Waron, Bureau Chief, Special Prosecutions Bureau “Jonathan Lubell recieved a sentence of One to Three Years in August of 2005.”

    That’s right!

    Sophia Stewarts attorney Jonathan Lubell was sentenced criminal violations AND NONE OF THE OTHER ATTORNEY’S THOUGHT IT NECESSARY TO INFORM MS. STEWART THAT JONATHAN LUBELL IS CORRUPT!!!!!

    • Phil Butler says

      Dude! Provide a link, get a scanner, or have a carrier pigeon deliver a copy. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE AND EMPTY AVATAR.

  7. Mojo Symia says

    I submit that all official court documents “should” have a seal, these don’t. They may very well be official and accurate but the PDF file doe not have the court seal. Something about this whole case is really questionable. As a writer myself I can truly understand Ms. Stewart’s motivation to pursue this case and her need to keep it going. (Despite her failure within the legal system) But the journalist in me questions if this is honestly a “urban legend”…and why other news sources wouldn’t pick it up if she’d truly won this case. I believe where there is smoke there is fire…and I honestly think the WB has more to lose than anyone. This smells fishy

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Mojo, the urban legend is that Sophia Stewart won the cases. That’s all. I never read her books so I cannot make a statement whether she has a case or not. As you noted: fact is that there are NO news outlets covering her story. Only her own statements and those of her fans do not make for a valid proof.

    • Phil Butler says

      Mojo, it does have an odor. I found those PDF files personally, and you are right on the seal of the clerk aspect. I never actually looked for it. I did note that there were evidently missing sections, or this may have been my perception. But, Warner Brothers nor anyone would perpetrate a hoax like this on line, effectively convicting themselves of at the least forging the Judge’s signature.

      For the record, I will call the clerk of court here in a minute and verify the case number and status, lucky my Dad was the Attorney General of Georgia I guess.


  8. Trudy Anderson says

    Soaring Butterfly is correct. There is no court stamp on the document as “ENTERED.”

    • Mihaela Lica says

      No, Soaring Butterfly is not correct. The documents come from https://ecf.utd.uscourts.gov/ are you accusing the District of Utah of publishing fake documents now? My question is: can you or anybody bring the proof that the lady won the case? No? Then don’t bother making any comments anymore. Comments are opened just for Mr. Small, or anybody else in the know to bring a valid proof. Everything else will be treated as irrelevant.

  9. DJSMALLZ says

    Mihaela Lica and all other mis-informed parties:

    THE LINK YOU POSTED IS A “DENIAL” OF THE DEFENEDANTS MOTION TO DISMISS: http://www.pamil-visions.net/pdf/show_public_doc2.pdf






    (1) Jonathan Lubell along with (2) Michael Stoller, (3) Dean Webb and (4) Gary Brown represent the cavalry of corrupt attorneys that conspired in sabotaging Ms. Stewarts multi-billion dollar Civil Case in the California Courts.

    These crooked ass attorneys actually charged Ms. Stewart $50,000.00 (U.S. dollars) to sabotage her entire civil case by withholding the submission of the most critical evidence such as:

    (A) The “Terminator” and “Matrix” movies already admittedly in the attorney’s possession,
    (B) 600 Pages of probative evidence,
    (C) Ms. Stewarts copywritten Movie Treatment and manuscript (Copywritten – 1981, 1983, & 1984) and;
    (D) “The Third Eye” book itself.

    Jonathan’s Lubell and his cohort’s actions are – fatal – since they constitute “outright fraud” instead of mere “malpractice” which will serve to re-open the multi-billion dollar California Civil case with renewed vigor and interest.

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Look, I placed BOTH documents, to show that we are not taking any sides. First document: Plaintiff’s motion to amend is denied. Second, defendant motion is dismissed. Is this clear?

      Very good. Now, instead you coming here to spread rumors and accuse us of being partisans or paid by Warner Bros.. I suggest you bring the PROOF that she won. The proof is not YOUR statement or hers. The proof is the scanned US court document that verifies your statement, that document Sophia Stewart constantly fails to present to the media.

      Next time you come here, present facts, and not ALL CAPS! One more comment offending any of the involved parts and the comments on this thread are closed.

    • Phil Butler says

      We just talked about this in length earlier this morning. The last thing we want is to see the wrong side win in something like this. We would differ to the individual if the truth be known from a personal standpoint. But here, it does this lady no good what so ever to just alledge stuff. We found these other documents fairly easily and spent a few hours trying to find those to the contrary. I hope you see that opinion has not basis in law. Is anyone going to award damages on the basis of hearsay? Not in the least likely. As Mihaela says, coming here to accuse authors or our company is improper. The story here is attempting to discuss the issues as unbiasedly as possible. The overtone is one of skepticism because of the lack of evidence. I believe this may be the lady’s problem in total. If these guys stole her work, she has to prove they did. So, prove it here. We just offered her (whether she knows it or not) more visible than all her dozens of sites combined). I guess no one ever thought of that huh?

      From my personal perspective, I feel for the lady, especially if her art was taken. But, you must understand, with all the blogs, websites, forums, and other rantings amid MySpace, Facebook and other networks, she begins to look like a crackpot (but I actually think she is just hurt). So, tell her to compile here documents, send them to us, and let us present them to 200,000 people rather than her wasting months grabbing supporters from the huddled masses.

      All I have to say about this. Both sides, bring on the truth and let’s get done with it.


      I hope this makes things a little more clear.

  10. Soaring Butterfly says

    I deal with court documents from time to time.
    The documents Ms. Lica have published are not legimate. They are missing very specific elements of an official court document. This is a fabricated document and NOT proof of Ms. Stewart’s case being denied.

  11. Mihaela Lica says

    Right, that’s why I published the verdicts here, in the comments above.

  12. Soaring Butterfly says

    Courts have the official and final documents for verdicts. That is where the truth lies.

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      No, she did not. That’s exactly the site I was talking about in my article! I linked to it, for God’s sake! I already told you: they copied the same text from the other guys, propagating rumors and falsities. Why they did it? For traffic. Come on, you guys can give me something better, can’t you?

  13. Mihaela Lica says

    Instead of coming here to attack the writer, you should better show proof that the lady won the case. In the meanwhile, I have proof from 2009 that her case was denied:

  14. DJSMALLZ says


    What evidence?

    A Manuscript, Screen Treatment, Graphics, copywritten material 81′, 83′, & 84, Terminator and Matrix films where NEVER SUBMITTED AS EVIDENCE BY SOPHIA STEWARTS ATTORNEY’S.

    What Pedigree lawyer on case worth Billions of dollars is going to fumble routine legal tasks such as submitting crucial evidence to win a case?

    Since when did lawyers cease the desire to make money?

    Her Lawyers “had it”, ‘hid it” and “didn’t submit it”.

    Outright fraud committed.

    This is also why Sophia Stewart was bar and gagged from doing deposition and court appearances.

    From: sophia stewart [mailto:sophiastewart10@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 9:52 PM
    To: Bruce Isaacs
    Cc: Kathy; Taaj; E_Small

    Bruce Isaacs,

    Put me to the test! I dare you. File a lawsuit and prove your clients wrote it. All of your asses are going to jail for fraud and perjury. I will prove to the media with my evidence that you and my former lawyers fixed the California Court Case. You hid my 1981 copy written treatment from Judge Morrow and all of you ( Defendants ) lied under oath. You tried to prove independent creation by lying that James Cameron’s 1982 movie treatment came before my 1983 book. He had no 1982 treatment, just assignments to the dubby company called Pacific Western Production which was part fraud and part law ,that dubby company produced the one minute and 45 seconds out of my 81 Third Eye movie treatment! One minute and 45 second is verbatim in the Terminator’s & Matrix’s introductions. I have all the names of the lawyers that created this shell company. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that James Cameron and the Wachowskis Brothers never wrote the Terminator nor the Matrix.

    My former lawyer Jonathan Lubell have confessed in a letter that he forgered my Admissions ( among other documents ) , all by himself without anyone else’s help. That fraud alone overturns the California Case and wins me the Utah.! Plus Lubell went to jail for fraud on another case while he was committing fraud on my case for over a year. You cannot fix fraud and perjury. Get over it… I want my credit and I want my money , or you damn sure going to jail , every last one of you and that is a promise.

    Sophia Stewart
    Writer of the Matrix & Terminator—

    On Wed, 11/11/09, Bruce Isaacs wrote:

    From: Bruce Isaacs
    To: “sophia stewart”
    Cc: “Kate Chilton” , “Kathy” , “Jim Petzke” , “Bruce Isaacs”
    Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 10:05 PM
    Dear Ms. Stewart:
    Your statements are false and actionable.
    We reserve all rights.

    Bruce Isaacs,Esq.
    Wyman & Isaacs, LLP
    5757 Wilshire Blvd. , Suite 475
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    ph: (323) 648-4144; fax (323) 648-4133
    From: sophia stewart [mailto:sophiastewart10@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 4:55 PM
    To: Bruce Isaacs
    Cc: Kate Chilton; Kathy; Jim Petzke

    — On Wed, 11/11/09, Eduardo Michon Small wrote:

    From: Eduardo Michon Small
    To: “‘Sophia Stewart'”
    Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 7:31 PM

  15. Ann says

    This lady needs to update her story. It was in many news articles last night that she won the case. Can’t accept that a black women inspired these movies.

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Guys, please stop coming here with no facts, telling me to get my facts straight. If I am wrong, give me at least ONE link to a news story that stands and I would be more than glad to publish an update. But DO NOT come here with quotes from Sophia Stewart’s blog or Facebook because her personal statement does not make the facts, OK? The lady has all interest to propagate the myth. Thank you, Mihaela, for the two PDFs with the proofs that the attempts to reopen the case in 2009 failed.

  16. smallz says

    Liliana get you facts str8.

    **NOVEMBER 2009 UPDATE**: Sophia Stewart uncovered the fraud in both cases. As you know two sentences of fraud overturns or wins the court case, because a judge cannot aid or abet in a criminal scheme. Sophia Stewart has proven she wrote the Matrix & Terminator. Judge Brooke C. Wells ruled that the evidence (30 counts of fraud & perjury) stand August 11, 2009. Sophia Stewart won both cases and media is welcome to look at the evidence!

    Her crooked a** lawyers HAD THE EVIDENCE, HID THE EVIDENCE & DIDN’T SUBMIT THE EVIDENCE which constituted outright fraud!!

    Take the red pill son, Sophia has already won!

  17. patrik says

    I keep reading reports – today (11/11/2009) in fact that she has indeed WON the case. In fact, Ms. Stewart acknowledgesas much on her Facebook page – her quote “I won both cases” (from 11/09/2009).

    Can you re-verify?

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Sophia Stewart joined Facebook in January 2008 and she posted no updates since – except some pictures. Today suddenly she writes that she won both cases, without giving any proof. There are NO reliable reports online to confirm her statements. When they are published, and IF, we will post an update. As it stands today, the “mother of the Matrix” is a myth.

  18. John says

    She have witnesses that have aknowledged the wachowski brothers used material that was not there’s i.e The Third Eye